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  1. Currently Spinning

    I saw that a few days ago and assumed it was a trippers record then I just noticed the name but couldn't remember where I knew it from so I googled it low and behold he was a country music writer and wrote the songTobacco Road which I remembered from the 60's or 70's never judge a book by its cover that could be the oddest record anyone has played here😀
  2. Currently Spinning

    Great song by Jackson Browne About death And a great record cover although my poor photography skills don't do it justice
  3. Currently Spinning

    Another song from the movie by the Byrds Here's a bit of useless information from some one with a head full of it Peter Fonda wanted Dylan to write the title track but Bob said no but wrote down the first couple of lines and told Fonda to give them to Roger McGuinn The song was originally credited to both of them but after Dylan saw the movie he told McGuinn to take his name off the song Didnt like the ending
  4. Currently Spinning

    A few hours of country rock n roll Anyone remember this movie l didn't like at the time But it was a cultural milestone and I do have an original poster from the picture theatre that I saw it in
  5. Aren't you allowed to vote?
  6. Currently Spinning

    I don't like the cd but I did like your story that went with
  7. Elvis Died 40years ago Today

    I have a few dozen songs but Long Black Limousine I like a lot would be near the top Tomorrow Is A Long Time is Bob Dylan's favourite cover version of one of his songs Suspicious Minds is just a great song even when other people do it Crawfish from the film King Creole Lots of em
  8. Saw this Spyboy tour in Brisbane Still best country music concert I have ever seen although Dave Rawlings runs it close
  9. Rodney Crowell has to be one of the best writers in country music since the 00's Always good but since the late 90's he has gotten better and better
  10. On the 31 first floor not even a gold plated door will keep out the Lords burning rain pretty much everything I believe in in a couple of lines who needs books or philosophical treatise Sin City written by Flying Burrito Brothers Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman from her 2nd record
  11. I've been reading about Elvis one thing leads to another Couple of beers and its crying time again Emmylou Harris very close to being the best country music singer of all time Thats a picture of a very young her and a very live Gram Parsons Sometimes I'd like to kick Gram Parsons if he was still alive not that I would in real life but a Totally stupid death and waste of a God given talent he had no right to waste Other times it's just depressing Anyone who hasn't herd Gram and Emmylou singing together hasn't really heard what 2 voices are capable of maybe The Everly Brothers or The Louvin Brothers almost forgot this song is from her first record and is about G P Id walk all the way from Birmingham to Boulder if I could see you one more time again
  12. Currently Spinning

    40 years dead i was 26 i remember where I was i was a long way from the hero worship I had for Elvis as a newly minted teenager but I never lost the affection I had for that that 1950's rock n roll god it wasn't till much later that I really understood just how great Elvis was or even that he invented the teenager nothing cheers me up as much as hearing one of these old songs on the radio or an ipod
  13. More great Americana Justin Townes Earle Son of Steve Earle and wearing the name his fathers mentor and hero Townes Van Zandt Headed for the upper echelons of the Americana Music Hall of Fame