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  1. This release have Private Lawns on it? It's a great rendition. Paper Aeroplane was good also.
  2. Do you accept lay by? Haha
  3. Yeah I looked at these guys before when they had a 10% discount and they were more expensive than other sites even with that discount. 25% is much more suitable. Maybe next time.
  4. Darn The Crow is a great soundtrack, nice pick up
  5. I get to see Slowdive in two months!! Playing Fuji Rock
  6. Nice price, great album, shame I've spent over my vinyl budget for this month!
  7. Already ordered the replacement driver. I will end up with spare parts but that may be of value long term. who knows, I plan to keep these for a long time so it may come in handy in 30 years hah
  8. 160 including freight.
  9. Part ordered. now I just need the right screwdriver! that shouldn't be so hard to find.
  10. The driver doesn't move any more and makes no sound, only sound from the tweeter. I guess she maybe pulled a wire off it as well?
  11. Would the hole in the dust cap actually stop the driver from working completely? Else has she damaged something else with her finger in there or has something else happened?
  12. Aah yes, the dust cap, thanks. I'm not completely up to speed as you can tell, mind you speakers are a fairly simple build aren't they? Should I just replace the parts myself?
  13. Woven kevlar cone, is my 4 1/2 year old capable of pushing her finger through that? Or did she just discover it? Hah. Note it's kevlar brand and not bullet proof stuff I believe lol
  14. So some very sad news from me this evening. I was sorting some albums and listening and my daughter seems to have used her finger and pushed a hole into the... No not the tweeter... :/ the cone in the low end driver and now it is silent. Well I caught her with her finger in it so she took the blame. Either way, I need it repaired. Any help or suggestions?
  15. Great price for Still. Shame I already have it