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  1. Just watching La La Land and it seems that the mix is in stereo and not surround. Even the center channel is silent. I'm streaming it via Apple TV. I don't feel like any of the dialogue is missing. It's just a very obvious left and right mix. Anyone else had a similar experience? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Item: MYRYAD ZI40 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Location: Mount Gambier SA 5290 Price: $250 (negotiable) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: EFT, Paypal Extra Info: I bought this amplifier from this site a few years ago. I always wanted to try a piece of myryad but it didn't work for my ears. Lots of power and current on tap (don't know the exact specs though, i'm really a bit of an audio hack ) I have the box, the remote and the destructions manual. I paid $250 for it so would love to re coup my money but i'm open to fair offers. My photos are on the white stool the photos from the original seller are on the brown table. I can post at buyers expense as it is well boxed. Pictures:
  3. If it was practical to ship these i'd have them. Seriously one of the best bargains i've seen on this site. Why haven't they been snapped up?
  4. Nice speakers Great seller. Buy with confiidence from this guy.
  5. I'll take the center speaker please. I'll have a think about the mains. I'd like them but have exactly no where to use them. will PM you re the center speaker.
  6. Good opportunity for a center speaker. Just use the working one and lay it on it's side. A nice gesture to offer it for free.
  7. Great system and for what it's worth my opinion is that is a great price.
  8. just wondering what everyone uses to keep their records clean. i have one of the static brushes and one of the felt things that you put fluid on and let run around the record then use the trailing edge to dry it but none of these are particularly satisfactory. Does anyone have any good DIY solutions or have tried a record cleaning machine.. Regards Jarrod
  9. Is this the best ever local domestic system seen on stereonet?
  10. I have a pair of these and they are very big. My wife can't wear them but they sound glorious. GLWTS - this looks like good buying to me.
  11. Looking to buy a high performance compact sub. I guess like a sunfire of the like. Anyone have one collecting dust they'd like to sell? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas Jarrod. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I don't suppose it's sold to me and i've not received a PM about it #fingerscrossed
  13. I know I'm 2nd in line but I'm still a starter if Micoz doesn't want it. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. If all else fails i'll buy this. Please keep me in mind.