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  1. If you haven't decided on the turntable yet,check out Audio Connection.They have an Avid Ingenium with a techno arm and rega exact cartridge.Avid have been making hi quality turntables for 20 plus years.The techno arm is a modified rega 250. Their Price is $2000.00. This is a used unit but all of the parts are current products,the Avid retails new for about $2500.00,the techno arn around $2000, Rega Exact $440, so at their asking price this is good buying,
  2. Yes you are totally wrong. I started in 1961 (12 years old) and have had turntables ever since. Order of importance is Turntable Tonearm Phono Preamp and Cartridge What price you allocate to each item can vary. The turntable is the base.It has to run at perfect speed with no bearing wobble and be acoustically stable,the engineering costs. Tonearm and cartridge have to be compatible And more important the cartridge has to match the rest of your system. I come from an era when a dealer would lend you 6 cartridges so you go home and test them in your system,spent may weeks doing this and the most expensive one did not always tun out to be the best fit. Martin has been around for a long time and knows his stuff so he has probably got it right for himself. I have owned micro seiki rega.thorens,logic,linn,luxman and currently an Alphason Sonata
  3. With your comment [TT has the lid on all the time] ,I assume this is also when playing a record.If so please remove the lid and only use it when the TT is not in use,best results when lid removed .With your current set up the lid will be the major contributor to airborne vibrations reaching your turntable.
  4. You have not said what you are or will be using as an amp , As you have said in your post 80% HT one can assume a ht amp.Do not assume that adding better speakers will give better sound,it could be worse as the better speakers will high lite any problems that your source and amp have. You have said that you are satisfied with what you have but want better but have not included Klipsch in the speakers you auditioned.You could purchase one their reference HT systems for around 5000 at the moment,and as they are around 98db efficient they will not strain the output of a HT amp,if my assumptions are correct.
  5. A bit extra, how do I get there?

    All seem to think that room treatment is the way to go.I disagree,although not familiar with your speakers,the fact that they have a top firing driver means the design needs the wall and ceiling reflections to produce their final sound.Room treatment in this case would probably be a backward step. With your current set up,the noise being generated by the fish tanks would be your main problem.If it was me I would ,with some good racking make a wall of the fish tanks,so that with a large curtain or some removable partitions you can control the fish tank sound.
  6. Klipsch speaker

    Are these still for sale
  7. 'SkeletaLinn' v2 ...

    Never tried it,would need a different belt,and would not know what motor to use.The drive system has a master motor /slave motor set up and I don't know the master from the slave. Also the plater is one piece and a pain to set the belt on the motors without the proper tools, that I do not have,best left alone. I have been giving the two motors one belt,two motors multiple belts some thought,I know thinking can be dangerous . One motor single belt seems to have more contact on the inner hub but only about 60%of that contact is actually under tension to supply the drive. As the belt leaves the motor pulley the belt is being pushed and has no tension,so it can vibrate ,think bicycle chain or old style farm machinery using huge belts. So using mutiple belts could increase this potential problem. This vibration is probably the reason cotton thread,fishing lining,filament thread are used by some TT Makers. At what point the belt retains tension,I am unsure ,but somebody has probably done the maths. With the two motor one belt set up you cure a few problems, The belt is completely under tension. You control bearing wobble. More torque,think how much speed you could achieve using two hands to spin a platter as compared to one,like making fire with a stick. I remember in the 80s Voyd had a two motor one belt turntable before they went to three motors one belt,funks vector drive is a one motor version of this. Current turntables using two motors one belt include Audio note tt2 and Dr Feickhert Blackbird,and these are the next models up on the one motor TTs. Hope I have explained my thinking with to much confusion. Regards Phil.
  8. 'SkeletaLinn' v2 ...

    Andy, If this helps my Alphason Sonata has two motors with one belt. Flat rubber that contacts the outer edge of the inner platter. Works well. Phil.
  9. Hi, I recommend the crown xls. I now use one [1500] on the Augies bass drivers on a pair of Hawthorne Audio Silver Iris Duets. It replaced a plate amp and the bass is now cleaner and more accurate . And as a Bonus Its in stereo. It does not have an automatic switch but as you can rack mount it is easy to switch on and off,most of the time I leave it on and I have never heard the cooling fan start up.
  10. ME240 cutting out on one side

    Yes,Winovate. PonyTail repaired and recapped my ME15 recently and I am more than Happy. I am listening to music again, he did a great job.
  11. ME-580 Power Amplifier Review.

    Great review Art. Saw the 580 a few weeks ago when Ron recapped my ME15. Most of the technical stuff he explained to me went over my head,but I now understand what he was trying to tell me. The ME580 looks much better in the flesh
  12. Build my system

    Be careful with the amp you buy.The nht speakers are not very sensitive ,86db rated at 8ohms,but I suspect not an easy load,and you are using them in a large area so you will need an amp with good power reserves.A minimum of 100 watts rms into 8ohms,specs don't always tell the whole story,but you can still use them as a guide. The Anthem is the type of amp you should be looking at,good power and good value.Read some reviews and see what other people have used to get the best out of them.I have always considered the amp to be the heart of a system,get this wrong and you will not be happy.
  13. Vinyl better than CD

    This is my first post. I can see two potential problems.The rule of thumb with a dynavector 17d was that it should not be used with a unipivot arm or a suspended turntable.(the vpi is unipivot) The other could be the pressing quality of the Lps. If you have Australian produced albums,most but not all were mastered from 2nd copy master tape with limiters set on the high and low frequency.Look in the run out groove of the LP and if there is stamped info it was made this way.If the info is hand written the it was pressed from an original master. Best example I know of is Joe Cocker Sheffield Steel,where the album was to be produced in Australia from original masters,one got damaged,so one side original master othe side not,the difference is dramatic.
  14. Short History

    Thanks for the welcome. I will try to add my voice here but in a subtle way as I do not feel that my opinions are sacrosanct . The best piece of advice I can give is to always ask why. Phillip
  15. Short History

    Hi This is the first time I have joined a forum,its about time.My father had an extensive record collection (78s) and large radiogram when I was born 64 years ago, so my love of music comes from there.On my 12th birthday I received a portable stereo and my buying music really started from then.I have been thru the Valve to Solid State era,and spent a small fortune chasing the ultimate system along the way.Bad business decisions back in the early 90s forced me to sell everything including my record collection of approx 7000 lps. Now I have retired I am building a modest system to once again enjoy a lapsed hobby . So this is an old journey renewed,hopefully I will not make the mistakes of the past but I doubt it. My Current equipment consists of Alphason Sonata TT with zenon arm and lite ace cartridge ME 15 Preamp Class d Audio Amp Sony DVP-S9000ES Hawthorne Audio PSI duos(Augies driven by plate amp) Seymour