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  1. Specs, from the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.
  2. Item: SGR Active subwoofer. Sealed box, Exodus Audio Maelstrom-X18, Dayton SPA1000 plate amp. Is black. Location:Blue Mountains NSW Price: $1900 plus shipping if required. Item Condition: Used but nothing wrong with it. Reason for selling: Looking at other options. Payment Method: I would much prefer pickup, but can be sent using a service like Pack & Send. Will cost upwards of $200 to send anywhere. Cash, bank transfer, yes I suppose paypal as well. Extra Info: I bought the sub on this forum or somewhere else maybe a couple of years back. Damned fine unit, weighs more than 50kg from memory. I have it turned up to about 3 and it fills the room which is 6m X 12m with a cathedral ceiling. Also fills the rest of the house when son is playing XBox at night. Surprisingly deft with music - no boom, integrates nicely with the mains. Happy for a potential buyer to come up and have a listen. Some specs, stolen from the person I originally bought it from: Pictures: Looks just like the one in this ad, it is actually that unit's twin. Minus the statuettes. I will post some actual photos when I get a chance, and try and convey some idea of the size of this thing.
  3. I've never had a single problem claiming a stat warranty. Even online. Even from Harvey Norman. Although they did try to tell me that the broken band on my new fitbit was a "consumable, like printer ink" because it could actually be replaced. How we laughed!
  4. Would love this is there was a way it could get to Sydney for a reasonable amount of money.
  5. New series of Broadchurch starts tomorrow on their ABC. Not sure what the story is going to bring as S2 was a bit of a let down after the first series, however even if it's drivel it will still be worth watching for the acting of the leads (David Tennant and Olivia Colman).
  6. I started watching "The Shannara Chronicles" because I can remember reading some of books (by Terry Brooks) in the early 1980s. It doesn't seem to bear much resemblance to the books I read although it was a really long time ago and my mind is not the awesome steel trap it used to be. Maybe it's a mish-mash of the second book, "Elfstones", not entirely sure but the stones are in it as is the baddy from that book. It is a standard LOTR-type fantasy. It looks very good and is nicely shot, think is was made in NZ. The acting is mostly pretty ordinary, especially the younger cast members although to be fair they don't have much to work with. Wil Ohmsford has a Bronx accent, not something I imagined when reading the books, and Allanon (sp?) is a kiwi. Continuity and editing are very odd in parts (where are we now? And when?). The CGI baddies are well done. I'm four episodes in and uncertain whether I'll see if it improves enough to spend time on it.
  7. Opera House is a great building, but the acoustics aren't too flash in the concert hall.
  8. GLWTS. At this price there is nothing even close IMO. As long as you don't need Atmos etc immediately. Whoever buys this, I'd highly recommend buying the USD99 Dirac upgrade which gives you full control over the target curves.
  9. Am about 7 episodes into The Expanse. Really liking it. It has the depth of actual scifi behind it (even if a bit of a space opera), a tense character-driven mystery rolls through each episode, and the inter-colony politics are well handled. Also, for once, the physics are excellent.
  10. Half way through Star Trek Season 3, having watched the first two series over the last month or so. Some rules: 1. If you are a woman beware of the Lady Music. As soon as they start playing it William Shatner will sleaze all over you. 2. Never wear red to a landing party. You will almost certainly die. 3. Operating the transporter seems to require almost exactly the same skill set as running the sound desk at the local pub on Karaoke night. Shame you can't disappear some "singers" in the same way. I can see why they only went with a short third season (about half the episodes of the first two) - the one I just watched was a real shark jumper. Consigned by a plasticene muppet to relive the OK Corral gunfight. Awful.
  11. Love Portal 2, best game ever.
  12. Yep. When the XMC-1 came out and they were saying it was modular and they could update it for new standards etc I thought they were talking marketing rubbish. The unit as-is suited my needs, at a price that was decent. When they said they couldn't possible update it for 3D Audio, it pretty much confirmed what I thought about modularity in AV processors. Imagine my surprise when they said they were actually doing it, plus some of the other things people have been bitching about. I'll only believe when I see it of course, based on past experience, but I'm happy to be proved wrong.
  13. XMC also has 11-band per channel PEQ, with an interface for Room EQ Wizard. Not Dirac, but any room correction filters you can create with REW can be loaded in. I'm not sure that it is; however, Dirac creates filters that correct both frequency response and impulse response. Maybe ARC does that also, I have no personal experience. What I do know is that Dirac makes a profound difference with my setup. I believe you can download a 2-channel Dirac Live trial that will demonstrate what it does, never done that myself.
  14. Thanks rocky, interesting post. Dan is too often over-optimistic for me to take what he says too seriously, but it would be good if this stuff came through. Having said that, Dirac Unison would be very good, probably quite expensive though I would expect. If I stuck with Dirac Live, having more than one preset would be good, as would 96kHz filters. TBH, I don't know if any of the above would compel me to shell out for an upgrade, it would come down to whether I could be bothered with Atmos/DTS-X. And even then, with a 16 channel job coming out at the same time, I might prefer to go for it rather than get the current unit upgraded. All comes down to cost/convenience etc.
  15. I have heard that the XMC will be getting an optional upgrade, apparently to allow 7.2.4 using some of the extra zone outputs. I presume it will also need some new processors to handle Atmos etc. Anyone know anything about this? ETA: should have searched the internet better: