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  1. How much for a set of the spacers? The gherkin jar lids on my Polski USM are killing me! Agreed that the labels don't need protecting, the film of cleaning fluid doesn't run or drip on to the labels. I run with the labels about 8mm above the bath fluid level. Actually I haven't wet a label since I graduated from cleaning records over the kitchen sink.
  2. I've been "fine tuning" my technique with the Polski unit and getting some great results. Particularly on some less than well treated 1960s & 70s second hand vinyl. Some points further on from my last post: - Still need to replace those gherkin jar lids, if they clatter on the tiles on more time I tells ya....... - Reduced the number of records in the bath down from 7 to 4. Gives much more space between the surfaces to be cleaned, seems to get better results on a 7 minute pass (timer maxed at 420 seconds). - Against convention I am reusing the bath water/cleaning fluid over many multiple sessions. Dumping 4 litres of distilled water regularly seems wasteful, considering the records are visually clean to start with and will be vacuumed afterwards. - For the cleaning fluid I'm using distilled water with enough Finish Rinse Aid (as surfactant) to just cover the base of the bath. - Once ultrasonically cleaned, I lightly wipe down with micro fibre cloths leaving them damp, before immediately cleaning them with the usual fluid (distilled water, isopropyl alcohol & rinse-aid) and vacuuming. - Still totally dubious about air drying after the ultrasonic cleaning. Even with the purest fluid, I cant see that dislodging dirt from the grooves and then potentially letting it dry on the surface of the record is worth risking. - I know this process seems convoluted, but really only adds the ultrasonic process to what I normally do with the vacuum & pre-clean if the vinyl is really covered in shite. - As always, remember that NOTHING can fix or clean away scratches, groove wear or a bad pressing
  3. Ha ha, but so true Haven't read the whole thread but one thing that has propelled my own Jazz Odyssey, is that most jazz albums credit the players/sidemen boldly on the cover. If you like the album you remember those names and take notice when you see other things they play on or are the leader of. As mentioned before in thread, take a style of music or instrument that you like and then work back to a root in jazz. Very limited biased examples: Guitars - Kenny Burrell "Midnight Blue", Piano - Herbie Hancock "Maiden Voyage", Drums - Art Blakey "Moanin", Swingin Up-Tempo - Lee Morgan "The Sidewinder", Cool & Moody - Cannonball Adderley -"Something Else" etc etc.
  4. I do enjoy following these intertwined jazz vines. I bought this album because Billy Cobham and Joe Henderson play on it. Then a bit of quick research informs me that Richard Davis had bass duties on Eric Dolphy's "Out to Lunch", Andrew Hill's "Point of Departure" and Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks". ASTRAL freakn WEEKS! And...... "Meeting Across the River" on Springsteen's "Born to Run", which is probably the first jazzy thing that I really appreciated when I was still a teenager PS I just scanned through his credits on Discogs, I already own 9 albums he played on. The education continues and never ends.
  5. If anyone is considering the Perth show. Lasttix is doing it for $40. https://lasttix.com.au/buy-discount-tickets-living-colour
  6. Richard Davis - Fancy Free. Picked up second hand cold as Billy Cobham is on it. Drum and bass monster!
  7. Great album. Looking forward to this tribute show in Perth next week. These guys have the chops. http://www.ellingtonjazz.com.au/event/mingus-monk-and-mayhem-with-mi7/
  8. So it is basically these existing sites with a "social media" upgrade? https://www.vinylengine.com https://www.hifiengine.com
  9. What's it all about, Alfie?
  10. Man, this thread drives me to drink
  11. You are right, 6 & 7 year olds are much more open to sounds. Next......
  12. Wife away again. "Kids do you want to hear some really crazy jazz?", "Yeah!", "Right then".
  13. The photo function wasn't working for me either, so knowing others had problems I just used the Windows Snipping Tool to copy from the screen.
  14. PS last week I did order the last ATN150mlx in captivity at a semi reasonable price. So will be interesting to get that under the microscope for reference. I'm starting to think that my existing ATN150mlx (pictured above) is OK and I'll give it another test run.
  15. Foo Fighters. Friends, family and millions round the world love them, but they leave me cold. It's as if they have the ingredients for the great rock band checked off, but one ingredient has been forgotten or is unobtainable. Or maybe it's because it sounds like rock by numbers/recipe, that I don't get it.