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  1. Oh you bugger! I would have grabbed these a week ago. GLWTS.
  2. Mikey, you're the best mate but I have ordered some Nordost jumpers, currently on their way from OS. My Valhalla's are spades. Thanks so much for your thoughtful offer though.
  3. Partner has seen it and said it was great, I am yet to see it and looking forward to it. Am also a bit of a space travel geek.
  4. Damn, you're spoilt for choice there Brother Frank!!
  5. I am being boring and just sticking to my good old Cooper Best Extra Stout, I wonder if it is the Valentino Rossi livery that attracts me? Jerry (a good SA dweller) might have influenced this...possibly... Not quite cold enough for my other fave winter poison, Zywiec 1881 Polish Porter. The best!! Thought the wood smoke is starting to linger of an afternoon, it wont be long...
  6. @frankn bit of bloody ice cream there mate!
  7. I have one too, uber reliable and like new. GLWTS Skip. It's never leaving my house.
  8. The Oxley is currently under savage attack from the fun police (RMS).
  9. Yes, same same up here, at the very least you can always depend on a roo. A few months back I did a swapsie with a mate for a while, jumped on his Fireblade. About 15 km's later a wallaby ran straight under my front wheel, was ready to hit the deck, the Honda just had a shake and kept going, the wobbly flew off to the side dead and the mates behind me reckoned they had never seen anything like that and probably wont again either, haha. There was fur jammed in between the tyre and rim, we swapped bikes back again immediately, haha.
  10. Ye Olde English Couriers used to absolutely froth over those!!
  11. Busted most my ribs, that was 'ouch'! Made me absolutely dread sneezing.
  12. I'll jump on the Gixxer to Omeo if you like Nige! You can rest your old back on my old man K1300R bike. Oh la la! My dear bumblebee K5 back in the late Noughties on the Mt Lindsay Highway and then we parted ways on the Oxley in 08, very sad!!
  13. Great idea, I would go to the Rocket Fuel section.
  14. Knee sliders looked even worse, very abrasive surface over Granya but malto grippy!!! All roads should be like that. You're a lucky man to have all that just out your back door mate.
  15. Would be great to meet up, of course then I would need to 'catch up' to the others. You might be able to come for a spin with us to Omeo or sumthink?