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  1. SOLD: FS: Logic Express 9 (free)

    SOLD! Thank you!
  2. Whoops available again. Will try to clarify listing above
  3. Item: Dayton ND65 drivers x 4 Location: The Belt Price: Free Item Condition: Mostly unused Reason for selling: Unused Payment Method: Free Extra Info: Hey, I'm hoping someone can find a useful project for these. As shown in pics, please send a PM with shipping address if you would like to take them (free postage). One pair 4 ohm, one pair 8 ohm. PS. if you take these and find them useful, please consider making an appropriate donation to stereonet. Pictures:
  4. Item: 2.5" disk drive storage cases (x3) Location: Milky way Price: Free shipped Item Condition: Unused Reason for selling: Unused and need the shelf space Payment Method: Free Extra Info: Hi, I have three Orico storage cases for 2.5" disk drives. These are actually really useful if you need to e.g. store 2.5" drives offsite. PLEASE NOTE: these cases are for storage of bare drives only. There is no electronics in them, and you can only fit bare drives into them (i.e. without another case). Hope that helps, please do ask a question below if unsure I realize this is a bit of an oddball offering but I use do two of them regularly. These three however are unused and unloved. Colors as shown in pic #2. Please just send a PM with shipping address if you can make use of them. PS. If you take these and find them useful, please consider sending stereonet a suitable donation after getting them. Pictures:
  5. Item: Logic Express 9 (free) Location: Somewhere near Sol Price: 0 shipped in AU Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Don't use / clearing out Payment Method: Free Extra Info: Logic Express 9. Not currently not installed on any machines so I am assuming that the recipient can install and use it, if it's of interest. I see this selling for USD75 - 150 on Amazon, so I'm assuming it's useful to people who... have a use for it! Please send a PM with shipping address if you can make use of it. Thanks! PS. If you take this and find it useful, please consider sending stereonet a small donation. Pictures:
  6. Item: Kensington Black Belt case Surface Pro 4 Location: Earth Price: Free posted in AU Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Not used / clearing out / shame to chuck it / no time for ebay (see text) Payment Method: Free Extra Info: Hey, first of all I apologize to the moderators for the extra work. If it's an issue please disapprove and send me a note to stop. I have a Kensington "Black Belt" case for Surface Pro 4 up for grabs. Sells on eBay for $55+ inc shipping, I would be happy to post it to anyone who can use it for nix. Please send a PM with shipping address if you would like to take it. The reason I don't use it is because my SP4 doesn't fit in the Crumpler carry case I have for it with the case on. It was one or the other (Crumpler won). FIY the case does make the SP4 a bit top heavy if trying to use on a lap. PS. If you take this and find it useful, please consider sending stereonet a suitable donation. Pictures:
  7. SOLD: FS: iPhone SE cases (free)

    SOLD, thanks very much.
  8. Item: iPhone SE cases Location: Earth Price: 0 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Seems a shame to chuck 'em in the bin Payment Method: None Extra Info: Hey, I have some cases for iPhone SE up for grabs. Got/used them while waiting for Griffin Survivor case. Nothing wrong with them, just clearing out. One pair of red and black a little used (both together only), one Incipio Stowaway in white. Just send a PM with shipping address to take. Questions in thread please. Thanks! Pictures:
  9. Pi music server and MoOde

    Hi Hank, the easiest way (I think) is to get a set of leads like this from Jaycar and just strip off the number you need. There are ground pins fairly close to each of the clock/data lines so you can alternate. https://www.jaycar.com.au/150mm-socket-to-socket-jumper-leads-40-piece/p/WC6026
  10. Speaker build for a SNA member

    Looking good Mr G. An oval is the most important thing to have. J
  11. Ad Blockers. Yes or No?

    I think perhaps the main reason to use an ad blocker has been missed, which is 3. to not be tracked across the Internet. It's not anyone's fault, but relevant to the original post, it does seem the privileges on both sides (ad servers on the one hand, and users of free services on the other) have arguably been abused. As some guy once said "the times they are a changin'"
  12. FYI - photobucket users... the party is over

    They already are making money. I saw somewhere a figure like $50 million a year. I don't think they are relying on people who were paying nothing to suddenly start paying enough to keep the company alive. Here's an article that I found to be a more balanced take: https://www.marketingmag.com.au/hubs-c/photobucket-dell/ "And the bad publicity? It goes away very quickly. Those complaining would have complained if it was $5 a year. And if those customers that weren’t willing to pay leave, then they weren’t really customers in the first place. They were freeloaders. They weren’t paying attention to the display ads and they sure as hell weren’t clicking on them." I think that's a matter of perspective. To an individual who makes money from a site, like say a "professional" blogger, $40 US per month is really not very much. I suppose it could argued that they could have soft pedaled it a bit more. One can only speculate as to why they did it the way they did, but FWIW my read of the situation (again) is that the biggest obstacle to keeping the business afloat was the cost of delivering images for content hosted on other websites for the benefit of people that paid nothing. They have decided to remove that cost.