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  1. would have grab this straighaway if i am still single
  2. Cmon you lot, stop denying it. most of us look at classified first for 'new toy bargain' before anythinh else.
  3. this is better than shares and properties.
  4. i would stick with bose acoutimax or simple ht setup with bnw or focal or dali speaker and be happy with it if it just for tv and movies and casual listening.
  5. Stillpoints - old vs new

    i have both. i think the newer ones is better sounding. it uses stainless steel body the older ones uses aluminium for the body and is inferior in isolation compare to stainless steel.
  6. dont bother with the banana plug. bare wire is the cheapest yet the best option. the next best thing is wbt ag i would say.
  7. Hi Felix, just my 2 cents. i got some old marantz cd 40 player+audiolab amp+bower wilkin 685 speaker which i used for casual listening at work. i used to have a better interconnect like taralab rca connected. but now it has plain standard rca( too lazy to change) i too could hardly tell any difference in sound in this kind of setup. guess the system is just happy with a plain $2 rca. do keep in mind though your regular rca wire maybe using australian copper is actually comparable to fancy interconnect as thr australian made copper is higher quality/purity copper.
  8. Justification of a purchase.

    throughout the past few years i have been experimenting/ buying hifi components locally. i have visited quite a few hifi folks. one thing i notice statistically, 7 of 10 of them are either single/divorced. seems like "hifi and missus cannot mix, you just have to let go either one eventually"
  9. A soundbite of wisdom

    a word of wisdom from zidane: (pic attached) "don't look up at what your peer has, be happy with what you have." "don't look down at others who has lower system (hifi) than yours. he/she may have alot more money in his/her bank account than you and you just doesnt know it."
  10. if only your listing is 2 months earlier, i ll be all over it
  11. Item : magneplanar 1.5qr Location: perth Price: reduced to $350 original rrp $1500 from simply hifi) i just want half my money back, nothing lower pls. Item Condition:see below Payment Method: Pickup only (you need big car to fit this) Extra Info: bought this from snaer here for $700. when i took this home, one of the speaker do rattle on every high pitch music. the other is perferctly fine. I like to keep it thinking i will fix it one day. If you search at audiogon, somebody could reglue the wire for $250 us, but i doubt it will be this cheap here in au. Hence prob suit somebody with a bit of diy skill and lots of free time. it a common issue with magneplanar and if you google you could diy fix the glue with contact cement from bunning and elbow grease. Thisone i found by quicksearch http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/planars-and-exotics/92986-magneplanar-smgs-repair-rebuild.html there are lots more detail instruction on the web. missus not happy with it in the house, hence have been in storage since day 2 i bought it. never havr time to fix. these speaker blow away my dyn contour. female voice sound so sweet so real. sadly, i will never have xhance to put this in my living room nor havr time to diy reglue the speaker. even if i did fix it, missus dont want it in the house. hence the sale., free elbow grease with the sale Pic: to come. Or if you cant wait. Search 'magneplanar 1.5 qr' on this forum. You will find my previous ads. cheers