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  1. I'm hearing you, I would not be taking full advantage of its mixing capabilities etc. So I have no need. @ $300.00 I would not have hesitated. Thanks again to all.
  2. Thanks for chiming in @Jakeyb77 No matter how hard I was going to look I definitely wouldn't have found that out, Original receipts and all wow ! Is it something you regret selling ? Strange question, I know - but I usually sell something when it's good, only to have to spend even more time to find a good example of the piece just sold to... 'fill the empty hole inside'..
  3. Agreed @mjs, Nakamichi certainly was formidable for that period - Pity they sold the name off to what looks like the producer of underwhelming junk. Thanks for your link. I too thought $600.00 was on the steep side - but their was no option of negotiation. So it's take it or leave it (Pending the Kind knowledge and advice from the SNA community)
  4. I think you are right, perhaps the Pass design Pre amps were as high as $5k.
  5. From what I could read it was a $5k piece Brand New in the 80's, Advice noted - I'll keep researching.
  6. Thanks for you thoughts & insight @Full Range & @aasza I agree, the build quality of this old Nak stuff was second to none - especially the Stasis design separates - But I believe this is earlier Nakamichi From the limited info on the net' it certainly does have plenty of Features. but I am unsure if it is a fair price $600.00 for a Pre amp of this vintage ?
  7. Hi all, Has anyone had experience with this unit ? It will be replacing a basic Rotel RC-850 possibly from the same era, if I choose to go ahead. Local seller asking $600.00 (Pristine Cond) - would this be considered to much ? Would there be better Pre amps for less money ? Or possibly an investment ? Appreciate any thoughts. Picture copied from Google.
  8. Happy to pay tonight if available. feel free to message me.
  9. I'll take this if Will C passes. Just checking if suitable for Arcam R Dac.
  10. Hi Neo, i have been been trying to find out if I am getting the best audio possible out of the CD's I am importing to iTunes. Can you message me with a courier total incl the Furutech cable ? KrashDekki.
  11. Ok Guys, To clarify all my music is in the iTunes library - with all music being ripped manually from my CD collection. Does this mean it may be compressed ? Can the Music players be used in conjunction with iTunes ?
  12. @Neo Thanks Neo, I will better consider what you have on offer tomorrow when I have chance to research the Tomahawk better. KD.
  13. That's a very Kind offer Dolphy, however I'd rather not waste your time further than the generous opinions you are offering me on this post. I understand / Guarantee I am not going to get Earthshattering for the money I have on offer - Have you settled on the E17 mentioned or have you moved to on to better ? How much more did you have to spend to eclipse the E17 ? And did it beat it by much ? Id rather not settle for ok / second best for the sake of $100 ~ more. KD.
  14. Hi Dolphy, Are the Fiio Amps Headphones or IEM specific ? Or will most Fiio products be suitable for both ? I have looked on the Addicted to Audio website a few times - But I was shying away thinking I might be able to snag a more higher end Fiio dac / amp (second hand) at the price of the beginning of the Fiio range. have you had something like the Kilamanjaro ? Would you reccomend that model ? Thanks KD.
  15. Apologies for probably sounding like a complete idiot. So essentially instead of using the audio Jack of the iPhone 4 - The DAC is the 30 pin Connector to the amp ? Then from the amp to the Phones'.