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  1. Don't want to hijack, as that 600 is a killer amp and one I'd love to own one day. I have a KA-9100 if that's of interest.
  2. Looks to be in superb condition. Been running the same one for a while and like you say - hits above it's weight. GLWS.
  3. Two sold pending deposit/pickup. Two remaining.
  4. Item: PS Audio - AC12 Power Cables. Price: $650ea. Item Condition: Brand new in box. Reason for selling: Moved into new house where placement is sub optimal. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased several of these top of the line cables post Xmas sale while in USA thinking they would be perfect for the new home (which we moved into on return). Turns out there are so many power points in the right places that a fat 2m cable is too long for the equipment. So I'm needing to get the shorter 1m ones. These are beautifully finished cables. Super robust and most of all, make a difference. These are US plug and have a nicely integrated - removable earth pin if required. I have 4 for sale and am taking a quite a hit to move them on at this price considering the crappy USD etc. Prefer pickup as they are heavy, but can post at a push.
  5. Thanks for the thoughts. Regarding digital media - at the moment I have a NAS which serves media to a Kodi HTPC via Ethernet (or wifi if needed). This is more about how I can have my TT somewhere else, not close to my amp and how best to get the signal from one location to another via Ethernet (as I have that easily accessible). So from what you are telling me, the signal from the TT (with or without SUT) won't be effective over Ethernet because of the degradation of signal over distance and the lack of shielding on the Ethernet cable?
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone - you've given me a couple of things to try. I'll report back with findings.
  7. Hi Andy, At this stage I don't have the Slee plugged in and was just using the built-in MM SUT in my amp (to remove any potential issues - path of least resistance!). So it's LP12 RCA out to Ethernet socket A then Ethernet socket B to RCA -> AMP. Cable run is about 20m. I was hoping this would just be my botch soldering that made it noisy... Would there be a better twisted pair option to use, such as: Solid Green/Brown = L + White Green/Brown = L - Solid Blue/Orange = R + White Blue/Orange = R- Or another combo? Thanks
  8. Hi there, I have Cat6 wired throughout my house and at opposite corners of most rooms. Because of geographical audio placement issues, am thinking how to send the TT signal to my amp which is in another location in the room. That has lead me to the concept of making or buying an appropriate RCA to Ethernet cable adapter. Is this sort of thing "done" ? I jimmy'ed up an adapter for each Ethernet port, but get a lot of line noise coming though so am wondering where I could have stuffed it up. For the above Version 1.0 adapter, I wired the center RCA pin to the solid Green (Left) and solid Brown (right) wire from the Ethernet cable and the outer RCA wired to the white/green and white/Brown Ethernet wires. Lots of hum was the result with music sounding average in the background. Any ideas or thought - bash me if this is a no-no too. Just looking to see if this is viable or not. Thanks
  9. Artist Album Year Cover Album Label Pressing Notes Price Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1986 VG+ EX- Mercury 28PP-1025 Japan w/OBI 1st 4 page lyrics sheet in English and Japanese Autograph Sheet Band Photo '86 Tour $50.00 Please
  10. Artist Album Year Cover Album Label Pressing Notes Price Devo Freedom Of Choice 1980 EX- EX- Warner P-10803W Japan w/OBI Promo Sticker on Cover and Label 2 Page Lyrics Sheet in English and Japanese $35.00 Flock Of Seagulls A Flock Of Seagulls 1982 EX EX CBS/Sony 25AP 2475 Japan w/OBI 1st 4 page lyrics in English and Japanese $55.00 Police, The Ghost in the Machine 1981 VG+ EX- A&M Records AMP28043 Japan w/OBI Promo Sticker on Cover and Label 6 Page Lyrics Sheet in English and Japanese Xerox of hand written notes about the Police $50.00 Split Enz True Colours 1980 VG+ EX A&M AY-28001 Japan w/OBI Promo Sticker on Purple Cover 2 page lyrics sheet in English and Japanese Lazer Etched record, Printed in US for Japanese Market Cover has fold marks $60.00 Please
  11. Hi Marc, I've just been researching these over the past couple of days - any noticeable issues with picture at HD res or UHD? Why is HDbaseT better? Seems to be 1000's of options for HDMI over IP out there. Thanks
  12. Help me get away from these guys and onto something with substance!
  13. If you would consider posting to Sydney, let me know. Am interested.