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  1. Ah, like the MotoGP resuming after the break, all is good in the world, Mad As Hell is back. Now all I need is the new season of RAKE and some Utopia and life will make sense again.
  2. Liked it twice.
  3. New album!! Excellent!! GLWTS
  4. Yes, I have not been to the Jones or Bathurst yet so that will be a good double box to tick one year. Looks like we will be there the weekend after so will be interesting to do a slow lap of the track in the laid-down rubber.
  5. Very sad to report that they have been sold to a long term member. Very happy to report that they have been sold to a long term member. If you know what I mean. Thanks all for the positive comments and looking. Daz
  6. Some of his stuff is good and other stuff simply drops him in the box of so many other journo's, whatever their 'cause'. He would also say a dog turd with a Krell badge on it is awesome. But having said that, I will contradict myself (again) and say that opinionated people are so much more entertaining. Maybe that's what it's all about, at the end of the day.
  7. Erm, what date is it?
  8. God I love Tassie. I want my ashes sprinkled up Cataract Gorge. Think Colo area but more beautiful with more water. Everything there is good. I haven't been ranting much here because Coopers Stout keeps me warm.
  9. I believe in a bigger room they would take it right up to passive speakers that are trendy and asking over 15k. They wouldn't hang with actives in a big room, unless you got some JC1's or Yamaha Hoons Krells. Do the math, chuck in depreciation, bloody bargain. If they don't sell, I will be happy to store, I know it doesn't make sense but it's like having an old motorbike in the shed, even though you don't ride much anymore. One can sleep better at night knowing it's there. Getting a lot of bites but no commitment yet. All good, commitment is scary, I get it.
  10. Last night I was drunk and posted a nice heartfelt thought in @catman thread about the passing of his gym friend. @Reverend Johnny Heathen post also got plagiarized as my new sig. None of it seemed to get saved and now I am back to sober, hardened and cynical. Ah well, there's always tonight.
  11. Heres Hilary at our last GTG-