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  1. I really should have taken a photo, but by crescent, I meant the supporting bit of metal than lifts the arm. Mine definitely hangs down because of the slop in the lenco lifter mechanism. Tilting of the counterweight to adjust azimuth (as in the video) didn't affect mine but it could improve yours (hopefully).
  2. Kia Stinger

    The "in-joke" among SA vehicle manufacturers was that the Mitsubishi 380 had cup holders that actually were specifically designed to fit a farmers union Iced coffee cartons. Aussie designed features in an Aussie built car for Aussie tough conditions.
  3. I have the same problem with the slight outward movement during lowering too. Manual cueing after the first sip of wine for the evening and all is fixed. I thought the reason fr mine was because I utilise the stock Lenco lifter (Mainly for looks) and it has the following 2 things going against it.. a) The lifter crescent itself is chrome so is slippery, and b) The lifter crescent tilts down a bit so it is a slippery slope for the arm wand to sit on that has a height offset from the pivot therfore it could want to tilt the azimuth a bit outward, ths initiating the slip down my slippery slope. I am going to implement a grippier surface to the lifter crescent (maybe some grippy sponge rubber strip) and see. I dare say your Wand Master lifter has the grippy stuff already? Does the crescent sit horizontally? I had the feeling that @SETfan has the same problem with his 9" arm which I thought could be something else, but now Ive got the problem in my latest table incarnation too.
  4. Kia Stinger

    I wonder if the Kia has cup holders big enough for Farmer's Union Iced coffee cartons.... SA vehicle manufacturers' In-Joke.
  5. Kia Stinger

    Umm.... The M140i for fun and the R for resale.
  6. Kia Stinger

    A tad heavier than I'd want but it certainly looks good. In the end, whether a car like this really can really excite me would depend on how all of the subtle details of all of the vehicle elements come together. Everything from turn-in response, through ergonomics, and even how the seat adjuster sounds (for example) come together as an ownership experience rather than specs on paper. 10 years ago, Hyundai / Kia spent years trying to get a power steering pump as quiet as a Japanese KYB but couldn't do it. I dare say things have changed since and I can't wait to drive a Stinger. If I hear a noisy fuel pump, or a thrummy torque converter lockup however, I'm outa there!
  7. The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Install them just like shoving a cutlery drawer hard up against a plate of spaghetti in through the back of the speaker.... Easy!
  8. I just got this thing sounding great as a combo it'll be a pity to wreck it. Price drop and I'll ship for 900 plus shipping. If I don't get that in week or so, I'll turn the really good motor and idler into a Ptp 6 monster and sell the plinth off and the arm in British eBay pounds sterling
  9. Greetings from Radelaide!

    I don't play brass but my son is starting to play with a few young talented brass players through the Southern Jazz Club. One of my favourite Adelaide brass players at the moment is a Trombone player called Tom Voss. My son isn't playing with him but wow, what a clear smooth and creative T player.
  10. It might be one for another thread, but Im lucky in that I only need to remove 1 of my 2 mats and it approximates the 'running' arm angle for most of my records. One positive though, I've been getting better tracking over warped records, maybe due to the slight increase in restoring force as the warp tries to throw the arm up. Also, I've found the fixed cart mounting face of the wand is not co-linear with the arm axis. This means to get the actual VTA right on my At33ptgii, the arm angle is about 2 degrees below horizontal. Of course, this might not be relevant to others' carts, an in fact this characteristic of wand might not be a negative at all. I'm quite happy. Back to what's important, how will the Thunder sound?
  11. Nice writeup. Have you or any other wand user noticed the actual wand angle affects the vtf quite significantly? Of course, one would get the scale's weighing surface as close as possible to the record height, but with my 9" wand, I have noticed that when I simulate a thicker record, the vtf goes up by 0.2 or more grams. My guess it's down to the counterbalance-pivot geometry, and the fact that the counterbalance almost envelops the pivot. I once rushed a setup without removing 1 of my platter mats... Vtf at the record playing height was out by a whole wack as a result, moreso than with a conventional arm.
  12. All a bit late but I have had no problems with Spotty. I just a) opened the server page on the device it is running on, b)went to Settings (bottom right), c) pressed on the plugins tab, d)removed all existing spotify plugins and helpers from the "active plugins list", e) checked the Spotty plugin in the inactive/3rd party plugins list f) pressed "Apply" (bottom right) and waited for the server to restart, g) opened the plugins tab again and clicked on the "setting" word over on the right for the Spotty plugin (which should now be under active plugins) and put in my Spotify username and password. h) pressed apply or save or whatever it has on the page to activate the account..cant remember i) Went to my device (in my case an SBT controlled by Squeezecomander, and found the Spotty app where the old offical spotify used to be on my home screen. j) Only just got it running but seems ok so far. Even works on my SB Booms in the kitchen and bedroom. I havent tried synching all of them but one squeezebox at a time is enough for now.
  13. I figured it was Jelco-based purely based on ignorance, and the dial method of anti-skate. Thanks for the input. Edited...
  14. Item: Lenco GL75 + logic DATUM II + AT33anv MC cart. Location: Adelaide Price: $900 plus shipping Item Condition: Cosmetically Average, Sounds Great Reason for selling: It's my 2nd Lenco and not being used much anymore. Payment Method: Local code or interstate PayPal. Extra Info: Compact but heavy solid ply plinth, cleaned and lubed bearing, rebuilt motor with re-greased bearings, re-centred coils, reset nose screw and liberal damping applied to top plate and all necessary components damped as per Lenco Heaven online bible-site. Comes with a reasonable ultimate cables silver series C4 phono cable. Cosmetically has a few scratches on the top plate but they were from the previous owner (who also drilled for the LOGIC DATUM II arm). This arm was a mid to premium offering in the mid to late 80s and is a mid weight arm suitable to most carts. There has also been a repair to one of the tonearm wire clips, but it is very tidy and has performed well for a couple of years now. I know it's cheesy to say that this Lenco has great bass and slam, but that's exactly what this does well. The AT33anv has unknown hours under its belt but still sparkles and has great clarity. This combo is the result of a few years of ownership and tweaking and does sound very good. I am only selling because I have another one, and that one is Black! Pictures: