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  1. If it was practical to ship these i'd have them. Seriously one of the best bargains i've seen on this site. Why haven't they been snapped up?
  2. Nice speakers Great seller. Buy with confiidence from this guy.
  3. I'll take the center speaker please. I'll have a think about the mains. I'd like them but have exactly no where to use them. will PM you re the center speaker.
  4. Good opportunity for a center speaker. Just use the working one and lay it on it's side. A nice gesture to offer it for free.
  5. Great system and for what it's worth my opinion is that is a great price.
  6. just wondering what everyone uses to keep their records clean. i have one of the static brushes and one of the felt things that you put fluid on and let run around the record then use the trailing edge to dry it but none of these are particularly satisfactory. Does anyone have any good DIY solutions or have tried a record cleaning machine.. Regards Jarrod
  7. Is this the best ever local domestic system seen on stereonet?
  8. I have a pair of these and they are very big. My wife can't wear them but they sound glorious. GLWTS - this looks like good buying to me.
  9. I don't suppose it's sold to me and i've not received a PM about it #fingerscrossed
  10. I know I'm 2nd in line but I'm still a starter if Micoz doesn't want it. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. If all else fails i'll buy this. Please keep me in mind.
  12. A very beautiful speaker with the covers on or off.. i'd like to somehow light mine nicely.
  13. First of all great photos!! Well done Second - i own a pair of these and they are simply divine. One of the nicest loudspeakers i have ever heard. I run mine with a modest Roksan amp. They are more like an instrument than a loudspeaker. The speakers disappear and the music remains. These will make the new owner very happy. I wish you well with your sale!
  14. I looked at that and thought someone was selling octopuses? Was going to suggest that it was in the wrong forum...