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  1. Game of Thrones

  2. It's a tricky one, the best way to test speakers is side by side and the best way to listen is in your own room. This is almost un doable most of the time. A lot of awesome people here on SNA though and over time, you might get invited to some members houses for a listen etc. It is an invaluable resource, at the least and a great way to meet other hi fi geeks at best.
  3. Lenehan ML2

    Hullo mate, hope you found some ML2's to listen to. I think you can access a 'report' button on your original post and communicate with the mods that way.
  4. Very. I can see two Daz-DIY subs right there. Damn this money system.
  5. Alien Covenant -4 minute prologue trailer

    I've been trying to watch it on Bogpond movies but it only lets me 'buy' at the moment, no 'rent' option. 'Spine busting' action. So it's heavy?
  6. Reacting or responding

    Interesting that 'like' can be cancelled out by 'dislike'. So you can have 5 likes and 5 dislikes, 10 people clicking on your post and yet the screen shot would show a zero. Not that anyone should need validation or anything...ahem...
  7. Yes I absolutely love mine, massive speaker shredding power, bass to die for and amazing highs, great mids, is that enough info? The JC2 is a fantastic pre amp and the JC1's back it up with the muscle. Flirted with the idea of active Meridians recently but woke in a cold sweat one night and withdrew the advertisement, haha, I think we have swapped DNA and they, along with my Meridian 808.3 CDP will be with me till they die. Silver also sounds the best.
  8. Post food pics

    Please carry on, was just being silly.
  9. Post food pics

    Oh God we're turning into FB!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Spending 10k - integrated or separates?

    Couldn't some of you Sydney dudes/dudettes drop around with your uber-gear and let Domi have a listen?
  11. SBS On Demand-currently watching

    Then last night we watched another episode of ‘thicker than water’ (like a Nordic 'Bloodlines', quite enjoyable) and then the first episode of the new season of Fortitude!! Woohoo, love that one. However, might have to go back and watch the last few episodes to refresh my mushy memory.
  12. Random motorbikes of interest

    @Martykt they call themselves WP these days. http://mhracing.com/wp-suspension.php @The Fez yes, that's about it, I think Ohlins were 3k or a bit more, for both front and rear, off memory. Got a price about 18 months ago when they till stocked the product. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xk1300r+ohlins.TRS0&_nkw=k1300r+ohlins&_sacat=0
  13. Random motorbikes of interest

    Hullo Nige, Good Morning and it's great to wake up alive! $2659 for front and rear, built to my lard arse specifications. 110kg in all the gear, fast road with occasional track. You can see I got the 'nightline' versions. More stuff here- http://www.wilbers.com.au/ They are through Suspensions R Us, ran by the lovely Izzy, he has looked after me several times in the past, previously working absolute wonders on my 2009 Speed Cripples shock and forks. I thought about sending the originals off this time too, and it is always the best bang for buck way to do it, new springs and a bit of internal valving and a good service works an absolute wonder, but this time, I though ahh bugger it. Having said that, I did look at Ohlins, now previously they were in 'if you have to ask' pricing territory, now they don't make anything for the bike (prolly due to low sales, haha!) so that was a non issue. Strangely, White Power know nothing. Well, if they did they weren't going to talk to me about it. Weird as they supplied shocks for the BMW K-cup series some moons ago. Ah well, Wilburs it is! Izzy told me there are also pics of my shocks on their FB page but I advised yeah, I wont go there mate, haha. However, I could find absolutely no pics anywhere on the planet of fitted shoks to a K1300R so whenm they are done, will get the Mrs (amateur photographer) to take the pics instead of me ($hit photographer) and will send them off to Izz for him to distribute to Wilburs/use as he wishes.