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  1. OMG.... The Turntable I have always been dreaming...., is finally here on SNA. Gotta search for the disposal cash somewhere......, quick.
  2. No comment for LP/TT. As for digital only: We get all sort of different opinions what betters... That is the uniqueness of this hobby. One must understand what they can appreciate...., Perhaps one should question himself the inadequacy of a particular setup or the limited exposure to a better format? edit: Never ever assume the rest of the World is stagnated simply because his was or is...! Preconceived mind is a close mind...., hence no positive progress/outcome....
  3. Hi Edd, Not sure to tell you the truth. No point/values for me to go on upsetting about this. It is what it is - I have paid approx $200 for caps replacement from Mouser, $100 for the tonearm wiring (Audionote pure silver wiring), and $300 for the new external LPSU. Have been very busy with day job so no time for hifi. I hope this weekend allows me to finish a CA server for a mate over East and then working on the TT. Will see how things are panning out.
  4. Update: I have ordered parts for my TT restoration. AudioNote pure silver tonearm wiring, all caps replacement and a new external power supply vdc to mitigate internal emf, rfi, and inadequate internal psu. Hopefully I get this done this long weekend. So a gtg for the Vinyl geeks is on the horizon guys...
  5. Aurender W20 has the capability of dual AES/EBU direct to dCS DAC. This is my first hand experience with such technology. Note - it can only be using with dCS DAC, a mega $$$ DAC and way out of my league (despite I owned $25k DC-950) or majority audiophiles' budget. It was evident that dual cables, one on each channel, via AES/EBU sounded amazing...! Mutec did not have that capability, a dual AES output..., and even if it has, I don't have dCs DAC to experiment.... A single AES appeared to perform poorer than USB, from my setup that was.... Worth noting - we did not have the opportunity to side by side compare to my DIY server.... While dual AES/EBU appeared on another league compare to W20 own USB output, we don't know for sure if it is actually better than DIY server or its USB was simply inadequate! As always.... Tasso tried hard to find himself in the central of the attention...., at a gtg!
  6. I had the opportunity listen to Aurender W20 today. The unit is built rigid and weighty. I must admit online photographers don't do it any justice. What amazed me were the dual AES output capability...., where it matched well with dCs DAC input... And this combo did slap me in the face with jaw dropping amazement... sighhh.... lets get back to the drawing board!
  7. If I am not mistaken - they are already going to a new home.
  8. @acgIs spot on about KS for Windows...Respects! @realysm42I have tried Windows Server 2016 without any anticipation it is better. It is a paranoid habit of mine, kept looking for improvement for SQ. Many thanks to one SNAer in NSW, who sent me the Windows Server 2016, AO, HQ-Player, and other tools for me to experiment.... After the trial - I quickly abandoned my Linux, Snakeoil. Anyway - cutting story shot - Yes AO 2.20 beta5 is wonderfull... You now can do roon, hq-player in core mode where it was not possible. shoot me a pm if you need my input?
  9. @rmpfyfTalks are cheap! Proof it. I offer you the opportunity to realistically show me what your capable. Alternative - will you provide me the same offer..? I will certain to fly over at a weekend conveniences to you.
  10. You are not the only Engineer here. I am too. What gives you the assumptions your superior then the rest? edit: furthermore I dislike the B!tching sh!ts to promote self brain power... use the ears for God Sake.... it audio not computer hardware assembly!
  11. This is where I refrain myself from engaging... Those are my findings and take it if you like or dismiss it should you must...! Nevertheless - Here is my offer for you! How is about you bring your Linux server to W.A for a weekend trip? I will provide the transportation and free Accomodation with city backdrop view from your private balcony and we'll get this clear out by the ears and NOT from your desktop analysis....
  12. Worth noting Linux is great for SQ as it is bare minimal OS. BUT the set back is USB driver..., happens to be none specific to Audio DAC excepts a Standardised universial USB 2.0..... If your DAC is coming with a windows driver means it is specially tailor to yield best SQ from the DAC via USB protocol on windows platform. Again - pending on how resolving a down-stream setup can be, the effectiveness of audible SQ can be varied. I have since stepped step away from Linux and now using Windows Server 2016 in core mode with the correct and provided driver from DAC munafuature. With minimal tweaking..., it is already beyond what could achieved from Linux with on going tweaks..... The result was evidently at my public gtg. So there is no one cup fits all....
  13. Hahaha..... Still tossing between Accuphase C3850, Gryphon Pandora, Vitus SL102/3, or staying as is......
  14. EOI Guys....! My Vitus Preamps is seeking for a good home/master..... Please pm me if we could coming into a handover deal?!!
  15. Mate!! See what you've done to my head?! I have the price in USD.