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  1. How long is a piece of string? Depends on how many double/triple/box sets you have. In one cubicle I have 62 records, with probably about 6 double LP's. In some I probably have as little as 30, but that's with a high concentration of mini box sets. @metal beat is right - it would be good to have some hard dividers in the shelves to break things up. Edit: Make that 8 double LP's. Just changed over records on the player and counted it up properly. You would easily get 70 records per cubicle - again depending on how many older style 120 and 140 gm records you have. You might get up to 90 records if you had a lot of thinner 120/140 gm records.
  2. You'll easily fit 1000 records into 2 of their 4x2 units Paul. I'm guesstimating I've got around 2,000 in 3 of them per the photo above. Where are the records Michael? Don't be shy! I suspect there's a fair overlap between your collection and mine, especially on the jazz front.
  3. I'll swap you my Kurt Vile record for just one measly cabinet full of your tecords. You wouldn't even notice them... As requested, here's a piccie of my chunk-a-vinyl. All in Kallax cubes. Alphebetised in 3 sections - jazz, classical, everything else.
  4. They look super functional as well as looking very aesthetically pleasing. You're very lucky to have a resource like your wife's uncle on tap Shane. That is a superb collection of records you have - easily one of the best in Australia and definitely the most comprehensive I've seen in the flesh. Your currently spinning section is almost as big as my entire collection. Do you alphetabetise the currently spinning section as well, or just the main archives? I was too busy wiping my jaw off the floor with your record and turntable collection to notice.
  5. Lurverly Greg. I look forward to dropping by and hearing this gorgeous looking deck sing. How does it compare to the others in your collection?
  6. D'Angelo & The Vanguard - Black Messiah (2015 - EU) First listen to this tonight and I'm really enjoying it. Great pressing.
  7. Robert Johnson - King of the Delta Blues Singers If only these recordings had been captured 20 or 30 years later. As lo fi as they are, you just can't miss the emotional impact of these performances. Superb.
  8. Vanessa's away, so what the hell - the boys can play. Impromptu GTG at mine tomorrow. @nzlowie if you wanna fly over to Sydney tomorrow, you can listen to a couple of speakers that might fit the bill - Innersound Eros electrostats and the Fujitsu Eclipse I mentioned earlier in the thread.
  9. An oldie, but a goldie: PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me A great album, but I still prefer Dry and Tories From The City, Stories From The Sea over this. Still [email protected] all over The Hope Six Demolition Project. Even after seeing her perform it live, it's an album that leaves me cold.
  10. Mark, do you make any big, ballsy amps? Just curious at this stage. Trevor, what makes some amps invulnerable to load impedance while others go weak at the knees? In simple layman terms please.
  11. I haven't heard the BR1, but I have listened to both the BR3 and CH2 and both display the traits that @rantan described above. It seems the family trait is a natural and easy to listen to speaker that punches well above its price point. I'm sure whoever buys these will get many hours of listening pleasure from these speakers. GLWTS
  12. Available on CD only through Bandcamp at this point John. Or you can listen to it on Tidal. Kicking my weekend off with Space Is Only Noise by Nicolas Jaar. What a superb debut album. The sonic experimentation is first rate - a blend of South American jazz and hip hop beats that reflects the artist's upbringing in Chile and New York. This could easily have been a ham-fisted exercise, but Jaar mingles the two disparate elements with true creative vision and a deft hand. Rewards repeated attentive listens.
  13. I've heard the Wyndham Audio BR3's and they are definitely worth an audition - as are the CH2's. I haven't heard the Hulgich Astor's, but they sure look the part and if anyone in Sydney has a pair, shout out, I'd love to listen to them. At this price point, I can also highly recommend the Fujitsu Eclipse TD-712Z Mk2 provided you don't want to play ridiculously loud in a large room. My listening space is 4m x 8m and I'm sitting about 4m from the speakers. I can play them to ear bleeding levels with no problem, but I reckon they would struggle in a larger room. Being a single driver design, they image with amazing precision and have a transparency that will make any electrostat owner sit up and take notice. They also have more bass than you can believe is possible out of such a petite speaker. Most people who hear them for the first time ask where the subs are - which was exactly my reaction the first time I heard a pair. I suspect your biggest problem is going to be finding a pair to audition in Perth, but if you're ever in Sydney there's at least a couple of SNA'ers who can help you out.
  14. It's different 'cos you're getting to absorb an album in its entirety as opposed to hearing one song in isolation. Listening to an album on Tidal before buying means I no longer buy an album that has just one good song on it - Cut The [email protected] by The Clash ring any bells for anyone? If only they had... We're about as likely to hear something new and daring on mainstream radio as we are to see the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride down my street. Hang on a minute... Nah, it's just a bunch of p!ssed blokes from the local polo club. As you were. Nobody's too old to appreciate new music @Silent Screamer. Give an album called Lost In The Dream by The War On Drugs a spin and let me know if I'm cold, warm, or hot. We'll find something from the last few years that tickles your fancy. If you don't have a streaming service, you'll find it on YouTube. If you don't have YouTube, I'll throw a CD your way.
  15. That's exactly what I use Tidal for. When I hear a new song that grabs my attention, I make note of it then listen to the album on Tidal when I get home. Ditto with all the great albums I read about on the Currently Spinning thread. If I like it after a few listens, it goes into the list of records to buy for the month.