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  1. Thanks Greg. The other great thing about the Innersounds is they will work really well even in a tricky room. Not many speakers (that I've heard) can do that.
  2. Thanks Steve. I genuinely would like these to stay within the SNA community and have made it as attractive as I can for that to happen. Fingers crossed.
  3. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    I just stumbled across this John. Wow, if you've achieved a 15% improvement over what I heard, your system must be sounding amazingly good! The fact that Greg's calling it one of the best systems he's heard is certainly backing that up. I'm looking forward to my next visit to your place and hearing the improvements.
  4. Item: Innersound Eros 1 + Amp (Designed and built by Roger Sanders)Location: Sydney Price: $3,300 ONO Item Condition: Very Good + (see detailed description below) Reason for selling: I have too many speakers and need to move these on Payment Method: Pickup - COD Only Extra Info: Okay, I'm going to give this one last crack on SNA before I advertise on Gumtree/Ebay. As much as I would like these to stay in the SNA family, I really need these out of my apartment before my partner returns from Rome in early October. I will consider trades on amps, phono stages or turntables. These are the precursor to the Sanders Electrostats which retail for US$17K. Here's a link to a review http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/frank07.htm In the interests of full disclosure, I purchased these speakers off a seller on this forum. I thought they sounded pretty damned good at the time - certainly better than my pair of Rogers Studio 1 - apart from an annoying rattle they made when hitting certain deeper frequencies. I took the speakers to Christian Fellaife who was recommended to me by several Sydney SNA'ers in order to rid them of the annoying rattle. Christian gave me the full history of the speakers as they had been through his workshop previously. The previous owner didn't have the funds for a complete rebuild, so Christian patched them up on a budget with some less than stellar materials - it was done on the cheap. Hence the rattle and a few other issues I wasn't aware of at the time. Even with these issues, these speakers sounded very good. Christian listened to them and said they sounded pretty average and took me inside to listen to a pair of Franken-speakers he had just built. The difference wasn't subtle - Christian's speakers sounded much more realistic and immersive. He assured me he could do a full rebuild and have the Innersounds sounding just as good. Long story short and almost six months later, I had a freshly rebuilt pair of Innersounds back at my place. Christian was right - the speakers now sound amazing. I've had the good fortune to listen to a pair of Maggie 20.1's being driven by some brutish valve monoblocks and the Innersounds to my ears, sound every bit as immersive, detailed and musical with the right amplification. Therein lies the problem for me - I have a Manley Stingray that I absolutely adore, but it's just not up to the job of driving these speakers. @Hensa was kind enough to lend me a pair of 100 WPC valve monoblocks and the step up in SQ was easily heard. I want these to be enjoyed by a fellow music lover. I'm willing to let you try them in your place or mine and am willing to offer finance to established and approved SNA'ers (up to 12 months interest free) - I want them to stay in our community if possible. Whoever ends up buying these is buying speakers that have been completely and fastidiously restored . Please note, the amplifier supplied with these speakers to drive the subs has been to Chris Kimmel and has been given a clean bill of health. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can't play rock or bass heavy tracks with electrostats. These are a hybrid with subs built in. They dig deep and do so with finesse and control. To Pimp A Butterfly sounds epic on these. They have barely been played since the rebuild as I had the opportunity to buy a pair of Fujitsu Eclipse TD712mk2 that are eminently more suited to my room and amplifier. Please note, the Innersounds would not suit someone who is looking for a brand new speaker. The cabinets have not been restored - I just don't have the time - and they have some blemishes. This is the only reason I haven't described them as near mint. I've done my best to show that in the photos. They will suit someone who has a decent sized room, a powerful amplifier and an appreciation for superb sounding speakers at a bargain price. Okay, time for the audiophile cliche, but I can assure you I'm genuine when I say this - I have not heard a better sounding loudspeaker at anything like this price. I have e-mailed Roger Sanders and he assures me even better performance can be extracted with the implementation of a digital crossover. I have not gone down this path, so can't comment. I don't have the original boxes, so these are only available for pick up. I can arrange delivery in Sydney or its surrounds. Pictures:
  5. @blakey72 What turntable, cart and arm are you using? Perhaps a warmer sounding cart like a Benz or Zyx might improve matters. But without knowing what you have, I'm just speculating like everybody else.
  6. https://thevinylfactory.com/news/new-book-the-art-of-sound/?utm_source=The+Vinyl+Factory+(Main+List)&utm_campaign=d2e6804661-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_08_17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0047dc0290-d2e6804661-141878049 Could be an interesting Fathers Day present for a few SNA'ers. I haven't seen it, but it looks like an interesting pictorial history, I also noticed there were memoirs published to release in time for Fathers Day from Tex Perkins, and Tim Rogers.
  7. Music is my life

    You and me both... Re your question about the Mojo, I really like it and it's genuinely portable. I take it with me every time I'm away on business and love it for giving me the ability to listen to high quality sound reproduction while away from home. But what I think is irrelevant. I can guarantee what we like in terms of reproduced music will be different regardless of how close our tastes are. I learnt this at the recent HiFi show in Sydney when I visited with a number of mates - each of us had different favourites at the show. Vive la difference!
  8. Music is my life

    Welcome Bolli. I have a Chord Mojo that you're welcome to have a play with and see if that's what you're after. Drop me a PM if you're interested. Regarding your analogue setup, you should be able to get better sound than your blu ray without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Your best bet is to get around to listen to a few systems with a similar level TT as yours and see what tickles your fancy. Then you can start looking for some gear through your local hi fi retailer, or here on the classifieds. I have a Pioneer PL50L Mkii (that is similar in terms of performance levels) that you're welcome to listen to. It's running through a PS Audio GCPH phono stage. There will be plenty of others here that will offer you the chance to hear different flavours in their systems.
  9. Buggered if I know Owen. I reckon we put the 2 chemists into a UFC cage and let them fight it out.
  10. Glad to hear you've got your US cleaner up and running Max. It's interesting to hear you're finding air drying to work so well. I found it to be a little noisy compared to vacuuming after the US bath. If it's working, stick with it. Re Triton X-100, it's essentially the same product as the Ilfotel you're using with minor differences in the chemicals used. A good mate of mine who has a Phd in organic chemistry suggested that some of the chemicals in X-100 mightn't be the best for vinyl and he felt that Ilfotel was a safer option. That's why I went with the Ilford product instead of the Kodak option. Re the distilled water, there's a chemical supply company 5 minutes drive from my place that provides NATA certified lab grade distilled water at $17 for 20L. Your first order will be a bit dearer because you need to buy the container as well. For me, it's cheap enough that I haven't bothered trying tap water.
  11. Mat with acrylic platter?

    Mine is made by a fellow SNA'er @Simonon I've probably cleaned around 1,000 records so far and it hasn't missed a beat. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering buying an US cleaner.
  12. Mat with acrylic platter?

    The pops and clicks are dirt embedded in the grooves. You'll need a record cleaning device of some sort to get rid of them. I find that static leads to a bit of a low background crackle. Since I've had my ultrasonic cleaner, I haven't experienced static problems and it removes the pops and clicks at the same time by dislodging any contaminants within the grooves. I hope that makes it a bit clearer..
  13. Bugger! Just saw this. Glad to see a regular denizen of the Jazz Currently Spinning thread is first in line. It's the quick or the dead around here and I'm pining for the fjords.
  14. 1. David Bowie - Blackstar 2. John Murry - Graceless Age 3. Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass 4. PRINCE - HitnRun Phase One 5. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories 6. Ed Kuepper - Lost Cities 7. Fire! - She Sleeps She Sleeps 8. Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit 9. Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate 10. Scott Walker & SUNN-0 - Soused 11. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! 12. The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream 13. The Neal Morse Band - The Grand Experiment 14. Kamasi Washington - The Epic 15. Bassotronics - Enchanting Bass 16. Wayne Shorter Quartet - Without A Net. 17. David Torn - Only Sky. 18. Black Mountain- IV 19. Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel 20. Muse - The 2nd Law 21. Russian Circles - Guidance 22. Dominic Miller - Ad Hoc 23. Destroyer - Kaputt
  15. Either that, or cancel your existing order. I've done that once before to place a new order with the discount code.