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  1. *Tuner $250, comes with free bonus amplifier*
  2. Yes please, this should play nicely with my Aries Mini. PM on its way. Dave
  3. Yep, sorry Tom, im still in for these.
  4. And these ones please. cheers, Dave.
  5. Hi Willco, I'd like: Raising Sand, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss $30 Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris, All the RoadRunning $100 Jennifer Warnes, The Well $100 Sarah McLachlan, Solace $30 Cheers, Dave.
  6. I'm keen. PM on its way.
  7. You can tell the D6Cs tend to be looked after over the years - most like this one still have their original Sony sticker on the cassette window.
  8. I'm interested. Pm on its way.
  9. Thanks for looking. This is now sold.
  10. Item: RSA Emmeline "The Shadow" headphone amp. Location: East Gippsland, Vic Price: $100 (includes postage in Aus) Item Condition: Perfect working order but some edge wear as expected from a used portable amp. Reason for selling: NLR. Always wanted an RSA to try, but I'm not really a headphone listener. Someone else can give it a whirl. Payment Method: All the usual. Extra Info: I bought this a while ago from another SNAer. It worked surprisingly well with my LCD-2s (but that was pushing the limits). Much better with IEMs and other portable 'phones. This thing is tiny; it has a cute switch that glows red when switched on, usb charging, electronic toggle volume control. Oh yeah, I'll include a mini-mini link adapter (genuine high-end ALO) and mini to phono adapter (an eBay cheapy). www.raysamuelsaudio.com/products/shadow Any questions, please ask. Pictures:
  11. Thanks for looking. Sold PP.
  12. Item: Redgum phono preamp RGPH2 with supplied wall wart Location: East Gippsland Vic Price: $200 (includes postage in Aus) Item Condition: Used but like new - never been exposed to flood, fire, children large or small. Reason for selling: Gone tube, and this one is NLR Payment Method: All the usual Extra Info: A simple, compact, tidy unit with both MM and MC switched through the DIP switches underneath (I have the rubber bung, just removed it to take the photo). Well designed as Ian always does, and a lovely Redgum facia to boot. Pictures:
  13. Paul Simon and Carole King pls if still available.
  14. Yes please. PM on its way. Dave.
  15. Spring the extra for the Eos Reference, you won't regret it! Dave.