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  1. Things do sell very quickly on this forum - I have missed out on the last few CD players by not being quick enough. Ebay, eat your heart out!! Cheers, Paul
  2. Yes please, I would like to buy this - will send PM. Tnx, Paul
  3. Hi, I would like to take this please if I am in time....happy to pay postage etc. Many thanks, Paul
  4. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    A VERY interesting comment, and one that could use some detail. I discovered (by accident) that slew limiting the input on several transistor amps of the day made them sound considerably better. When Otala came out with his theory, it did explain the reason behind the result that i had observed. Therefore it seemed that his theory was correct and I have believed that until now. I would love to learn of your reasoning.
  5. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    Hello everyone, For background, I spent my working life involved in audio so I have a reasonable idea of how things should sound, aging ears notwithstanding. We spent a week in Melbourne partly to buy a new hi-fi system and visited enough hi-fi to come to the following conclusion:- Either Leak amps and RCA speakers were WAY ahead of their time, or a lot of modern hi-fi makers are putting glitz ahead of sound quality. We took our own music, records and CD's, that we knew well and were mostly very disappointed at what we heard. We were looking at systems basically up to $10,000. Finally we did hear something we liked - a Devaliet amplifier and Ambience ribbon speakers. It blew our budget by a bit, but candidly the other gear we heard just sounded dead and lifeless compared with my 60 year old system. The system we bought though does sound great, bass not quite as deep as the RCA's but a somewhat cleaner mid-range and vastly better top end. I know the RCA's were a professional type speaker and probably cost a lot of money, but even so I think it a disgrace that sixty years of development still hasn't matched the sound quality without paying a lot of money. Surely by now a mid-range system should be able to compete with a sixty year old system!
  6. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    In Melbourne this week, but will post pics when I get home next week. Cheers.
  7. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    Thank you all for your posts - a lot to think about. Zaphod, a couple of points - yes, I do recognise accurate reproduction but I don't necessarily like it better than coloured reproduction. I like the emotion of music and sometimes I can get that on very coloured systems - but not often. I get it on my RCA's. I got it in spades with the Dynaudio Evidence. My mention of your speakers was based on the speakers on the Rage website from the link in your signature, so I assumed these were your doing. I am listening to them at Carlton AV tomorrow. Eggcup, thank you for the suggestion - I would like to follow that up. Who is Greg Osborn? Thanks again everyone else, Cheers Paul
  8. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    You may well be right about the hf and IMD responses - as I said earlier, they are coloured but I like the colour. But I know you have never heard them or you would know that their bass response is superlative in a suitable box. Don't be too guided by conventional wisdom - wait until you have tried them youself. Otherwise you make so much sense I am looking forward to hearing your speakers, and hearing if small diameter speakers in little boxes can really produce deep bass without frequency doubling?
  9. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    I know I haven't given the Tannoys a fair trial. In their little boxes they don't stand a chance really, and they are driven by an ancient Harman Kardon amp just as background music in my shed. Not convinced about the Stanton though, I must have strange taste, I have compared it to many and still do like it.
  10. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    Yes, I know that the Leak will not drive many modern speakers - 8 watts and almost non-existent damping factor won't cut it. It is fine with the RCA's and the ESL57's. I have kept the Leak up to date but categorically NOT upgraded. Resistors where necessary replaced with carbon, caps with similar, again only where necessary. I am getting low on NOS valves, probably got another five years worth. I have a good Boonton military distortion analyser, and the Leak still manages its "Point One" distortion, and it is nearly all pure second harmonic, despite the push-pull output. I hope to hear your speakers this week in Melbourne - Rab at Carlton AV has suggested them as a speaker than might suit my taste.
  11. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    Matti Otala was the one who hypothesised and proved the scourge of TIM - Transient Intermodulation Distortion. This in one go explained why solid state amps that measured far better than any valve amp sounded worse. I wonder if he produced the amp you mentioned?
  12. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    Thanks for the kind invitation Andy, I heard Maggies years ago and loved them. Would like to re-visit that. Where in Victoria are you? Cheers, Paul
  13. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    Nah, not very loud these days - too many years on noisy motorbikes has caused tinitus, so nothing too loud. Lots of hifi sounds great at full throttle, the trick is to make it sound good without the volume. But.... on the RCA's and the Leak there is definitely, categorically, absolutely, NO shortage of real, serious, deep bass, concert hall resonances that you feel more than hear. If I can't get that on a modern system I will keep what I have and put up with the hassles. But surely by now.........
  14. Sound quality - vintage versus modern.

    DJB, I hope you are right. I know that on measurement amps have made HUGE strides - but I need to hear the benefits before I bin my current lot. I rather liked the Leak pre-amp, although I know I am a voice in the wilderness with that view. The Tandberg measures vastly better than the Leak, but although it does sound better, I don't think the Leak is disgraced. I also have a Leak Stereo 60, the Leak amp with the best measurements of them all. I prefer the sound of the Stereo 20. Often musical taste is very subjective.