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  1. 12ax7 so plenty of new production choice at least. My start point for guitar and hifi amp valves is www.evatco.com.au always helpful. Although I have an EAR clone, the is some useful discussion in this thread
  2. I listened to it last night, higher end 1999 downtempo/trip hop, enjoyable listen with lashings of bass to put a smile on my face Enough interesting bits to have you running back to the room if you leave it on in the background. Just looking back at the haul, I was surprised how much downtempo/trip hop/bass heavy stuff I grabbed. I think at the time it was released I enjoyed it, but it was kind of all around played by my friends and the kool kids at cafes, JJJ etc. Now I'm getting back into it, as if the first time, with a decent hifi set up that can handle the low end.
  3. Yesterday's charity store haul. For listening, the car or "mates trade pool". All for $36. Any duds considered a donation 😆
  4. Would there be any interest in an SNA Car Boot Sale in Perth? I keep looking at a couple of crates of vinyl that I have and would like to sell, but I keep on resisting putting them on the SNA classifieds because I'm lazy and the effort involved posting or scheduling pickups isnt really worth it to me. I had thought about taking them to record fair but just two crates at reasonable prices would be out of place. So I thought about a car boot sale arrangement for people to flick through and buy at will after inspection. Then the idea snowballed to why not get others to bring their surplus CDs & vinyl, equipment and accessories, all those small low value items just collecting dust. The more the merrier. Would look for a quiet public car park (inner northern suburbs) on a Sunday morning and go from there. Of course we can make an SNA donation for what we sell. Any interest? If so be vocal here and I will make it happen.
  5. There is already a dedicated thread for the Polish US cleaner. I have one myself. Owen actually split this thread on DIY from there.
  6. Lists, we love & hate them, but when it's about jazz drumming I have to pay attention. It's one of the main things that attracts me to jazz. Hell, I bought a drum kit this year just to try and capture 1% myself the joy I get from listening to these guys. No "Spectrum" by Billy Cobham on the list hmmm. Listening to Jack De Jonnette as I type.... https://www.moderndrummer.com/article/october-2017-50-crucial-jazz-drumming-recordings/
  7. Talking .....Paul Kelly

    I'm on a bit of a Paul Kelly thing at the moment. I picked up his "How To Make Gravy" memoir a few weeks ago, great read. Nice $5, signed hardcopy at the second hand book fair ;-) Sometimes I take for granted what a talented national treasure he is.
  8. Talking .....Paul Kelly

    While riding high on his new album, it's been announced that Paul Kelly's back catalog will be re-issued on vinyl over the next year. Great news for people like me who are after the hard to get and overpriced originals second hand. Plus many that never saw a vinyl issue. More details here about the re-issue and the subscription/club to get them cheaper and earlier: https://www.paulkelly.com.au/record-club/ ** WARNING - contains excessive use of "vinyls" as the plural of vinyl **
  9. Yes, I was thinking the same thing here, being an avid RTRFM listener and donor. I assume there are fees to be involved in the survey and some stations on a shoestring budget dont see it as worthwhile.
  10. Yes, this is the golden age for buying CDs second hand. Like the mid nineties were for vinyl, but the good stuff was still in the $5 bin back then. The downside is that there are a lot of CD collections going to landfill, as some people cant be bothered a trip to the charity store or Crime Convertors. Plus, I think even cashies aren't interested in CDs any more due to low profits and a lack of general consumer interest. My music loving mates & I just load up on anything good when we see it and either keep it or give it to another who may want it. Good times! This weeks $2 digital purchases at the UWA book sale.... For me Supergrass - Best 94 to 04 Vetiver - S/T John Butler Trio - Grand National Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork Eric Clapton & BB KIng - Riding with the KIng For the "mates trading pool" Eric Clapton & BB KIng - Riding with the KIng :-) Radiohead - OK Computer Massive Attack - Mezzanine
  11. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Oh that's too funny a coincidence 😁
  12. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Yeah I've reached some points during my "Jazz Odyssey" where I've stopped and thought that I have reach my limits of appreciation and backed away. John Coltrane's "Ascension" was the last one.
  13. Lotto win amp purchase

    Oh this would do me just fine. Actually I could buy them now, but a Lotto win would remove my self restraint http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/126538-custom-weston-acoustics-rare-black-matching-touchstone-pre-amplifier-and-time-machine-300b-tube-mono-blocks/?tab=comments#comment-1895130