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  1. How much better

    Has any one compared the Commodore and Lamborghini stereo?
  2. I will try a Geiseller power supply with the SIngxer when Clay has one for me try. Will let you know how it goes.
  3. A David and Goliath battle. Who won that fight?
  4. Yes I agree with all of the above. It's like a musical adventure. What will this track sound like? If I previously had any misgivings of my DS it was that it was not as 'musical' as I would like. Now everything is just right. Play a Yellow album previously and I would suffer overload, I would last two tracks. Now it's hard to turn off. Frank Sinatra is now in the room. Acoustic guitar,, I wasn't aware of the texture I was missing. Classical is now huge. Previous upgrades were minor changes in my system. Now a completely new DAC.
  5. Although I was impressed with Horan I did find it did sounded overly bright on some recordings. I read on the PS Audio forums that others were getting the same problem. Solution by PS Audio is to reinstall Toreys, then reinstall Horan, turn DAC off then on again. This seems to have solved problem. Now sounds great. Did a comparison with Toreys, Toreys sounds flat compared to Horan.
  6. There are two suppliers: 1. Schenzhen - buy through e bay 2. Kitsunehifi - buy on their website
  7. Kitsune say out of stock till mid to late July. Patience.
  8. Has any one tried upgrading the power supply to the Singxer? I have discussed this with Clay Geiseller who makes a well regarded power supply. When Clay has one on the shelf I will connect to the Singxer and see what happens. Could be interesting. Will post my findings.
  9. I installed Huron yesterday. My initial impression was that it sounded smooth but lost some dynamics. A bit disappointing. Left the server running all night and now I can hear what all the fuss is about. I am running I2s from my Singxer Su1 to the Direct Stream. Previously the I2s sounded a bit lean on some recordings. Now everything that I have played so far sounds great. Maybe on poor recordings I might switch to coaxial but overall good result.
  10. Off topic I know,but how did the Dacs compare to the PS Audio DS ?
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm now not tempted to buy a AES cable. As you probably know the problem with determining which is best can be affected by the quality of the recordings. Even modern recordings vary. I'll continue running in the HDMI cable, I haven't noticed any improvements after 25 hrs but time will tell.
  12. I am at the moment running in a HDMI cable (Harmonic Technology) on my Singxer to the PS Audio direct stream. It has approx. 20 hours on it. Does it sound better than a cheap HDMI cable, easily yes. On some recordings eg any Antonio Forcione the sound quality is extremely good, better than Spdif in detail, soundstage and depth. On other less recordings the sound at the moment is a bit lean and the spdif is more forgiving. The sound using I2s is clean, using spdif I can hear some distortions in the background. The HDMI cable is supposed to lose its lean sound in time but at the moment it's good to have both connections I have read that the AES connection can be better than Spdif and I2s. If I can get a loan of a AES cable I'll report.
  13. I don't think there is any run in time. If there is its only slight.