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  1. I have an early model Antipodes server that is designed to play music from its internal hard drive controlled by the IPad with Ipeng, no streaming. think your model is the same. Best to check with Antipodes
  2. To who ever buys this fantastic sub. Get the SVS feet. Makes a big difference for little money.
  3. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    As a DS owner I will certainly be interested to hear these comparisons. I have always believed that Clay will produce a DAC that will beat them all.
  4. One advantage of the Oppo is the USB in. When my music server was absent I used the Oppo with a hard drive to play all my music running into my preamp. This did sound better than playing CDs.I controlled the Oppo with the Oppo remote on my pad. Not as good as Ipeng but it did work.
  5. Please note the OP is considering buying a Oppo 205 which is better than my 103. The only reason I mentioned the Oppo.
  6. Yes along as you are willing to pay $3000 plus. Therefore this comparison is irrelevant as the OP is not looking at that level.
  7. I believe buying a CD player is a backward step. I think the Rotel intergrated has a USB DAC input, correct? You cannot beat the sound quality of computer audio with a CD player unless you spend a lot. I have an Oppo 103 and although is a very good bluray player it can't compete with my music server (Antipodes). I heard a laptop recently into a good system and it sounded very good. Functionality: You can rip all your CDs onto the computer and control manually or wirelessly with phone or pad from your chair. Would I use a CD player if it sounded as good as my server, never.
  8. My copy is not 4K HDR. It's only bluray with 4K mastering. How it compares to HDR I won't know for a long time.
  9. I have just received the 4K mastered bluray version of The Fifth Element. It seems that you can only get this with region A. So, unless you have a region free player it can't b e played. Luckily for me my Oppo has region free. This version compared to the standard bluray has less grain, eye popping colours and clarity, very good. Why this version is released by Sony only with region A is a mystery.
  10. Yes I agree. I have a Hisenense 75in for a year. No problems, great picture and 3 year warranty , although I extended warranty. Samsung, Sony and Panasonic only 1 year, obviously they are not confident with the durability of their products. A couple of years ago I would have never bought a Hisense, they where terrible but now they are as good as the rest. I saw a Hisense 75inch at JBs the other day for approx $8000 so they are now competing with the big boys
  11. How much better

    Has any one compared the Commodore and Lamborghini stereo?
  12. I will try a Geiseller power supply with the SIngxer when Clay has one for me try. Will let you know how it goes.
  13. A David and Goliath battle. Who won that fight?
  14. Yes I agree with all of the above. It's like a musical adventure. What will this track sound like? If I previously had any misgivings of my DS it was that it was not as 'musical' as I would like. Now everything is just right. Play a Yellow album previously and I would suffer overload, I would last two tracks. Now it's hard to turn off. Frank Sinatra is now in the room. Acoustic guitar,, I wasn't aware of the texture I was missing. Classical is now huge. Previous upgrades were minor changes in my system. Now a completely new DAC.
  15. Although I was impressed with Horan I did find it did sounded overly bright on some recordings. I read on the PS Audio forums that others were getting the same problem. Solution by PS Audio is to reinstall Toreys, then reinstall Horan, turn DAC off then on again. This seems to have solved problem. Now sounds great. Did a comparison with Toreys, Toreys sounds flat compared to Horan.