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  1. That would be the way to do it, if just levering something sharp-ish (like a small flat blade screwdriver) to lift it out doesn't work. Troels Gravesen somewhere on his massive site recommends "pre-threading" two of the driver holes before installing for just this occasion.
  2. I'd ask yourself the question "Do I really have to listen to something on the flight at all"? These days, I just buy a book before getting on. But, I'm not a frequent flyer. I did get a pair of Bose QC20s recently, they were OK but I was happy to gift them to a family member. BTW Headphonic will give store credit, but not a refund. Their "trial period" wording is deceptive.
  3. Probably doesn't want to ship.
  4. Price back up to $1799. I'm kicking myself too (on a different item) for not jumping on the Easter sale... oh well.
  5. Do they take a Venti or only a Grande? (Just kidding Look nice, GLWTS)
  6. Not allowed. You have to mark it as Sold, you are not allowed to mark an item as pending. (Just saying...)
  7. Heck, that's powerful, no doubt... (Rest saved for beer in person )
  8. Oops, probably
  9. I have no idea. I do apologise... Simon
  10. Oh. Ok, thanks Sean I guess it's spoken for anyway. I have one I can sell for $40. (JUST KIDDING!)
  11. @georgehifi
  12. Nikon PB4 bellows in vg condition with various accessories/options: Nikon 120AM LF lens with adapter to mount on front of bellows Schneider enlarger lens (reverse mount) to mount on front of bellows Various Nikon BR-2 and BR-3 adapters Nikon PK-13 extenders Nikon hoods Manfrotto 410 Jr geared head M4/3 adapter to mount on rear of bellows Manfrotto Tripod Cable releases It's really hard to put a fixed price on this as it entirely depends on what items you want/need... but I am very reasonable... If genuine local interest (Sydney Northern Beaches), please PM to organize an in-person inspection. Thanks!
  13. Linhof Technikardan, superb condition but needs service. Specifically shift mechanisms have had (by last incompetent service person) goop of some kind applied which needs to be removed; also one of the locks on the extension rails needs sorting. Options include: * Long bellows * Wide angle bag bellows * Nikon AM120 macro lens * Various lens boards including top-hat board Looking for $1k minimum (basic camera + 1 bellow), located in Sydney Northern Beaches, please PM to arrange inspection/discussion.
  14. Head Injuries, without a doubt. Gets me every time. Was it the music, or the time? Who knows.
  15. @goldhenry