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  1. Great price for Still. Shame I already have it
  2. Yeah sadly I noticed an increase in the last few years over in Japan. However compared to Australia, Stump is correct. The range in Japan is 1000 times better than here.
  3. I stick to mostly used when in Japan, however I have grabbed some new also. Some stores do just new, some do just s/h and some do both.
  4. Haha I was joking. As I said in and earlier post, keep buying! You guys buying stuff i wouldn't buy helps shops fund buying stuff a 90's fan would love And yup July/Aug for my 4th trip, its getting closer! If our dollar gets stronger I may need to put more money on my travel card. There is almost no chance however if the dollar gets back to 90Y i will take that as a sign.
  5. It seems we may suck Japan slowly dry.
  6. I've got young kids and I'm going to fight the good fight!
  7. Hahaha I'm picky and on a budget that my wife will approve of! My collection is only around 160 records as is. Hiroshima is my local haunt in Japan and there are only 2 worthwhile record shops in Hiroshima. And one is only worthwhile because its a good place to have a beer if you like punk music. Do it, the owner is a good guy (Dumb Records). The Tower records is alright but very minimal options when it comes to vinyl Stereo Records (50m from Dumb Records) is easily the best and second hand only and has maybe 10 thousand records in there. I will spend an hour in there at least before heading to Dumb Records to chill with a beer. Stereo Records has everything catalogued so you can ask him if they have anything in particular. Just don't buy anything I want. Thought I'm expecting you will more likely spend money and help him buy more stock that I like. So enjoy! Heads up, I love the fact that he has a solid 90's section.
  8. Have not been to Yellow Pop. I'm heading back in July with a friend this time which means some extra vinyl shopping compared to my last two trips. But I still don't expect to purchase more than a dozen albums. I only buy for personal use. Anyhow my point being, after booking our hotel in Shinjuku (Hotel Mystays) I did a search for record stores nearby... This obviously isn't my first time to Japan however my jaw did drop slightly.
  9. Very broad selection there. Good luck! If you decide to split it up you know i'll be interested But yeah there are some good value pickups in there to help sweeten the deal it seems.
  10. Great deal, Almost tempted for an interstate delivery. But that could be a case of wife and death
  11. New Order Blue Monday 1983 EX EX Factory YW-7418-AX Japan w/OBI 1st Single Remix $60.00 Split Enz The Living Enz 1985 EX- EX Mushroom Records SP95001 Australia 2XLP Gatefold $20.00 Depeche Mode Demos & Alternate Versions 2009 SS SS Not On Label MFTM 6181988 Japan 2XLP New Opened to check disc colour $90.00 Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 1984 EX- EX- Factory YX-7337-AX Japan 4 page lyrics in English and Japanese $170.00 Thanks
  12. Hrmm I've seen a few bars in Japan that have vinyl setups that spin records as you drink but they weren't high end setups. Still a nice change up from what we have in Aus. But I might see if I can't find one this July/Aug. Yup going back again (for those playing along at home)
  13. You may wish to double check this one. The movie wasn't released until 1971 Various Clockwork Orange 1968 VG+ VG+ Warner Brothers BS2573 Australia $20.00