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  1. Was on page two of this sub forum! You will find a lot of useful stuff here
  2. Cheap Vinyl Records

    Very nice. Will be buying tonight
  3. Japan Record Shops!

    People even send tents to Fuji Rock using Yamato. That service is abused by the locals and quite rightly so. There is a pickup for Yamato in Terminal 2 upstairs at Narita
  4. Japan Record Shops!

    This is Stereo Records. Great place. I spent all my money at Jetset in Kyoto this trip (well thats a lie, but close to the truth). I got home a couple of weeks ago. Just second hand 90's records in near mint condition Cake - Fashion Nugget (been dreaming about this one but crying at prices on discogs) Supergrass - Supergrass Beck - Mellow Gold They cost me $200 all up for all three. I was actually very stoked with that. Oh and as for postage. Yeah man, extra baggage is invaluable for getting stuff home. My wife would abuse me if i didnt pay for extra baggage for the return flight. That being said, I would pack the records well if sending via a plane, you know what baggage handlers in Australia are like...
  5. This release have Private Lawns on it? It's a great rendition. Paper Aeroplane was good also.
  6. Bowers Wilkins 805D3 (Rosenut)

    Do you accept lay by? Haha
  7. Vinyl Destination

    Yeah I looked at these guys before when they had a 10% discount and they were more expensive than other sites even with that discount. 25% is much more suitable. Maybe next time.
  8. Darn The Crow is a great soundtrack, nice pick up
  9. FS: Teenage fan club

    I get to see Slowdive in two months!! Playing Fuji Rock
  10. FS: Teenage fan club

    Nice price, great album, shame I've spent over my vinyl budget for this month!
  11. B&W CM1 repair in Brisbane

    Already ordered the replacement driver. I will end up with spare parts but that may be of value long term. who knows, I plan to keep these for a long time so it may come in handy in 30 years hah
  12. B&W CM1 repair in Brisbane

    160 including freight.
  13. B&W CM1 repair in Brisbane

    Part ordered. now I just need the right screwdriver! that shouldn't be so hard to find.
  14. B&W CM1 repair in Brisbane

    The driver doesn't move any more and makes no sound, only sound from the tweeter. I guess she maybe pulled a wire off it as well?
  15. B&W CM1 repair in Brisbane

    Would the hole in the dust cap actually stop the driver from working completely? Else has she damaged something else with her finger in there or has something else happened?