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  1. That F......G snowman from Frozen. I don't mind a good CGI/animation every now and then, but he wanted to make me to gouge out my eyes with spoons and ice pick my ear drums. A bit drastic I know but i have to get my point across. And Jar Jar binks is clearly up there as well.
  2. Hehe, I initially found a Beresford direct but just did a quick search now and some NL site came up, weird because I was sure it was an English site when I looked previously. and it dosen't seem to have that particular switcher on it?? I'm sure there would be a few distributors around... [EDIT] they only seem to have 4 products here, and the website has changed since i last saw it. http://www.beresford-dac.nl/main/main.html Sorry, I think I've deceived you.
  3. I've got a very similar setup and use this. http://www.ienjoy.com.au/index.php/brands/beresford/tc-7220 happened upon it by chance from memory. Seems well built, mechanical switching ( which I think is good) but not sure how the internals work and rated up to 200 watts from memory. So far has not failed after having it for around 3 years. And there does not seem to be any detriment to sound quality. Mike [EDIT] Only thing is it does not have a remote control, so you'd still have to get up and push the button, but at least it saves having to burrow around behind a speaker to change cables...
  4. eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    Haha turntable my chinese restaurant. Lazy susan's done it again.
  5. Adelaide Speakers Custom Monitor 502SRL

    no problem Aaron Summoners are treating me well, I find they are very good value for money. I'm currently running them with a Cary ae3 tube pre amp into a Sansui b2101 power amp. The room they are in currently needs to be treated though including carpets as we are in the middle of renovations, so there are certainly more improvements to the sound to be made. All in good time.
  6. Adelaide Speakers Custom Monitor 502SRL

    Yep, absolutely. A top bloke and great to deal with. I have a few of his items, the Summoner 1093 SRTL being my main system speakers, very happy them. The leather baffle on yours look fantastic Aaron, kind of wish I had asked the same for my Summoners. It gives them a kind of elegance. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous with how they look. Nice work!!
  7. RIP Chris Cornell

    Im in late, but RIP Chris Cornell, another awesome Talent wasted and at only 52 years old. Lets just hope people like Eddie Vedder and Billy Corgan etc. can keep going strong for another couple of decades, we need to hold onto some of the awesome talent that still remains. My weekend is going to be occupied with a good listening sesh. RIP Spoon man.
  8. can assume so, hasn't been listed as sold? Bumbety bump bump, I'll pm 44 maloo for you. [EDIT] wait, is that legal here???
  9. What is it with a Nick Cave?

    Yep Nick Cave typically is an acquired taste, but I am certainly a fan. He really knows how to create an atmosphere, and while pretty much all his songs seem to have a dark depressing edge to them, if you "listen a little deeper" there is most certainly an edge of humour. He also really knows how to portray a story to go along with the atmosphere. To me he seems to be very unique. there is just something there I'm attracted to with what he does...
  10. 1st ever boom box???

    Oh yea, I did hear about that. Not gonna stop me enjoying a coopers red though! any religion that endorses beer is the religion for me. So they really have prayers on there cans and bottles now? I wonder if they are prayers with a sense of humour, like an advertisement stunt? I'll find out on the weekend.
  11. 1st ever boom box???

    I won't have anybody talking bad about coopers. they're still 100% Australian right? they haven't sold out as well have they??
  12. Is the CD Dead

    So, Bluesman, I didn't read through every post but did you like every single one? this thread expanded pretty quick. And while we are on the the subject of CD's, I just recently acquired a cd63. While certainly not the pinnacle of anything it is certainly a pretty good spinner, especially for a $100! Gotta be happy with that.
  13. Is the CD Dead

    yep agreed, I go cd About 70% of the time.
  14. it's not so much you can't use it while it warms up, it just needs time to start sounding "right". I've just put new tubes a couple of months ago int my pre amp and it needs a good 2-3 albumns before it starts sounding really good. but that would depend on the type of amp and tubes (i think).
  15. G'day Doomigee Currently running a cary ae3 tube pre (cost about 400-450 from memory) into a Sansui B2101 power amp (Again about the $400 mark) and i'm very happy with it. Obviously second hand gear but it is an option certainly worth considering. There was some expense of about $500 getting both items looked at and serviced by a pro which if you go down the second hand goods part is smart move, especially if you really like what you've bought.