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  1. Item: Thorens TD125MKI Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1500 Item Condition: Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Custom hardwood plinth with baltic ply base, custom dustcover on linn hinges Top plate repainted All capacitors in the PSU replaced and speed control pots re calibrated SME3009 Non Improved Tonearm - Brass knife edge bearing, bedplate, outrigger weight and counter weight. Genuine SME raised logo headshell Tonearm has been rewired internally and new litz headshell wires. Rear has been rebushed. Furutech IEC socket on the rear of plinth. Also RCA and ground are on the rear. Vinyl Nirvana acrylic armboard Spare Thakker belt Funk Firm Achromat Sold without cartridge Turntable setup by Brian Madden at Decibel Hifi Construction wise these are far better built then the LP12s of the same vintage. Cast top plate and sub-chassis. A decent PSU from factory. Will now include a 1m pair of Aurealis RCA Phono cables. Also if you are after a cartridge I can include an Benz Micro Glider SL with around 50 hours or an Dynavector 17D3 freshly retipped by Soundsmith.
  2. Brain Maddern I believe is certified by Linn but is unable to advertise their products as they require a shop front. I have taken my Linn to him before and he knows what he is doing.
  3. Item: Klei speakers cables and interconnects Location: Ipswich QLD Price: see below Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Needing longer cables. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2.5M G-Zero 6 Speaker cables $500 1.0m G-Zero 6 RCA $400 RRP for the lot over $1800
  4. Subliminal advertising, Actually just happened to be on the table when I brought the LP12 in the kitchen for a photo shoot. And the bearing was running a bit low so I topped it up........Not.
  5. Has anyone had any luck ordering Triton X100 from Australian Resellers? There is a few based on a quick google search. Also at present is the Triton X100 and distilled water still the recommended brew?
  6. Item: Dynavector 17D3 LOMC Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1100 ono express shipping anywhere in Aus Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: XX2 MKII Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my freshly retipped 17D3 as I have upgraded to an XX2 MKII. Very low hours <10 Retipped by Soundsmith using there top shelf Contact Line styli. Soundsmith are one of the few retippers that will touch the Karat and obviously the Diamond cantilever is original and only the stylus changed. If you aren't a retip denier you are getting a practically brand new cartridge for $700 under retail.
  7. Memory is a little fuzzy but I don't recall them being terrible, Not a huge Bowie fan so the only CD I have is Ziggy Stardust which I recall as being pretty good. Not a CD you would demo your system to interested parties with (unless they were huge fans) but good enough to get a thorough hi-fi experience.
  8. Direct from Fremers review: The Mobile Fidelity version certainly sounded "better" than the original, with boosted bass, more precise trebles, both of which contributed to greater depth and punch. But is it what was intended or what it a revision? The new reissue makes clear it was a revision because it sounds remarkably similar to the U.K. original, though there's more detail and clearer and more precise high frequency transients, despite the age of the tape. So while the jacket reproduction is mediocre at best and not as good as the original or the Mo-Fi reissue, and that's a damn shame, what's inside is worthwhile. Unless you can find a clean original, this one, nicely pressed somewhere in the E.U. on 180g vinyl is the one to have.
  9. I have the original RCA UK CD and the 40th Anniversary CD which is the same mastering as the LP. Of course not as good as the LP :D. I can't remember which CD is better but I know the original is collectible and rather expensive.
  10. The David Bowie Ziggy Stardust LP from JB Hi-Fi is excellent. Michael Fremer in his review said it was better than the original UK RCA and the best mastered version he had heard.
  11. Item: JBL L212 and B212 Combo Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1600 Item Condition: Pretty good Reason for selling: Money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Charge Coupled networks using Jantzen components built by Nigel AKA Green Wagon. Internally rewired. See thread below: Rebuilt subwoofer plate amp, every component replaced besides the tranny. All tracks resoldered. Larger Mundorf filter caps and bridge rectifier. This sub digs very deep. The plate amp was always a little underpowered hence on the 2nd hand market they are always blown. This one has been rebuilt. It would have been cheaper/better to use an aftermarket plate amp but I wanted everything original, possibly something the next owner can investigate if they want to but not required. Over $500 worth of parts in the plate amp. See thread below: These speakers have a fairly flat frequency response for a JBL of the 70's. Very admirably measured from 30hz - 20khz +. I will say without a doubt running the satellites full range without the sub they absolutely destroy the NS1000's in the lower octaves. That little 8inch woofer would punch a hole in the 12inch of the NS1000's. May not go as deep as the NS1000's due to cabinet being designed for an 70hz roll off but for an 8 inch with a 3inch voice coil, its killer. Also the 12inch woofer in the sub has a beasty 4 inch voice coil and the same magnetic assembly of the 15 inch JBLs of the era. Both the mid-bass and subwoofer drivers have alnico magnets. The mid-bass unit has been re-spidered and foamed by Gary Cawsey at a significant expense. The subwoofer cabinent and satellite speaker bases have been relacquered. The subwoofer is pretty much flawless with a small scratch on the face of the plate amp. The satellite bases are in very good nick with a few imperfections in the veneer where the furniture restorer had perform patch ups. Very very acceptable and better than most other pairs I have seen. Also the satellites are on castors.