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  1. Don't be torn. Get both and get the best of both worlds.
  2. I'd be willing to bet on it. The Record Doctor is a wonderful accompaniment to any US cleaner as it vacuums from the underside. It makes it dead simple to vacuum a wet record dry, unlike a vacuum that cleans the upper side.
  3. In the words of H.G. Nelson - "Harsh but fair Roy"
  4. Haven't listened to this in ages - Reverence by Faithless At times this is pure genius, at others pure tedium. The moments of tedium are fleeting - the genius shines through and makes this an album deserving of a listen from the first track to the last. If anyone has the MOV vinyl release and can compare to the original CD, I would love to hear a comparison - I only have this on CD and it sounds great.
  5. I'm running a Manley Stingray here. @Krispy Audio sells them and had one selling at a massive discount recently. Not sure if it's still available. They're not the most powerful amps going, but don't let their modest specs fool you. I'm using mine to drive a pair of Fujitsu Eclipse TD712 MkII that are an inefficient 84dB and the Stingray drives them with ease. I've also used it to drive a pair of electrostats. It's not the last word in bottom end control and extension, but it delivers enough bass slam to keep me more than happy. Unlike a lot of valve amps, the Stingray gets down and dirty and plays rock brilliantly with loads of grip. It also has the gorgeous mid range and holographic sound stage you would expect from a valve amp. Another valve candidate for you to consider is the Line Magnetic 219a. Of course, being valve amps, they both pump out a bit of heat - the 219a more so than the Stingray, which may not be ideal given your location. However any class A SS amp will also work as an unnecessary and unwanted heater.
  6. "By pressing on a special key it plays a little melody" @Taz85 The MMF is a hassle free way to jump into the world of vinyl and should keep you happy for a good while. As has been said by others, you will get much better bang for your buck buying second hand, but that always comes with a little uncertainty.
  7. Get two others to sign up with you. If you read the first page of the thread, you'll find everything you need right there.
  8. Bugger. I've been too busy with the move to see all the replies to this thread. I ended up buying a Billion modem on the recommendation of one of my eldest son's mates who is an IT wizz, Thanks for all the replies.
  9. There's been a fair bit of discussion about VMP in previous posts including this one I've been a VMP member for about 18 months and have been very happy so far.
  10. Wow, it's quiet in the Currently Spinning corner. I've just got my system hooked up in my new apartment and am kicking back listening to L.A. Takedown - II. I heard a track from this on FBI driving to work and it grabbed me enough that I streamed the album via Tidal. As the title suggests, this is the second album from a band that essentially started as a one man home recording project. Aaron M Olsen is the guiding light here and describes the music as Baywatch krautrock. As his output became more popular, he needed a band to perform the songs live and now that has taken on a life of its own. Cinematic with pop melodies, this is an eminently listenable album - recommended.
  11. Thanks Greg, I'm extremely happy with the combination. Prospective buyers should be aware that @Krispy Audio also sells the Eclipse loudspeakers. http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/Eclipse-TD712Z-Mk2-speakers.html If you're looking for a system with a small footprint that is still absolutely immersive and musical, audition this pair! As a bonus, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the world of hi-fi more straight up and outright friendly than Cameron.
  12. Could you please give me a yell next time they're playing Mark? Keen to see these guys.
  13. Pus poor response you've received Cliff. I would reply and say the LE version is much more collectible and will have a higher value in future yadda yadda yadda. Who did you buy it from?
  14. Agreed. It's good, but it's not an outstanding track. Heads up to the Sydney SNA brigade, Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders are playing at Oxford Art Factory in July. Daisy has discerning tastes. She will be pleased to know FBI played this in full last week. Gotta love it when a radio station has the balls to put on an 11 minute track. Like you Mark, I can't wait for the album to drop.