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  1. Oh man... You're going to regret selling these.. Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  2. Sold sold I'm pretty sure. Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  3. Wow.. Didn't think this day would come Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  4. Nice sounding and versatile dac. GLWTS Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  5. I believe these were sold on ebay Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  6. Some websites do say they are balanced though the xlr inputs though? Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  7. Maybe because they are not truly balanced in design? Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  8. Do food taste better when they look better? Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  9. Resonessence dacs sound great! GLWTS Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  10. Wow.. They look awesome in black! It will be a shame to separate them Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  11. Get it.. It's a good deal Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  12. Maybe, but I'm pretty sure Chris has been putting the Nirvana in them now. Perhaps he has found the Nirvana to sound better in the cabinets now? I think he can put whatever drivers the customer desires though. I'm pretty tempted to ask him to fit my Fostex Fe103 Sol drivers into one of those smaller ones in the picture above Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk
  13. Hi all, Just thought I would share some of my current experience and thoughts about the Omni Audio Speakers. I have never heard of the brand until about just a month ago when I saw a pair on eBay. I tried to Google and search informations about them but could not find much at all. After messaging the owner and maker of the speakers (Chris), I finally decided to bite the bullet to try them out. The reason why they intrigued me so much was because the "omni direction" way of sound making from those speakers. About 5 weeks ago on a Saturday, at an arranged time with Chris, I arrived at his home/ mini omni speaker factory . Very friendly bloke who invited me into an audition room: (The pair in the middle are mine with the Fostex fe206en drivers. The other 2 black ones on the sides are with the Nirvana 10 drivers. The 2 maroon on the sides are with the Nirvana 3) It was a very simple set up room consist of a cd player and valve integrated amp and a pair of spinning base thingy that Chris uses to line the speakers up with the corner of the wall. When I first saw those speakers I was so impressed by the look of them; they looked simply stunning to me. So beautiful and well made that it was really hard for me to believe that they were made by only 1 guy in his home shed/ mini factory Each speakers were lined up with the corner line to the centre of the speakers and the music was on. The first impression was really good; they have those nice clean, detailed and natural sound of the Fostex that I love so much. The other thing I was so surprised with at during the initial audition was that the bass. I was really surprised by how much bass those cabinets produced from those full range Fostex. Even the 3" Nirvana full range drivers produced a very good amount of bass which was over my expectation. Now I have had a bit of listen to them in my house I think they are my favourite full range speakers to date. Nothing else can really beat them in terms of the imaging and soundstage. When I listen to them, I feel like I am in a mini concert. At the moment I have them in my study room, which aren't very big and in the same room I also have a small pair of Maggies next to them. Compared to the small Maggies, these speakers made the music sounded more 3D: the soundstage has was deeper and taller. The width of the soundstage was quite similar with the Maggies, but I think it may be due to the width of my room is not very wide and the room is more in the length than width . The layers of each instruments and sounds were more separated and easier to tell which instrument or sound is closer to me or further away from me. Part of the music also sounded like they were sort of at the font-top region of the room (so not quite at the top of me but at the top and front of me if that makes any sense ). They made the small Maggies feel like the music is coming at me at in a flatter and 2D way, lacking a little bit of depth, height and width separation and imaging. Another nice thing about these speakers are that there is really no sweet spot for them, so where-ever I am sitting the sound presentation does not really get effected. However, by saying that, something weird I have just found out tonight: if I am sitting closer to the screen and place myself sort of closer to the speakers and sort of in between them. The music becomes even more 3D; I can hear some of the sound and instruments on the 2 sides of me LOL...Maybe I was going crazy. Compared to the smaller Maggies that are sitting next to them; I do love the slightly warmer sound that are produced by the Maggies (Planar Speakers) and also the more forward mids and vocals (more intimate sound ). However, I guess that is sort of what you miss out if you go to a concert. In conclusion, I am no audiophile and I still consider myself very much of a noob in this hobby. However, I am so glad that I have bought these speakers from Chris; so beautiful and sound so good. I am very surprised that his speakers are not as well known as they should! I think my next target will probably those 3" versions for my bedroom LOL Ps. wondering also if anyone else has any experience with these speakers and your thoughts on them
  14. Yeah, they are very dynamic sounding amps with great bass
  15. The a21 should put perform the a23 pretty easily though Sent from my SM-N915G using Tapatalk