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  1. It did happen, however, it went missing and undelivered. So he sent the replacement. To get the same tweak, he must reorder parts, means longer waiting period..... To shorten the waiting time, I have requested him to send the standard deluxe. Afterall, it was already 8-weeks behind..., from the time it was sent to the replacement is sent.
  2. Interesting! I too have had this issue lost in transit. However, after 4-weeks of waiting, he sent me another one. The replacement did make it to shore. Can you facebook messenger him? You get better/prompt response via that channel. Differences between Deluxe vs standard were posted sometime back, I think.
  3. So it was.....! Too late for me now.., however, I have expressed my interest with the Lyra Cart if it is for sale?
  4. Goshhh.., Where were these when I was looking into TT few days ago? They will go well with my Audia Fight Phono...! Tempting...!
  5. I take the lot, if you're willing to post em to Perth.
  6. Item: 12AT7/ECC81 DYNASCAN Location: Perth Price: $80 Item Condition:used, in great working condition. Reason for selling: Surplus, No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Tested and working... These are NOS when I bought them. Pictures:
  7. Item: EAT ECC803S matched Location:Perth Price: $OLD Item Condition: Preowned but New. Reason for selling: Surplus, no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these sometime ago with a plan to use them. However the plan was never eventuate...! More infor here; Pictures:
  8. Item: KT-88 Electron (12 tubes) Location: Perth Price: $OLD Item Condition:Used, in great working condition. Reason for selling: Surplus, Sold my Amps and no longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These came with my Carvers Cherries, however, they were hardly used as the amps were replaced by Genelex Gold. No original packaging. I can bubble wrap for postage. Pictures:
  9. Many thanks Gents! I have narrowed down to two most affordable ones, apparently it can cost up to $400 each!! Any other recommendations would be great! Btw - I found the Denon DL-103 a little bit bland to my taste. Had previously tried the koetsu cart with Consonance and liked the tonality of this cart much! Others recommended the Lyra, which is $7k to $9k..., . Rocky500 in the above said Dynavector, which is more affordable, I guess?! So many choices..., and I thought Digital was complicated enough?!!
  10. Finally have the chance to set it up...! I must admit, the new gears are matching the existing very well despite the differences between the two domains. Digital vs Analogue...! Love the real kick for bass, much more realism than my digital rig, hence more to lives... I think I could live with this...!!!
  11. Fantastic! I am truly happy for you, that you're satisfied with your setup at $500. Often, most audiophiles can't and couldn't...., when they were able to have the opportunity to hear better SQ performer(s) server(s) there are. FYI - We as the group, previously, ventured into every possibility there is, no matter how minor despited the cost/resources to yield the highest possible SQ. Those including building a complete new audio OS for specific audio player with minimal processors under operating...! All sort of software(s), hardwares, tweaks, power supplies, and too many gtg for overall feedbacks/findings for future SQ improvements....! Well - how long is a piece of string..., as long as your happy with your setup and with what your hearing, that really is all it matters.
  12. Whooohooooo! You know, I have been on the watchout for it, in the classified. I need it to once again, name and shame W20. That is my only last missing piece of puzzle, in my defence for W20. Thank You Kindly @thewaves - I will be over the moon for the loan. Happy to pay back with level of efforts for your server building/assembling... Edit: Opppss...! Your W20 is also on its way...!
  13. I have been put together Computer servers, from $1.5k to $2.5k, they sound pretty satisfactory for/to the owners. Note - The most expensive items, which can not be replace are; 2TB SSD, decent LPSU. The rests you can substitute to more affordable without too much compromise on the SQ. Unless you are like Tasso, everything even a sign of movement from the artist, breathing, and tiny little ambiance noises, must be heard through the speakers..., then his $10k receipt will no doubt is there.... The followings can be replaced; 1. USB Card: The Sotm card or its clocks, that alone is $800 - $900 pending exchange rates. It can be replace by the Shaar Deluxe, and is sufficient for $300 delivered. 2. Power supply to USB Card: Sala Shunt 5vdc is more than adequate to power the usb card, which is less than $200 to build. 3. Main DC power: Though I recommended the stock JS-2 as absolute minimal, if one can afford them. There are also other alternative which does not compromise much pending your downstream setup. If your setup is not $250,000.00 rrp like Tasso's, You will most definitely not heard any differences....... Hope it helps...
  14. Thanks @robbee I know Mr Kenrock quiet well, from my photography bobby/practice. He seems to know most things, does not he? However, I found the guy is with full of generalisations....., non specific nor truly in depth for/in any topic he posted online. The kind of information for secondary level, with their home-works. How much does he know about Computer Audio or digital media...!