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  1. Amp SOLD. Price drop on dac and headphones.
  2. WA-6SE Sold, Pending pickup Sale fell through, amp still available
  3. Hey all, just wanted to do an EOI to see if anyone would be interested in buying the complete set to avoid the hassle. Otherwise, I'll consider selling each component separately. Selling everything seperately I'm the second owner for all these, but haven't used them much. Pictures will be uploaded soon. Item: Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 /w ALO Reference 8 Cable Price: $1200 1100 Item Condition: Excellent, slight cosmetic mark on one pad. Used for around 10-20 hours, previous owner had around 8-10 (if I recall). Location: Sydney Payment Info: Pickup Only - Cash, Paypal+3% Extra Info: Brought this from an another Stereonet user here earlier this year. For the amount of time I've used these, It's been audio bliss. Unfortunately I can't find much time to use these, so I'd rather have these find a better home. Item: Woo Audio WA-6 SE Amp /w Sophia Princess Electric Mesh Price: SOLD Item Condition: Near perfect condition /w original boxes and tubes. Around 10 hours of use, previous owner had around 50. Location: Sydney Payment Info: Pickup Only - Cash, Paypal+3% Extra Info: Works perfectly but has this weird quirk, with the Sophia Princess installed one of the source input switches will not work. With the original rectifier tube, it'll work normally. The tube was brought after the amp, so it has around 10 hours of use. Edit (15/12/14): Also comes with a pair of 6FD7 Tubes (purchased from Addicted to Audio RRP $110) Item: Woo Audio WDS-1 DAC Price: $1000 900 Item Condition: Excellent, some slight marks on the chassis. Location: Sydney Payment Info: Pickup Only - Cash, Paypal+3% Extra Info: 24-Bit, 192K Digital-to-Analog Converter. Works perfectly and pairs well with both above.
  4. Item: Paradigm Mini Monitor V6 pair Heritage Cherry Location: Bankstown, NSW Price: 400 350 320 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for Selling: Upgraded, they're collecting dust now in storage Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, DIrect Deposit, Paypal Extra Info: Great speakers which kicked off my hobby into speaker gear. Brought these from the original owner a year ago, used them as my main speakers before upgrading.
  5. Item: JDSLabs O2 Headphone Amp + Powertech AC adapter Location: Sydney Item condition: Works perfectly with roughly less than 20 hours use. Price: $130 (Originally paid $190 for the amp and AC adapter) Reason for selling: Upgraded ages ago, being left unused. Payment Methods: Bank transfer or cash on pickup Extra Info: Purchased September 2013. I've removed a resistor on the board so the gain switches between x1 and x6.5 Pictures
  6. Item: Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 DAC Location: Sydney Item condition: Brought this from Noisy Motel 2 months ago for $200. Works perfectly with less than 10 hours of use. Some of the rubber has worn off because I kept pulling it out of the leather case. Comes with original packaging. Price: $150 $140 Reason for selling: I have too many DAC's, so it's being left unused. Payment Methods: Bank transfer or cash on pickup Pictures [attachment=92579:IMG_20140714_140805.jpg]
  7. Item: Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Headphones /w extra velour pads Location: Sydney Price: $150 + Shipping, pickup prefered Item Condition: Good, they sound just as good the day they were brought. Cosmetic wear. Light scruffs on the wooden cups, leather has started to wear. These things have notorious hinges which have cracked, but are still fully functional. Reason for selling: Unused, selling to fund an upgrade. Payment Method: Pickup around Sydney - Cash, or DD Extra Info: Great sounding portable closed headphones. Comes with (slightly crushed) box. Pictures:
  8. Hello all, Long time lurker, but finally decided I should join in the stereo.net fun! Cheers