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  1. Yup totally agree mate. People usually think of PIO as dark and colored. Personally I find the KY's al foils to be exactly as you described very neutral And often (even after years) hold up well with tight tolerance, great for EQ.. Totally clean, detailed but don't seem to push into harshness. Love em! K75 I found different, more on the warm colored side which has its charm I suppose but probably better in guitar and effects circuits than hifi.
  2. Nice work mate! No better value caps for audio signal than the little ruskie NOS mils PIO In my opinion- 30-40c each if you look around awesome value.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well you're almost made the design just need to get those gerbers rolling and turn it from the desktop to hardware Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi mate Yup. Roger it's yours mate sent PM
  5. Goldnote Valore Plus Turntable Location: Lower North Shore, Sydney Price: $1,100 (RRP: $2395) Condition: Excellent (9 months old) Description: For sale goldnote turntable in excellent condition as new only 9 months old. Cartridge not including. Have the original box to ensure safe shipping and also manual. Any questions drop me a line. Payment: PayPal (add 3%) bank deposit, cash on pickup Postage: Approx $30, pm me for exact figure.
  6. +1 good work 125dBmonster love the compact layout very clean
  7. Cheers bud appreciated happy with the result as much work as it was glad I stuck with it My OCD did hamper the progress [emoji23]
  8. Thanks shaky appreciated mate. Yeh it's wood veneer, macassar ebony on ply in gloss. Phono is lined with 0.8mm copper sheeting same as PSU.
  9. Nice love the design looks very clean! Thumbs up
  10. Just finished phono amplifier with regulated power supply. From design of PCB's, faceplates and enclosure till now it's been around 6 month journey. Dual liner PSU running 25/12v 100VA, giving the phono abit more juice as its passive EQ. EQ is duelund, Jensen and Jupiter caps, output is audyn tuned for 25k input, 23 loading and 24 gain settings via rotary.. If i never have to solder a rotary again I won't lose any sleep [emoji4] I say never again, but well I know that will last all of 24hrs!
  11. Sold pending payment Sent from my 486 IBM WIN 3.1x Desktop...
  12. Yes mate passive, got a crown amp 4 sale also that would suit them well Cheers
  13. Haha, that's why I had a few months away, too much temptation Prefer not too, but if no bites in next week I'll probably just sell drivers, dam great woofers but got too many projects piled up at the moment to keep them for rainy day
  14. 450w Pure class A [emoji50][emoji50][emoji50] Well on the bright side you won't need a heater this winter!
  15. Good point db, eluded to similar above, if you can get hold of some info and see what rails / bias is at. I highly doubt it's anything to do with mains and decent tranny made for 230/240 amp is going to handle mains power of 247 to 250, unless it's a cheap grey market 220v box. Which in this case it's not.