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  1. Forum Software Has Been Updated

    I would probably prefer a thumbs up over a love heart when liking a post too....... Not that there is anything wrong with love hearts.
  2. Forum Software Has Been Updated

    The latest posts under the 'topics' column on right side of page was pretty good. I'm not seeing it now
  3. Nice Van Den Hul's with ProAV connectors too Anyways GLWS, they are very good stands
  4. Network player or not?

    SMS 200, Microrendu, aries, Cambridge cxn, modified sonos connect etc are all significant upgrades over a pc. Like on the other post, yes the SMS can function as you are using it but that is not its ideal configuration. Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
  5. Focal Arias

    Great advice Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
  6. Music Server question

    Yep the WiFi dongle and USB stick is meant to be the worst configuration for the SMS. As suggested a powered hdd or better yet a NAS/server/pc for your files. If getting a cat5/6 cable from your router isn't going to happen then maybe a ethernet over power line system could improve things. They aren't very expensive. As suggested above a better psu will help a lot too The SMS 200 is more of a dedicated audio device so like you said the clocking, isolation etc will be an improvement over the pi Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
  7. In Sydney Lifestyle Store Eastwood HIFI Audio Connection Sydney HIFI Len Wallis Apollo HIFI Pacific HIFI Instyle HIFI Krispy Audio Audio solutions Addicted to audio Quality HIFI Pymble HIFI All have some good gear and good staff. Some have more or bigger/dedicated listening rooms than others. Best to just listen and try to find the salesperson that suits you best. I'd prob recommend the ones in bold above to be the go to stores but all are pretty good. Lifestyle, Eastwood and Apollo probably best in that price range but it's nice to see what is out there
  8. Leon The Professional

    Great movie Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
  9. Any help with why my pic is so compressed would be good too
  10. Yesterday on the new bike in NSW mid north coast. The best riding in this area, and yep bike is registered etc I just remove the plate due to destroying too many on bush trails. Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
  11. help connecting a sub to a 2 ch amp

    If rca is the only input there is one product that I know of that will work. In most car audio shops (I know lifestyle store in Parramatta has them) there is a product that you wire into your speaker terminals and it will output an rca for your sub. Pretty cheap from memory maybe $50 max. I don't know what they are called but car audio guys will know what you're on about.
  12. Devialet

    Roon has just been announced for all experts Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk
  13. Esoteric v Accuphase

    It might be worth looking at plinius too. Both the sa 103 and sa ref can be forced to stay in class a but offer a/b if wanted. They are only power amps though Sent from my JAZZ using Tapatalk