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  1. Any Van The Man fans? I remember owning this record when it came out but not its contents never owned it on cd for some reason but even worse I thought I did when I went to play it turned out to be Hard Nosed The Highway listened to it on Spotify and then tried to buy it but seemed too expensive from about $20 plus $us to hundreds for some reason finally got one yesterday for a decent price out of the UK believe it or not this is worth hundreds it is that good this is about the 10th time around and the sound of it just gets better the last 2 songs are for me as good as it gets limited instrumentation the sound of Morrison's voice and on the last song a flute(I think) drifting across to the right of the singer close to perfect
  2. Rod Stewart The Mekons You Wear it Well
  3. John Cale Buffalo Ballet The Walkabouts
  4. Rolling Stones Handsome Family Far Away Eyes
  5. Hank Williams You Win Again Rolling Stones
  6. Velvet Underground Pale Blue Eyes by Alejandro Escovedo
  7. From Sticky Fingers Sway Alejandro Escovedo
  8. I don't normally talk about stereo systems but I shut my my eyes for a few minutes and I could hear music comlng from the lamp and not the speaker long time since I just sat and listened to this record need to put down the distractions
  9. Just when I felt I had escaped the 60's Veedon Fleece arrived in the mail and now am dragged back to that other time and place the 70's "you can take all the tea in China put it in a big brown bag for me...... she's an angel of the first degree she's as sweet as Tupelo Honey" So hard to be a mucho man listening to this sort of "gooey" feelings desperate to fall in love sunny surf filled blissed out mortgage free days and Van Morrison Even the record cover with the country living pictures heaven
  10. Along with mellow yellow
  11. Joan Baez singing a country music song by the Carter Family The album is called Farewell Angelina an unrecorded song one by her boyfriend at the time And a beautiful version it is
  12. Every now and then I get so sick of politics Malcom Turnbulls patriot patriot patriot patriot..................appeal to the worst side of Australian bigotry is a new low i need a reboot so to speak as to the need to change so here I am listening to folkies from the 60's to now not all political but a lot of it This is Richard and Mimi Farina the woman in the middle is Mimi's sister Joan Baez Richard was seen as a writer to rival Dylan at the time but was killed in the 60's cant quite remember how but this is a great song off a box set of their records I bought recently Not really Country or Americana but probably would be seen that way if these records were released today
  13. Have a listen to Band of Joy Could be even better i can't make up my mind Band Of Joy has Buddy Miller and a group of musicians he put together and features Patty Griffin on some vocals Both great records
  14. and again Rod and the boys live from London's Kilburn State Theatre, 1974, where Stewart and his Faces group were joined on-stage by Rolling Stones stalwart Keith Richard. For the record, "Faces" consisted of Ron Wood (guitar) Ian McLaglan (keyboard), future Who member Kenney Jones (drums) and Tetsu Yamauchi (replacing Ronnie Lane on bass).
  15. truly wonderfull Live from Kilburn, Andy Newmark -drums; Willie Weeks-bass; Ian McLagan- keyboards, and of course ,ronnie ,keith and rod.....