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  1. Are you actually still in possession of a 2c to give the exact change? to the forum! I used to have the Gen V, it's still a very sought after piece... GLWTS!
  2. Unable to collect. Thus still in the market..Apologies!
  3. LOL, thought this was a fender for a Ford GT 40! Bit of a car nut I am, you have my respect, this is another vice of mine!! Nice amp, GLWTS!
  4. Just to answer a valid question for all interested parties, the new laser is fitted, the box contains the old laser.
  5. Item: Denon 3930 Location:Newcastle Price: $300 Item Condition:Used Reason for selling:Clearout Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Fantastic player with brand new laser! Have box and all accessories so happy to post at buyers cost. Pictures:
  6. Item: JBL Cinema Location:Newcastle NSW Price: $4000 Item Condition:Used Reason for selling:House sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 3 x 2360 horns3 x 3560B mounting brackets3 x 2446J JBL 2” tweeter drivers3 x JBL mid horns built for JBL 2220J 16 Ohm drive units6 x 2220J 15” drive units2 x JBL 8330 3-way surround speakers1 x JBL 4642-4 sub woofer Down to 25Hz @ 103bd!!!Horns are 2K in Aston Martin Silver, Mid Horns and Bass Cabinet have fresh DuraTex coatingThese horns are arguably JBL's biggest and best ever and have been used in many high-end speaker designs such as Lampizator Horn speakers "the Best speakers in the world". See the last picture for his implementation of this horn, this picture is for illustration purposes only and is not the speakers on sale here.These speakers should be driven actively to fully realize their potential.$4000 for the lot or call to discuss offers. The system is connected in my Cinema room at the moment and I'd be happy to give interested parties a demo!Optional are Urei crossover @ $250 ea one with x-over @500Hz and 2 @800HzCalls are welcome regarding interest. Pictures:
  7. If I was getting into this hobby, would put this on my house mortgage, this is is step up to the big leagues for the most discerning buyer.. GLWTS, I'm sure it will be accompanied with severe seller remorse.
  8. These were in the Roxy studios in Sydney, they were installed in the mid 2000's. When running the mid horns, I've been stunned by the presence they have, they place you "right there"! On a 10w tube single ended amp, these will probably blow most mega buck speakers out of the water in the vital 200-1500Hz range. Add a couple of nice subs and an extra tweeter and these will blow you away!
  9. Yes, three tweeter flares, one tweeter (I'll list the number tomorrow, they are very easy to buy). Three Midrange flares with the stands, two of them have all their drivers! (One is a spare flare.) They include the time aligned crossovers for the four mid drivers in the two complete sets, which I'll attempt to photograph in the morning, but they are massive crossovers!
  10. Certainly a bargain to be had! Unfortunately a building project demands a shed clear out..
  11. Item: JBL Horn speakers Location:Maitland NSW Price: $2500 Item Condition:Used Reason for selling:Making space More to come!!! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:These are the pinnacle of JBL cinema sound! The 4732 are used in most of the top end cinemas around the world. Here I have 3 sets of Horn flares, two have the 4 JBL Midrange drivers and crossover and sound mindbogglingly good. Actual picture will follow, but the horns are in excellent condition. These can be coupled with any bass cabs to give you the ultimate home theatre experience and for pennies on the pound... https://www.adorama.com/jbl4732mhf.html https://www.jblpro.com/ProductAttachments/SS4732_0509.pdf Pictures: It's three of the tweeter Horns (One tweeter fitted, but very easy to buy spares), Three Mid Horns, two with drivers (eight) and brackets. I do have a single bass cabinet. PM for price. Picture two shows a possible Home cinema installation with the smaller version.
  12. L'O'L! Seems we'll try to sell anything, seen a number of kidney and wife mentions over time. By the way, I throw in free apostrophes, feel free to help your self to a couple where needed.
  13. Just as a matter of interest, what are dad's fetching in the open market?