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  1. Usual overrated Yank propaganda. I thought I was watching Hot Shots 3 for a while and I wish I had been. Oh well, at least we got some dollars out of it with the production happening here. Avoid at all costs.
  2. Everything is on the other side of the country. :/
  3. Crikey. Ah sorry, I see the links.
  4. @Sirmorebeer I guess from 1985 to now, my hair has devolved the same as above.
  5. I had a few of these this arvo- https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_521712/oskar-blues-dales-pale-ale-cans-355ml it was OK but am I hard to please? Because I think the flavour is starting to get too much, it's like your throat feels coated in hop oil by the time you finish a schooner, haha. I found this one much nicer, a much cleaner, fresher version of the PA- https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_555382/pirate-life-brewing-pale-ale-cans-355ml?orgSearchTerm=pirate IMO, beer needs to be tasty but it also needs to have a clean fresh aftertaste. The Coopers Best Extra Stout had less residual taste than the Oskar Blues drop. No one likes anything clingy.
  6. All I can see is the big Duntech in the distance.
  7. Interesting??? Interesting is it Mr Schnitzer??????? Hmmm?????
  8. Haha, you're not stubborn at all, you simply prefer two channel. However, if Freud were on SNA, he may ask why are you in this thread? Hmmmmmm??? Just curious?? Don't Google that.
  9. @Lenny thank you, look at those behemoths!! Very desirable! Such a design would be very interesting to hear, thanks for the extra images. The Maple does look very nice and would go with most décor, methinks. I have always found that high level woofers do sound fantastic and seem to give a greater 'field' to the listening experience. I heard this during a session with some big Osborn's.
  10. At the end of the day, I think there are maybe half a dozen real relationships that one has in life, be it lovers or friends. The rest are just the valuable lessons that we have to have to appreciate the real ones.
  11. I have had two goes at it and failed both times but I have a great one now. I don't think we have had a single fight in three years.
  12. I'm very intimidated by them. it's like they could control me or something. hmm, now I'm a bit aroused.
  13. I am safe, I showed my partner @Tubularbells JBL's the other night and she has averted her eyes from the forum ever since.