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  1. @buddyev Could be perfect for you...
  2. I tried to PM you, but your inbox must be full.
  3. OK. I happily will retract all the above if that is the case and offer an apoligy.
  4. I am curious - what brand are the seasfodna rebranded caps? Are they Duelands? But why put your own reseller sticker all over them and make them look like yours.... Kind of crass and BS.
  5. The op amps are all duals. I have tried Burson Gen 3 (lots of body but clarity could be better) Gen 4 (no body compared with Gen 3, but better clarity) and Gen V, the red ones. Realistic body and nice clarity. I also tried three x SPARKO dual. They had a bit more gain, but didn't really cut it, I preferred the Gen Vs. They have a new Gen 6 out about a month ago, in two different flavours, I have not tried them. I have a few glitches with my 502 and have not used it for a while. I think it needs a redesign on the AC mains incoming filter and all the reistors changed around the valves, then I will give it another run.
  6. SOLD: FS: spider rack

    I'd like this if still available please. PM heading your way.
  7. I think you will be very happy with your purchase here. I have a friend with one and it's very nice. It has a nice MM phono fitted too.
  8. Tannoy westminster se build

    I like the contrast of the lighter ones. They will sit better in your living space that way too. Well done with your build! You are a braver man than myself.
  9. Sellers remorse here... Withrawn for sale. I made the mistake of putting these stands under my Spendors. WOW! A night and day difference in SQ. So I will buy them. Apoligies.
  10. I agree with this. I have an Audia Flight too, but sometimes I prefer my humble old Dynavector P100 on some vinyl. With yet other vinyl, the tube phono is better. I have come to learn that there is no "best". With all the great gear I have here, the last month has brought me the greatest joy playing vinyl using a $100 old Pioneer PL 51A, it's an ugly thing completely stock. A CA Virtuoso V2 MM cart into my Dynavector, a borrowed Primare SS amp into a borrowed pair of Sonus Faber Electa Amators. It was an awesome fun sound, a great synergy of the gear. My friend who owned the amp and the speakers could not believe that his gear sounded so good in my room. Audiofool SQ? Maybe not. But FUN and we wanted to listen to more and more and more music. Alas, the Electas sold in a flash last Sat.
  11. Item: Atacama speaker stands, 630mm high Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $150 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: selling for a mate who is moving in with his elderly Mum Payment Method: cash, DD of PP to a friend Extra Info: These were purchased about 15 years ago and had a pair of Sonus Fabers atop them for that time. The magnificent Electa Amators have now been sold and these are no longer required. Dimensions- height, 630mm, top plate is 170 wide and 195 deep, bottom plate is 220 wide and 245 deep. Material - steel The post is a 'V' shape. Each stand has four spikes that screw in and are fully adjustable and being sandfilled they weigh around 17kgs each. The black powdercoated paintwork is very good, just the odd minor spot blemish on the bases and a bit of dust here and there. There is a bit of paint missing from the top plates, but since the speaker sits on top of this, well... The streaks in the pics is where I have just put a wet sponge over them. Note - one of the "Atacama" badges has been lost in the passages of time! Of course local pickup is preferred here, but I am happy to work with interstaters with postage if needed, at your cost. Any other questions, just ask away. Pictures:
  12. Item: Audio Note 2.1 kit DAC Level B signature version 6922 Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $1400 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: gone back to old school Phillips TDA 1543 Peter Daniel's NOS DAC Payment Method: Cash, DD or PP to a friend Extra Info: I bought this from the cabbageman about 18 months back. In that time I have hardly used it. Getting into vinyl will do that eh. Completely plaguerised below is info from Hollis' original advert. Includes Gold Lion 6922 new stock tubes (pair with box), Brimar 6x5 rectifier (more transparent sound), and Mullard OEM (Blackburn factory) 6x5 rectifier Signature level, including silver wiring, silver RCAs, solder, silver AN-V ,tantalum resistors & Blackgates for the analog board, Jensen caps etc. Transformer coupled design There are 2 separate power supplies, 1 for digital board and 1 for output analog board, and is controlled by separate switch at the back. Has RCA and XLR inputs, selectable at the back All instruction and build manual will be included See photo for the build quality, from another SNAer Dac is around 6 years old Basically this one: http://www.ankaudiokits.com/dac2_1.htm A beautiful full bodied NOS transformer coupled DAC, - it's better off with someone that will use it. Besides, I need to get to see the carpet on my music room floor again sometime soon! (yes, it's that bad!) In lovely condition and it all works perfect of course. I just noticed under strong sunlight that it has a slight hairline scratch across the front facia. Not too sure when that happened! It has both RCA for SPDIF and AES/EBU (my preference) for digital inputs. The power supply has a massive trannie and chokes and is valve rectified and regulated as well. This DAC is full of quality components! If you want USB, just purchase the board and bits and fit it straight into the slot already there. The unit weighs around 10kgs and I am happy to safely pack and post this at cost. Any further questions - just ask. Pictures:
  13. Withdrawn from sale. I have decided that it's just too good to let slip by as they rarely come up and have done a deal with the owner to purchase this unit for myself.
  14. Thanks for all the interest, but sold to the first person who contacted me. Now gone.
  15. Item: Sonus Faber Elekta Amator speakers Location: Box Hill South, VIC Price: $2200 Item Condition: Very Good, but a few small dings here and there Reason for selling: Selling for a mate who is moving back in with his elderly Mum to keep an eye on her Payment Method: Cash, DD or PP to a friend. Extra Info: These were purchased from Mike Kontor back around 2001, as traded, so just two owners. I estimate they are around 1999 vintage and they have a few small dings in the woodwork here and there, they are not mint. Have a good look at the pics. However, from 2 feet you cannot see a blemish and they present as beautiful art pieces. They look fabulous with their real wood and that trademark Sonus Faber patena. Even SHMBO will let these babies into your home! But I don't give a toss what they look like - what do they sound like? I am not a lover of the new Sonus Faber product sound. The Cremonas etc just don't do it for me, just like most modern speakers- the treble is just to much. Not so with these babies! The balance is just right! I have had these playing in my music room for that last 4 weeks and they are an absolute pleasure to listen to. A wonderful soundstage (for toy speakers, I am used to 15" Tannoys remember) and nice depth with the simple first order crossover. Remember, they run the Esotar tweeter and a 7" bass driver. They are easily the best small 2 way I have ever had in my music room! The sound has meat on the bones. Both front grills are perfect except for a locating lug being broken of each, no biggie and they attach perfect if you want to run the grills. Yep, a demo at my place before you buy is not a problem if you are serious about a purchase. Sorry, no original boxes and I will not pack and ship them. They are just too nice to allow a moron in a delivery van to touch. If you are interstate and can get a friend to pick up that is fine, or I can drop them at pack and send but they weigh 11.5kgs each Also for interstaters, if you pay for them, I am happy to hang onto them for you for up to two months before pickup if that helps. No stands, my friend has a pair of sand filled Atacama stands 600mm high that he used with these. They shall be listed shortly. If these don't sell in a hurry, well I really don't care as their delivery of music is just so easy. Pictures: