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  1. Russell thanks mate, I ordered some from Soundlabs with the terminals. Thanks for the offer. See you soon!
  2. Am gutted, completely gutted. To be not-so-rainy-face, excellent effort from the top three and thank God Miller didn't become a Miller-Barrier-Bike sandwich in practice!! SO sad that Vale lost it, just so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ok ta Wek. I have only seen some posts that suggest you use those little electrical push on connectors (again, not sure that would be a quality fitting though I guess a lot of speakers are hooked up that way!), or one that had a little torx screw. Not sure what the ETI's do, will find out soon I guess.
  4. Yes, will be taking them out of play, will go for the ETI cable pods methinks, as linked above. Just learning curve # 6,728 and I assume I will continue to learn right to the end. I asked a soldering question here, got no reply to date, any thoughts lads?
  5. Good album and not a bad production from old Diamond Dave, yes he did a lot of climbing back then, not sure if he still gets out there or not.
  6. It makes my system sound fantastic.
  7. My pleasure, they are very strong speakers, possibly the best you can get for home use and pretty much unbreakable, they handle huge SPL's, I believe the next step from those would be ATC actives et al. All the best in landing a good pair, they would 'see you out' as my old man sez.
  8. Marco Melandri on his way to the PI win in 2006. God I loved the 990's. I wasn't there for that one but was back there in 07.
  9. There are some piano black one's on gumtree but they are 20k.
  10. @Pops110 Hullo Davo, I could but Nordost reckon the cables are 'directional' hence the way I have them set up but can def give it a go. The thought did cross my mind but after finishing the plinths, positioning the speakers etc haven't got there yet. No, I don't want the 'directional' argument to start here please. Enlarge the picky here- http://www.nordost.com/norse2/bi-wire-jumpers.php Am a fan of the ETI cable pods after using them on the ML1's, they really hang on, so will prolly remove the bi wire capabilities eventually anyhow with two pair of those. http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/ETI-Cablepod/ETI+Research+Cable+Pod+Binding+Post
  11. Gents, want to get rid of the continually loose speaker terminals I currently have with some ETI cable pods, was impressed with them on the ML1's. http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/ETI-Cablepod/ETI+Research+Cable+Pod+Binding+Post Would this Bunnings solder be OK- https://www.bunnings.com.au/tradeflame-85g-electrical-solder_p5910269 or should I just get some solder as well with the terminals? http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/MU-Solder/Mundorf+Solder ETI terminals are 'Gold flashed Tellurium Copper' apparently. An no, there's no bloody Jaycar nearby.
  12. Caveat Emptor. Whoodathunk??
  13. Unless you have a large SACD collection, teaming this great buy with the Directstream dac would prove to be a killer duo, IMO. The DSD's are getting cheaper by the day, 2nd hand.
  14. An excellent buy and would be effective in any room, the seller is going to need mega traps to beat these. I have found the tube traps a very effective addition to room treatments, any other effective bass trap has to be huge. GLWTS mate, someone is going to get a bargain! @Jventer a good buy but in WA?
  15. Yes, bulk lots of CD's are heavy.