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  1. I saw this on vinyl in my local yesterday. Intrigued to have a listen, though I'm not really into buying compilations. Enjoyed it. http://www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk/various-artists-spiritual-jazz-7-islam
  2. Sold to Ben Gibbard? “Bandwagonesque is my favorite record by my favorite band of all time. It came along at a pivotal time in my musical life and I’ve loved it for over 25 years." - Ben Gibbard http://pitchfork.com/news/70413-death-cab-for-cuties-ben-gibbard-announces-teenage-fanclub-covers-album/ Count me in as another member of the Teenage Fanclub fanclub.
  3. Just in case anyone is interested, this Chick Corea vinyl re-issue is also currently on the shelf in Dada, Perth. $30 is a good price and saves any shipping costs and drama. https://www.ecmrecords.com/catalogue/143038750624/crystal-silence-gary-burton-chick-corea
  4. Picked up this vinyl reissue from Dada records in Perth during the week, $30, sounds superb. Rob from the store says he now has a supplier so hopefully will get more ECM in store. https://www.discogs.com/Ralph-Towner-Solstice/release/10135699
  5. Taking these for test drive this time around
  6. Arrgh, Sweet Little Hifi is no longer doing sleeves etc. Need to fish through this thread to find a new supplier. I was so happy with the reliability of their product, size & quality wise.
  7. Aha, so Valvemark did once use nice looking cases! My Valvemark SET amp sounds superb but is housed in what looks like something found in the junk room of an old Telecom exchange. I have some vague plans to build a similar case as yours and re-house my amp. Best of both worlds then. GLWTS
  8. Does it happen to anyone else, that when the links to ebay.com.au are clicked, you end up on ebay.com, the USA site? Seems odd and always happens to me (using Chrome). Can make things a bit confusing currency wise etc..
  9. I bought the cart from a place in the UK that does mods on Audio Technica LP5 turntable. I'm not sure you can actually buy it as a unit retail. But you can buy the stylus separately from a number of sources and just put it on the standard bargain AT95E body. https://www.thakker.eu/en/replacement-stylus/audio-technica-atn-95-ex-stylus-for-at-95-ex-genuine-stylus/a-8870/
  10. I'm out and about at the moment, will get back to you all later in the arvo. Thanks!
  11. Just a bump to gives this it's moment in the sun at the top of the new posts list Am I right in observing that under the new classifieds authorisation process, that if say it takes 6 hours to be approved, then the posts first visiblity is as queued back as 6 hours old?
  12. After finally making some crates up, I cant get a table I have put the best condition vinyl from the crates up in a classified advertisement (to be approved by mods).
  13. Location: Perth - Inner northern suburbs Price: Various see list Item Condition: Near Mint Reason for selling: Finally made up some crates for a record fair, then couldn't get a table! This is stuff I either have duplicates of, or I cant see myself listening to again. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal Extra Info: These are the cream of the crate condition wise. Have been stored in protective sleeves and have no ringwear or worn corners (unless stated). All the vinyl is as near mint as it gets. I would prefer local pick-up or multiple purchases, so I'll wait and see the interest I get before confirming sale. I will do postage at cost (preferring as few parcels as possible). So will charge $10-20 etc initially and give a credit back for any overcharge. Photos show the 3x VG Covers and the NM Tears for Fears as an example. Artist Album Price Country Serial# Cover Vinyl Other Notes Alan Parsons Project Ammonia Avenue $10 Aust RML 53118 NM NM Printed Inner & Insert Cheap Trick Dream Police $10 Aust ELPS 3975 NM NM Gatefold & Printed inner China Crisis Flaunt the Imperfection $10 Aust V2342 NM NM Printed Inner Original price sticker on rear Cold Chisel Swingshift $20 Aust 800003 VG+ NM Printed Inners Double LP, minor wear on one cover corner Daddy Cool Daddy's Coolest $10 Aust WIZ.1002 NM NM Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits Vol 2 $5 Aust FS 1032 NM NM Original price sticker on front Heart Little Queen $8 Aust PR 33004 NM NM Printed Inner Original price sticker on front Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn $10 Aust THS 7 NM NM Gatefold Moody Blues Long Distance Voyager $10 Aust TXS139 NM NM Gatefold Morrissey Years of Refusal $25 EU SKL6014 / 4781581 NM NM Printed Inner Rare, as new Moving Pictures Days of Innocence $8 Aust WBEX.1005 NM NM Insert Paul Mc Cartney McCartney II $10 Aust PCTC.258 NM NM Gatefold & Printed inner Richard Clapton The Very Best of $10 Aust L37674 NM NM Original price sticker on front Tears fo Fears Songs from the Big Chair $10 Aust 824 300-1 NM NM Insert Original price sticker on rear The Eagles One of These Nights $10 Aust 7E-1039 VG NM Printed Inner Wear cover top corners. The Sugercubes Life's Too Good $15 UK tplp5 VG NM Printed Inner 2cm sleeve split
  14. The ultrasonic machine appears to have some success at removing the residue from "Outer Cover PVC Outgassing" damage. Previously nothing I had tried had removed the whooshing sound this causes. It was a very light case, but made a world of difference to the intro to "Private Investigations" on an otherwise minty copy of Love Over Gold. PVC Outgassing looks like this worst case, sounds like whoosh, whoosh.