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  1. A great buy to whoever got the lot (sam68?). . The P5 is a very nice sounding rig.
  2. Yep Bell Ringer - I found the slim devices thread on Spotty too, and that was the site i was referring too when I said it would be nice if someone could do a "plain english" set up procedure - they completely lose me when they start talking gateway numbers and pasting code throughout the 47 pages. I'm not computer illiterate, and can generally navigate my way through stuff like disabling my firewall on certain extensions etc. but this one has got me right at this moment. I'm very tempted to try the "walk away and leave it for a couple of days" approach. Sometimes for no logical reason that I can fathom, the SBT and associated LMS software can be temperamental. It will work one day, and not the next.
  3. Hi all, The Good News: I have managed to get spotty showing on the remote LMS on my desktop both as a plug-in and having the Spotty logo showing in the "My Apps" section - but again only on the Web remote control on my desktop. The Bad News: For whatever reason my squeezebox has now stopped talking to my LMS on the desktop. Im getting the "we couldnt connect to your PC" message on the SBT, and " the player was not found" message when I click on the "Player" tab on the LMS. Internet is connected (I can play the radio no probs through the SBT) and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the LMS last night. Grrrrrrr I shall keep persisting.......
  4. Apart from the message to discontinue the service to squeezebox ive been really happy with Spotify. The h-res stream sounds great on my system and i love the simplicity, setup and range of albums. Its worked fine all day today, and hopefully when they do "pull the plug" this spotty workaround will do just as good a job. Im with you Jakeyb - anyone who lets his wife get away with those god-awful "baby snaps" wont get my money!
  5. Thanks Desap - I understand now - when I go into advanced settings tab of the LMS it is advising me that there is an updated version of the LMS to install. I wont hit the "update" button just yet either - and i notice that when i go in "web remote control" function (also in the advanced settings tab of the LMS) and look at the active plug-ins, spotty is not showing there....yet. While Spotify is still working on my squeezebox Ill leave things be.
  6. I did find that slim devices forum link but I found it really hard to navigate and understand. The hyperlink in the slim devices forum opens a section in the GitHub site called "Librespot" but I'm not sure what to do from there. I could not see any clear link to a "plugins" section, and infortunatly the computer speak comments back in the slim devices forum were no help in my limited knowledge there. It would be great if the developer would do a step by step installation process manual or a YouTube clip showing how to install.
  7. Thanks Krebetman. Haven't heard of Spotty. Is that accessible on the squeezebox device or will it need to be downloaded from the "mysqeezebox.com" site?
  8. Have to say that that was also my first thought, but I do listen to the premium service on other devices so will probably keep it, but disappointing if this is the case as it was my primary source for listening to it. I was wondering how this will happen - will it simply disappear on the next squeezebox update? - not even sure if updates on the SBT still occur.
  9. Hi all i received an email this morning from spotify stating that they will be discontinuing using their service from my "squeezebox speaker". having done a quick google search I couldn't see any specific product called a squeezebox speaker so I can only assume this means squeezebox devices, such as the touch I really hope this is not the case did anyone else get this email from spotify?
  10. Hi K3here, Ill take these off your hands if they're still available. PM Sent. Chris
  11. Thought so! I own a pair of these and were without a doubt the best improvement I made to my system. Fantastic speakers and work with all gemres of music.
  12. Forgive me if I'm wrong but onmy device these photos look like the walnut veneer not birch. Apologies if that's not the case.
  13. hi goldiver pm sent to purchase analysis plus oval digital cable. Chris
  14. Hi Scumbag, Ill take this if its still available Thanks Chris Williams