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  1. +1
  2. ... Or to actually go to hifi store and listen in their room whilst skiving off work one arvo. :-)
  3. At least the gold plate ME matches this gold plate.
  4. I suppose. I wonder if it is a black version of the same layout etc?
  5. I want one of them-there black panels. Anyone have a photo?
  6. It's not that bad...... Is it....?
  7. I agree. My plan is to have this one for as long as I can while good 2017 m140i's are still going and then trade up to another low km second hand one. The guy that had mine last went to an M2 but that doesnt that suit me for a while. Stuttgart is more my option once kids rack off.
  8. Front Wheel Drive and All wheel Drive will be available. The real problem is 2018 won't have the 6 cylinder. Hopefully it isnt a highly strung turbo 4.
  9. Kangarilla to Strath is only one of many great roads within 20km of here. Even suburban Coromandel Valley to Clarendon is great fun. I live in the hills and have a stint up and down the hill at least 4 times a day . SOmetimes it can be home-school-work-homeforlunch-work-school-home-soccer-home-choir-home-choir-home. They have put up a sign on Belair Road saying police are targeting hoon driving. They are out to get me...I know it.
  10. It was great to get together and was generously hosted by the team at VAF. The i93's sounded great in 'the spot''. Are there likely to be any future opportunities to hear them actively driven in the near future without the SA GTG banter providing rear fill?
  11. I can't believe I'm spending more time thinking about 4" door speakers more than my next cartridge.
  12. By all accounts, a Gladen speaker kit or a Focal kit is going to leap frog the HK for image and tone.
  13. Yep. I just dropped in to AVDC (one of @Marc's commercial sponsors over at the car audio sister site to SNA. Some improvements to daily transit audio coming up via speakers and minor tweaks to tweeter position. Stereo is off when I drive to hear the engine and on when I don't want to hear the passengers.
  14. We have an equivalent in ADL to Southern BM called Eastside Automotive. Although he doesnt use the JB4 piggy back, he does a reflash of the original ECU to 550Nm and 280kW but I take these kinds of claims with a grain of salt initially until I learn more. I think I will only go down that path if I can see a good continuous plot of A/F ratios, Boost levels and Air Intake temps along with dyno results from an Aussie M135 that has been done by them. Then I would probably make a decision as to what boost I want to hold and for how long. Importantly, the forgotten element of exhaust gas temp is the unit of measure I would be most interested in but I dont think that is featured on the bmw sensor set (? I havent actually checked yet). It is exhaust gas temp and catalytic converter Life/operation that is a major controlling factor as to why factory ECU tunes are sometimes so conservative to begin with and I would like to factor in some of that conservatism into my long term ownership experience. I remember seeing someone (on very sticky track) managed 12.98 with a standard m135i so 'well into the 12's' is what I would expect after mods :-).
  15. 'Tail' and 'happy' is often used in the same sentence. I agree an lsd would help when in Sport plus mode, but sport mode has this really fun and reassuring characteristic of letting the rear step out just enough to have fun, but reigns in the unexpected yaw angle pretty much in sympathy with the opposite lock a driver would do. Nothing is worse than surprising the driver with a an ASC yaw correction that is counter-intuitive or poorly timed in my opinion. My thoughts are that I will only go a Quaife lsd and retune after warranty runs out AND I find that I need to mod it to keep enjoying the car.