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  1. There is no such thing as a RP9, it is a P9, your photos show P9.
  2. I think a clarifications is required, it is a P9, the RP series are the recent releases, RP6, RP8 and RP10. OP to confirmed.
  3. Updated to Huron, holy smoke batman! After a quick 30 minute listen it is everything that has been described, it is a serious improvement, all for free. The bass is much more defined with unbelievable impact, so much that I think I will have to do some speaker repositioning and sub setup to get the most out of this update. But for now it is back to the music, could be a late night.
  4. I have this in vinyl also, what a great album, especially when at max volume. l haven't played for a while, I will crank it tomorrow.
  5. Adrenaline Mob's new album We the People. Hard rock with the best production of heard in a while, similar to Disturbed and recent Flotsam and Jetsam. Cannot help but mini head bang to the heavier songs.
  6. Yes definitely add a sub, it will add a whole new dimension to your music, and improve the listening experience considerably, my recent experience of adding subs.
  7. I totally agree, seen him live in a pub, just release the Future Shock album, it was a great gig but the album is average. Although for some reason that I'm unaware of I have always like his album with Roger Glover, Accidently in Purpose, it is just a very unique album.
  8. @Full Range U.K. Is new to me, had a listen this afternoon and really enjoyed it, great musicians and songs, SQ was excellent also considering it was released in the late 70's.
  9. Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking Really need to be in the mood to listen to this album, luckily I'm feeling in the mood tonight. A great one of a kind album.
  10. @Janjuc my order arrived today, missing the T-Shirt, not impressed, emailed sales to get an explanation, hopefully you will received everything.
  11. A very talented man, his music has been a big part of my life, he will be missed, feeling sad
  12. Being an AC/DC fan I never thought I would see the day that I heard a song I haven't heard before with Bon Scott singing. Listening to the US version of Dirty Deads Done Dirt Cheap via Tidal and up pops Love at First Feel, replacing Jailbreak on the album, what were the yanks thinking? The track order is different and doing my head in a bit, anyway I'm enjoying this version.
  13. I have this album on vinyl, forgot I have it, I will have to give it a spin. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. Jesus, I don't think your listening chair is close enough, is that one metre?
  15. I think it had nothing to do with the music SQ or the equipment, it was just the wrong situation and mood. Group listening mixed with a social event rarely result in the participants appreciating/noticing the music quality. Generally one person at a time is more successful, especially if you can stream/play a song they want to hear.