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  1. First of all, a very big thank you to everyone who attended our van den Hul evening this past week. We were very lucky to play host to one of the worlds great master craftsmen, sharing his skills and knowledge in a special cartridge making demonstration. As attendees were aware, we offered some very special pricing on van den Hul cartridges on the evening. Well, we've got the go ahead to offer those prices to all our email subscribers for a very limited time. We will be offering 30% off the recommended retail price of van den Hul cartidges, EAT turntables and Isotek power condition products from now until the end of Monday the 27th. Check out the RRP pricelists below, you'll save 30% on these prices for the next week! To take advantage of this offer, contact the store on (03) 9639 2737, or come in and see us before the end of the week. This is some very special pricing on some very special product, so make sure you take advantage! EAT Turntables RRP Pricelist Isotek Power Conditioning RRP Pricelist Van Den Hul RRP Pricelist
  2. unfortunately trading in partners for speakers has long been banned here at CAV.
  3. Snapper, Well take the eclipses as a trade in. Surely it would be the most compelling story. "Ahermmm decided to sell my eclipses but ended up with the grand daddy of them all"
  4. Item: Dynaudio Focus 220 Location: Carlton Audio Visual 164 Lygon st Carlton 96392737 Price: $1999 Item Condition: Trade in Item Mint Condition complete with grills Extra Info: Just traded, excellent condition. Available for audition. Standard picture attached. Pictures:
  5. Hello SNA'ers We have finally started to manage our clearance corner and have found some goodies we didnt know we had. Thought I would add the link here. Cheers
  6. Debut Carbon Esprit DC – Black Was $799 – Now $645 End of line. This is the Debut Carbon, pimped out with an acrylic platter upgrade and an Ortofon 2M Red stylus. Original packaging included.
  7. Project 1xpression - Black Was $1399 – Ex Demo $1120 This is actually still a current model. We just have way too many black turn tables on display. Our interior decorating problems are your gain! In near perfect shape. This awesome deck comes with Ortofon 2M Silver stylus, all original packaging.
  8. Rega P3-24 - Black Trade in - $950 Pre-loved turntable with glass platter, legendary Rega arm and TTPSU. No stylus included, but if you’d like to buy one we can fit it free of charge for you. No packaging.
  9. Project Dubut 3 - Black Trade in - $300 SOLD!! The legendary pre-cursor to the current Debut Carbon. Included Ortofon OM10. No packaging.
  10. Rega RP40 -40th anniversary edition turntable Was $1799 - $1350 SOLD! End of line. This is a rebuild of the RP3 with TT PSU and special edition Elys40 stylus included. Original packaging included.
  11. Project RPM 1.3 Genie – Red Was $599 – Now $480 End of line, we’d like to clear it before we open up the replacement model. Comes with an Ortofon 2m Red stylus. Original packaging included.
  12. It’s time to clear out some turn tables from the front of our store. We’ve got some bargains on ex-demo and trade in ‘tables. See the posts below. (Please ignore the crappy quality of my phone camera) Unless otherwise stated, all turn tables are in good shape, with stylus included. All of them are on show at our store in Carlton ready to be inspected. We can organize shipping if required. If you are interested, please call or email us. 03 96392737
  13. Those were the Olympica 2s. The Elipsa are an older series, but a few steps up the ladder. If you win the powerball we really should talk about some Aidas.
  14. @@RockandorRoll They're set up in the front of the store at the moment. You're more than welcome to pop in and have listen anyway. Just a quick jaunt over to Melbourne...
  15. Rega RS10 Odd looking, but beautiful sounding transmission line speakers. RRP $15000 - Clearance price $8500