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  1. Kassandra 2 SIG LE *DSD playback(DoP) * 24 R2R converters per channel, complimentary current output (using the top grade AD1865N-K , 12 converters per bank, 24 per channel,48 in total) * Eight discrete ultra-low-noise regulators (for the 4 converter banks) *Extensive local decoupling,using tuned LC filters, 76 in number *Overengineered power supplies,power input filters *5 torroidal transformers,over 3Farad total system capacitance,wideband local decoupling *Pseudo-battery system, for isolating all analog stages from the power grid. * Transformer I/V conversion (custom wideband transformers,balanced current to SE voltage conversion) * Internal Super-Clock (bypassable on the fly.Separate torroidal transformer,triple regulated supply) *Transformer loaded super tube output stage (using the E280F tube. 5:1 step down transformer,double choke filtered supply) *xenon gas rectifiers for the tube PSUs *Super-capacitors used in tube analog stage. 100 times less ESR/ESL than any film or electrolytic capacitor. - 30Vpp output @ 0db - Balanced output(optional) - USB input up to 24/384KHz - DSD playback(DoP) - Jitter attenuation down to femptosec level - Output impendance ~40ohms (balanced output) Dimensions : 2 chassis 540mmW X 530mmD X 165mmH each Weight: 120kg total Additional information Review
  2. I've been to Chris' and heard these speakers. Best sound I've ever heard. This is great price and 250ti's are so rare in Aus.. Damn! wish I had the funds
  3. it might be likely too with pickup only
  4. JBL L150A Starting at $850
  5. How about naming them after German cities or towns. Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Mannheim etc.. similar to what Mytek did with NY boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan) Or Sirene (siren - sea nymphs who, by their seductively enchanting songs, lure sailors to their destruction)
  7. @kelossus @countcrisp
  8. What are the bridged mono numbers?
  9. Second hand Usher Mini Dancer 2? might be a few around in your area. Manufacturer is based in TW
  10. Thanks peter, hadn't seen that video yet. Having a good read of this thread now:
  11. @petersv @tastimp Hey guys I read that the sms-200 is able to accept 6.5 to 14Vdc and comes with a 9V 2A supply. Tastimp, how did you arrive at 12v? Did Clay test your device? I know Sbooster also make an lpsu rated at 12Vdc Peter, why did you decide to run it on the Ultracap LPS-1? I'm reading that it can only handle 7Vdc 1.1-1.2A max The SOtM mBPS-d2s is 6Vdc - 9Vdc 1.5A.
  12. I don't know why. The quote is the recommendation on their website.
  13. If you plan on testing with Klei cables, don't forget that you need to wait for the cable to settle for at least 1hr....
  14. ~$930 Including heatsink Same price as the NAKSA 80. And I think $120 for a 3m aluminium case pre-drilled to fit the module.