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  1. Hi K3here, Ill take these off your hands if they're still available. PM Sent. Chris
  2. Thought so! I own a pair of these and were without a doubt the best improvement I made to my system. Fantastic speakers and work with all gemres of music.
  3. Forgive me if I'm wrong but onmy device these photos look like the walnut veneer not birch. Apologies if that's not the case.
  4. hi goldiver pm sent to purchase analysis plus oval digital cable. Chris
  5. Hi Scumbag, Ill take this if its still available Thanks Chris Williams
  6. Tubularbells - Where did you order your copy from?
  7. Absolute sound can be found on the www.nextnewsstand.com web link. Also very cheap (around USD$13) for an annual subscription. You'll also find hi fi + there, for around USD$12. They can be viewed on line or downloaded as a PDF
  8. I'm interested in purchasing. Pm sent
  9. After a little bit of investigation and speaking with someone who deals with Usher I am led to believe that they have not gone out of business (good news) but are currently in discussions with the Australian Distributor for continuing supply, so all is not completely lost at the moment. A reason that their usheraudio.com.tw site is not opening could be due to a relocation to bring all of their manufacturing back to Taiwan (I was not aware that production was done elsewhere), and a re-jigging of their strategy to concentrate more on the Asian market - so a revamped site was / is in order. Unfortunately this information was not obtained from a person working for Usher so I cannot verify this 100% but may give some clues to lack of stock in Aus and their site being down. Chris
  10. Hi JJ, Was at the Adelphi the other weekend (Roxy Disc house on the 3rd floor is a guilty...and expensive pleasure!). Always a good look around, but cant remember seeing any Usher gear in the stores. Yep - only the white screen of death on the Usher Taiwan site, and not listed on Westan anymore...now Im intrigued too! Chris
  11. Hi JJ, I have the exact speakers you are considering and could not want for a better all round speaker -they look and sound fantastic in my music room (although they are tall buggers). As for supply I suspect you've looked at the usual sites (cable connection, Carlton Audio visual etc - who still have them listed), and possibly called them, so best bet may be to contact the distributor direct (http://www.westan.com.au) - they were very helpful when I began my search for a pair a couple of years ago. For the record I purchased mine new through the Cable connection who also arranged for them to be shipped here to WA. The process was seamless. Chris
  12. Oh My Lord.....the lights in my house dimmed just looking at these Behemoths. Talk about making a statement. They look awsome
  13. Hi Rhingo. Not sure if you are aware but the link for the review is for the dialogue premium, not the prologue premium. Sure they both still sound great though.