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  1. Was only talking to someone the other day about how all of our uncles/aunties etc had those big all-in-one hi fi cabinet thingys with player/tuner/speakers etc all built into one.
  2. I freaking love my Nordost Valhalla's.
  3. Ah, those Yamaha floor standers remind me of when my kids were little!
  4. SGR Illuminators? I have no idea what thy cost, haha. Focal 1038 Be's do detail very very good and good bass if you feed them good current. Have heard very good thing about the Rockport Avior but have not heard any with my own eras, same with TAD efforts. What about the next step up in Aurum Cantus?? If you like their sound and synergy with your system, that might be the go. Very easy to go sideways or backwards from where you are now.
  5. Some of Maidens later recording are a bit smoother but yes, a bit hard on the old lugs most of the time. I don't care, Up The Irons!!
  6. For NSW electricity users, power wise, this is all you will ever need! An absolute bargain. Grab this, it will be out of sight and spend anything after this on room treatment or well designed components. GLWTS, cheapest Evo 3 Polaris I have seen.
  7. Exactly. if they still have the original boxes, there is no issue with having them delivered, it isn't a killer for any deal, that's for sure. How do people think they got shifted anywhere in the past??
  8. Am trying some Great Northern Brewing Co Original lager. For mass produced swill, it's OK, better than New et al. Still, have tried it and wont buy it again. Have been very much enjoying the NZ Pure in this hot weather of late.
  9. Everything is getting dumber, not just music. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/ It's here.
  10. Phone call works wonders sometimes.
  11. @copa You should try some Studio Connection interconnects mate. I have found that one needs the most clear and resolving interconnects that one can find, and then you need to add speaker cables to taste. I have Studio Connection Platinum XLR interconnects and Valhalla speaker cables. Heaven!!
  12. Filippo, you might already be at that stage, I think that happens around the 5k mark.
  13. I looked at getting another A21 amp from Parasound and bridging it, adding to the one I already had. Anyone who had tried that told me not to, just save for some JC1's. Apparently the bridged A21's sound very ordinary.
  14. I don't understand what 'too much amp for a system' means. No such thing baby!!!!!!!!!!!!