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  1. Can you PM me to arrange a time, also is the hum from the transformer is loud enough to distract you from listening. I have a small room. Thanks Sam
  2. @Big Blue @Big Blue I am interested for both i am in sydney is the amp working the way it should? thanks sam
  3. Hi Are you keen to do a quick swab with my DAC for 2 weeks?
  4. Do you mind if I ask what turntable is in the pic
  5. I believed the rack is custom made, the seller do not want to tell us where he got it from. I have been thinking about building one for myself for LP. Majority of the timber you can get from Bunnings are not exotic unless you painted white. I suggest you build it with 40mm MDF and use real wood veneer (highly figured) which can be purchased thru the net.
  6. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia

    Interesting about the blind test for interconnect I would lint start a topic on thus
  7. New member vinyl

    I like listening to vinyl although the turntable has been sitting on the shelve for 10 years I would like to know more about the audio streaming teends