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  1. Shhhh , the baby is sleeping.....

    I certainly will be picking the minds of experienced sound proofers here. What i've quickly learn't is that ( like many things) soundproofing materials are soooo much more expensive in Australia vs the US.
  2. Item: Denon DVD2900 DVD/CD/SACD Player Location: Wollongong (A/Hrs) or Botany (B/Hrs) Price:$280 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need money for theatre room build Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: Has original remote and manual. Not very keen on shipping so pick up only. Pictures:
  3. Hi all, New member here. The title sums up the last couple of years of my audio and video life. Currently building myself a music room/home theatre with as much sound proofing as I can afford so as not to disturb my son and to stay out of trouble with my wife. Current set-up for the new room: Marantx CD6004 Cd Player Marantz PM7004 Stereo Amp Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Bluray player Panasonic AE4000 LCD Projector Marantz NR1603 AV Receiver Jamo E750 Fronts, E7 Centre, and E7Sub. E700 bookshelves i'm planning try as front height speakers. Room is too narrow for wides. Artisan Portrait LCR as Rear Surrounds. Experimenting with these as the room is small and not really enough room for rear surrounds behind seats. Need more amplification channels to get the virtual centre channel going though. Almost at gyprock stage so getting there ! Also have a small set up in the Lounge Room : Monitor Audio Radius 180HD Denon 2805 Av receiver Samsung XXXXXXX Bluray player Samsung 50" LED TV Needs a little sub so i'll be hunting around in the classified section here. Looking forward to learning more from you guys. Cheers John