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  1. i seriously dont think nordost rep played with volume level. that is why he leaves the volume level unchanged when changing cable. (i think he is aware about this issue already) but i think the big mistake he make is using valhalla speaker cable and interconnect from the beginning. everything sound so great from beginning. changing lesser model (was is heimdal and kettle powercord?) really i could not tell much difference due to the tranparency of the valhalla. if he uses lesser model ic and speaker cable. we probably could spot more striking difference in the sound.
  2. What i find is that getting a thicker speaker wire will bring more bottom end. If you can double the wire of your speaker cable or buy a 10awg speaker cable, this will improve bass. also, if your speaker is rear ported . Placing the speaker closer to the wall behind will add extra bass as well.
  3. Sergio and krakatana, Good to see you guys too! Finally, i can hear what valhalla 2 speaker cable sound like. Sound great even on a simple integrated system! Nb: i though bjron is the heavily tattooed swedish bloke. didnt know there is another swedish in the company.
  4. I will take if you can post
  5. Today i received my 1 meter valhalla powercord. I was expecting 'WoW' 'jaw dropping' phenomena as i read most web review. Took out my 2 meter 3xvishnu (valhalla wannabe) powercord from my main and replaced with the real valhalla. Result? I could not hear any damn improvement at all!!!! It all just sound the same! Either my ear gone bad or my system has reach point of diminishing return as such whatever cable i put just wont get any better anymore. Or, the third hypothesis is that the 3x vishnu is on par with the valhalla. Or, the valhalla not broken in yet. This somehow conclude my finding that 3x vishnu just sound as good as valhalla pc, i could hardly tell any difference in sound at all. Note that these finding is subjective to my system, result may vary with others.
  6. I Only found remote for pioneer dvd717. The rest dont have remote. But universal remote can be bought at kmart/big w around $20.
  7. Item: poor man/beginner/vintage hifi component (actually they sound better than what you expect) 1. Pioneer pd7100 (great for cd transport) $100 2. Phillip cd614 $80 3. Marantz cd74 (one of the 1st gen cd player mid 80s, 14bit cd player rare, sound marvelous) $140 4. Nad 310 amplifier (small amp but got big punch) $120 5. Pioneer dv717 2 pieces (selling the two together, one player skip after track 9-10, the other is still good cond, great for cd transport, another for spare) Why 2? I like it so much i bough another one for spare for cd transport, until i upgraded to audio gd 7se. $200 for the two 6.Arcam alpha8 cd player $150 Location: perth Price: as above Item Condition: Gathering dust, working well before storage Reason for selling: clearing room/ need cash Payment Method: Pick up only for the moment. Extra Info: note due to low cost nature, no audition pls. You can pick up, test at home for 48 hour, if faulty bring back i shall give you full refund. Note return only if faulty, not for free-rider.
  8. That must be Donald Trump's Hifi system!
  9. I appreciate your lengthy insigh into the subject briz vegas. yes, there should be a couple of valhalla in perth. But i guess audiophiles in perth are abit shy (myself included). i do missed a couple of valhalla in the classified (they get snapped too quick). Hopefully i wont missed the next one around.
  10. Maybe yes, maybe not. I havent had a valhalla powercord before so i am not sure. But i hope they sound similar. but so far i am happy, it does sound better than ps audio ac12 and anaconda, but not by much, anaconda still have a wider sounstage but, and ps audio ac12 still have the most powerful 'drum hits'.
  11. Prototype ver.1 . 3 x vishnu with oyaide 004 plug. yes, i know it look like sh**t. The plug barrell could not fit all the three vishnu together. Soundwise, i think this could be valhalla killer. Sound superb, fast, and yet more meat than vishnu alone. 3 x 16 awg nordost silver plated wire on each postive,neutral, and earth. Supposedly the same quantity as valhalla. The oyaide 004 plug supposedly better than the valhalla wattgate plug.