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  1. None of the items I wanted were in stock and were either with a European or US warehouse. I actually didn't click on an Record that was in stock. Even with the discount I am better off ordering from CCMusic and using their 20 percent of discount. Order around 5 records they come via DHL in less than 5 days. Seems like a better deal to me and it would work out cheaper and quicker.
  2. Does the cone move freely or is it frozen. Could be possible some of the broken dust cap is caught in the magnetic gap.
  3. So they aren't really a pair of giant woofers but a 3 way speaker that has an 11inch woofer. How disappointing and rather silly.
  4. Nice mate, how long did it take for the build.
  5. Item: Klei speakers cables and interconnects Location: Ipswich QLD Price: see below Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Needing longer cables. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2.5M G-Zero 6 Speaker cables $550 1.0m G-Zero RCA $450 Will sell both for $900 in a bundle. RRP is over $1800.
  6. They look like a giant pair of MC275's. Never seen anything quite like them.
  7. I turn the brush clockwise against the grooves as I pull it towards the outside of the record. Does a good enough job but I do understand the point you are making. I always chose to do it after as I thought the brush might create static.
  8. I am the same, every LP side I use a dry brush to remove hair or dust then zap it.
  9. I will sell the remaining titles for 265 including express freight. Joe Walsh - But Seriously Folks DCC The Doors - Waiting for the Sun DCC The Doors - Soft Parade DCC The Doors - Best Of DCC The Doors - Morrison Hotel DCC Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road MFSL Rush - 2112 MFSL
  10. Any reasonable offers will be entertained.
  11. That would be ideal but I only have a double power point in the room.
  12. Will include freight, also willing to split the cables and rca's. 500 for the speaker cables and 400 for the rca's.
  13. Waiting for the Sun is a DCC release, it is just in an different case.
  14. Would this suit Solid State monoblocks. Does it have a current capacity like the isotek power boards and such.