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  1. Looking good Mr G. An oval is the most important thing to have. J
  2. I think perhaps the main reason to use an ad blocker has been missed, which is 3. to not be tracked across the Internet. It's not anyone's fault, but relevant to the original post, it does seem the privileges on both sides (ad servers on the one hand, and users of free services on the other) have arguably been abused. As some guy once said "the times they are a changin'"
  3. They already are making money. I saw somewhere a figure like $50 million a year. I don't think they are relying on people who were paying nothing to suddenly start paying enough to keep the company alive. Here's an article that I found to be a more balanced take: "And the bad publicity? It goes away very quickly. Those complaining would have complained if it was $5 a year. And if those customers that weren’t willing to pay leave, then they weren’t really customers in the first place. They were freeloaders. They weren’t paying attention to the display ads and they sure as hell weren’t clicking on them." I think that's a matter of perspective. To an individual who makes money from a site, like say a "professional" blogger, $40 US per month is really not very much. I suppose it could argued that they could have soft pedaled it a bit more. One can only speculate as to why they did it the way they did, but FWIW my read of the situation (again) is that the biggest obstacle to keeping the business afloat was the cost of delivering images for content hosted on other websites for the benefit of people that paid nothing. They have decided to remove that cost.
  4. From what I can tell, photobucket ARE changing their business model - they want to provide image hosting services to people (or more likely, companies) that are willing to pay for it. They have enough users already, and don't want to pay to support those that don't want to pay for what they get. That's how it looks to me. It's not like this is original - as another example, fastmail recently discontinued free email accounts. Either you pay, or you go away. Your points about Apple, Google, Tapatalk just underscore this (IMHO etc ). Photobucket are established, their infrastructure must be absolutely rock solid by now, they want to cut the unprofitable stuff and make some money. I'm sure it sucks to anyone who thought it (free etc.) would last forever.
  5. But that's my point - embedding images in other sites generates (essentially) NO traffic for photobucket anyway. It just costs them money. To be honest the only thing that surprises me is that it (free image hosting for other "third party" sites) lasted as long as it did.
  6. I'm not sure I understand your point, but I would guess that revenues from ads from when someone uploads an image is miniscule (relatively speaking).
  7. But they have just reduced their operating costs by 75% (and still have the same revenue)! On the face of it, that sounds like a reason they might actually stay in business. Which would be good for everyone on a free account because your images will at least still be online... just imagine if they had decided instead to just shut down, as you predict will happen...
  8. Depends on where you were working Photobucket say 75% of their costs are (were) from people on free accounts embedding images in other sites. That generates NO traffic that goes to their site for them to even display ads. My guess is that some hard-nosed accountants or investors took a good look at the numbers. Even if not a single person who was using the service for free signs up for a paid account, they have still just reduced their costs by 75% (!!). In the meantime, people with paid accounts have until Dec 2018 to decide what to do, from what I can see. And it's not like anyone on a free account has lost any images, they are all still there and accessible from their website.
  9. I have more than once recently touched my MBP screen... OTOH Mac has it all over Windows for trackpad support. (I use two when in clamshell mode.) Still, compared to the old days, either way is like heaven
  10. The GH3 is a nice camera. Altho I only used it for video. You need to look at (ask about) shutter count, battery condition and the quality of the lenses included (if any).
  11. Added photo of iMac.
  12. I'm sad to see they have now dropped the old special-order model with the ports