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  1. My local Coles plays a single stereo channel through their mono PA system. Always a smirk when "Coles Radio" plays a mid period Beatles track. Will it be vocal only or an instrumental? Though I must admit to pulling out the phone and using TrackID on something that has piqued my interest.
  2. Are you going to the Perth show? The only standing room here is off the side in "The Shed", though were only $72. I'm really just going as part of my list tick off of the great rock artists, I'm not expecting a 75 year to be top of vocal form ;-) Seems the scalpers got in while hardly anyone knew about the pre-pre-sale..... http://themusic.com.au/news/all/2017/06/28/fyi-paul-mccartney-tix-are-already-on-sale-and-scalpers-are-going-to-town/
  3. I got the "cheap" seats at $123. Was in early so only 2 rows back from the $175 seats so pretty happy. Actually pretty stocked about finding this pre-sale as it will sell out very quickly next week.
  4. I definately am. Was just given the heads up of a pre-pre-sale. Still on. Get cracking. http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/event/130052D5A1A2305C?did=paul other states than WA, click on the tab by the concert you want: https://www.paulmccartney.com/live password PAUL1ON1ANZ
  5. Extremes. Jazz I love it. Anyhoo, I recommend hunting down one of those 1000 represses of The Washington Suite. Cool as feck.
  6. I bought this at JB HiFi a few months ago out of one of their discount crates, less another 20%. Tonight is my wife free night so I decided to open the shrink wrap. Pretty extreme isn't it? Wife comes home while the last 5 minutes is playing. Commented as expected, "WTF is this sh1t?".
  7. I saw this on vinyl in my local yesterday. Intrigued to have a listen, though I'm not really into buying compilations. Enjoyed it. http://www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk/various-artists-spiritual-jazz-7-islam
  8. Sold to Ben Gibbard? “Bandwagonesque is my favorite record by my favorite band of all time. It came along at a pivotal time in my musical life and I’ve loved it for over 25 years." - Ben Gibbard http://pitchfork.com/news/70413-death-cab-for-cuties-ben-gibbard-announces-teenage-fanclub-covers-album/ Count me in as another member of the Teenage Fanclub fanclub.
  9. Just in case anyone is interested, this Chick Corea vinyl re-issue is also currently on the shelf in Dada, Perth. $30 is a good price and saves any shipping costs and drama. https://www.ecmrecords.com/catalogue/143038750624/crystal-silence-gary-burton-chick-corea
  10. Picked up this vinyl reissue from Dada records in Perth during the week, $30, sounds superb. Rob from the store says he now has a supplier so hopefully will get more ECM in store. https://www.discogs.com/Ralph-Towner-Solstice/release/10135699
  11. Taking these for test drive this time around
  12. Arrgh, Sweet Little Hifi is no longer doing sleeves etc. Need to fish through this thread to find a new supplier. I was so happy with the reliability of their product, size & quality wise.
  13. Aha, so Valvemark did once use nice looking cases! My Valvemark SET amp sounds superb but is housed in what looks like something found in the junk room of an old Telecom exchange. I have some vague plans to build a similar case as yours and re-house my amp. Best of both worlds then. GLWTS
  14. Does it happen to anyone else, that when the links to ebay.com.au are clicked, you end up on ebay.com, the USA site? Seems odd and always happens to me (using Chrome). Can make things a bit confusing currency wise etc..