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  1. I got one pair i bough one here on sna for $650 (rrp claimed by seller was alot more than this price) Happy to pass on if you are keen. I think it uses silver ribbon. The pain is that it is stiff not flexible hence need lots of room behind rack. The reason why they are expensive because they make their own silver.
  2. Does anybody here ever physically heard these two interconnect? mind sharing which is better? *note: cable non-believer need not comment.
  3. One thing for sure, this hobby cost way lot more than porn!
  4. Thats aint fat, Boss. thats curvy.
  5. Kef coda 7, that reminds me of my early years of upgraditis. sounds great, check youtube video, the female vocal on coda 7 is still so seductive.
  6. If willing to separate, i'll take the badge thanks.
  7. Heard this speaker once playing japanese taiko drum some sort of music. My heart skip a beat everytime the drum is hit. Very powerful speaker. I though he is the only one in perth that got this. Guess that makes 3, including wyn (simply hifi)
  8. Thanks i will give it a try.
  9. Anybody here know any tech in perth that are familiar with tube preamp? Preferably audionote preamp. cheers
  10. Item: finite elemente pagode e14 signature Location: perth Price: $1600 with original spike, $1900 with cerapuc footer, or $2200 with cerabase compact (Set of 4 cerabase compact cost $1100 by itself) Item Condition: delizioso Reason for selling: need fund Payment Method: Pickup only as i got no box Extra Info: Note: the shelves itself made of real maple wood, not cheap mdf. Each shelves is isolated with horizontal spike.
  11. have tried frey sc, sound fast and clinical, however the sounstage is quite flat or 2D. and the low end is weak, after all is only 12 awg, i am so used to listen to 10 awg sc over the years. i went back to my trusty purist musaeus (the older gen ones with copper & silver content). much better listening. black background, more 3D soundstage, deep low end. not as clinical as frey but i can live with that.
  12. marantz sacd pending pickup
  13. i found a marantz remote it say rc002sa. i think this is the one but i am not 100 % sure. in any case if you urgently need rote, there is $20 universal remote i saw in kmart