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  1. Um, there's a big difference between swapping compatible tubes vs incompatible tubes. 12AT7s have different operating parameters to 6922s, you cannot really substitute them. However that does not mean you cannot swap different 6922s or other compatible tube types.
  2. Your gear is in the fireplace.
  3. HI Matt, did you buy them new?
  4. Hi, where in Sydney?
  5. What did you move onto? FWIW, listing on gumtree might also help. It only takes one genuine buyer to make a sale.
  6. Hi, I'm wondering what is meant (from linked ad) by "currently set up as pre-amp mode, not DAC mode." Is it not possible to just select either the DAC output or the analog input to feed to headphones?
  7. I also am curious about the power supply - ?
  8. FWIW it models pretty well with one of these: (NB the 4 ohm version, the 8 ohm version has different parameters and needs a much larger box) In 28 liters with 200W, added mass of 130g: (Ignore the f3 shown at top right of figure, for some reason these are not updating properly.)
  9. Hey I only mention it because it has caused confusion for me in the past. Someone wanting to buy "the head amp" and me not knowing what they were on about. By your logic, of course, you could just say you want to buy an amp.
  10. BTW have you heard those George? (The model or the tweeter) What's your take on them?
  11. The 18WU is an impressive small woofer but it's rather hard to believe the spec (given for the Code 4s) of 38 Hz at -3 dB in a sealed box.
  12. FWIW I would be careful with those AMTs. Don't get me wrong, I love AMTs but I can't help wondering is there's a bt of a tendency with the designers of off the shelf speaker to over-emphasize their strengths, IYKWIM.
  13. If I had enough spare cash to buy speakers that cost more than a Ferrari, I can tell you what I would buy... a Ferrari!
  14. It's a Blue Hawaii. Sounded really great when I heard one. Very neutral.