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  1. Cables for Avantgarde speakers

    I have used Kondo KSL-SPz, Shindo silver cable & gryphon silver/gold cable, all these cables work well with my Trio, cheers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a difficulty to donate some $ to SNA, could someone please tell me any other ways to do it? It seems an issue to access Donation by iPhone/iPad, it appears as following photos.
  3. Item: Klipsch Forté Price: SOLD Condition: excellent 9/10, Location: Western Sydney, Reason FS: not in use. Shipping: pick up These speakers are 98db & easily handled by 8w tube amp. Welcome for an audition & you would be surprised how nice these speakers sound.
  4. High end integrated amps

    Hi, you indicate price range $6k-$20k, do u mean retail price or cash price, if cash price, I guess these amps are still within your range except Ongaku. You should know Gryphon Diablo has over $20k RRP.
  5. High end integrated amps

    Which one is not good? Ongaku or Koda? Will you sell "not good" one? I guess I need to start saving now [emoji4]
  6. High end integrated amps

    I used to own MBL pre&power, this mbl drove my B&W802D2 impressively, I still miss it now. MBL just releases N51 integrated amp, it should be nice I guess. Have anyone listened to it? Appearance is quite good.
  7. High end integrated amps

    A friend of mine lends me Technical Brain TB-Zero integrated amp currently, what I found: - detail, clean, fast, wide soundstage, very well control of 88db Mcintosh speakers, I believe it would drive most of speakers at ease (unsure about MBL speakers at around 80-82db). - Downside: it's too powerful for my 109db horn speakers. I used to own Musical Fidelity KW250S, I found I downgraded my system so much when I moved from Mcintosh C220/Mc402. I'm not sure how current MF amps sound.
  8. Item: brand new white wavewood x2 pieces & used Varibase x2 pieces. Price: $500 for both items. Condition: wavewood is brand new in box, varibase 8/10. Location: Sydney, Reason FS: I bought 2boxes & these are left over, over bass trap for my room. Shipping: prefer pick up or buyer organizes own courier. Photos:
  9. SOLD, Moderator, Please remove ad, thanks.
  10. Shipping to interstates wound not be any issues with expert courier.
  11. Sale pending payment.
  12. Acrylic cover would keep it away from dust [emoji4]