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  1. What a lovely offer!!
  2. This was never gonna last long at that pricing!
  3. If you mean price? It's in the title
  4. All thumbs unfortunately + I live in QLD IMHO this is one of the biggest bargains I've seen on here in a while! GLWTS
  5. Damn!!! if only these had passive crossovers, would be exactly what I'm after
  6. Yes $6k RRP is definitely getting up there. Especially when you think what that ballpark $$ could get you on the SNA classifieds....
  7. Good lord!! What a bargain
  8. Angle grinder works a treat, cuts through like butter. Best part is it "melts" the edges slightly, so you are left with a bunch of wispy/fluffy edges.
  9. .... Oh and lots more vids please!
  10. Nice update! Looks like the end is in sight
  11. Any chance of you grabbing these?
  12. Oh nice. Could you please pm me details! What kind of ballpark sensitivity would the coax have? I am looking for something in the 92dB+/w/m range to better match up with my 95dB and 98dB fronts. At the moment my Avr set my channel trims to Left and Right - 5dB, Center channel is - 9dB and surrounds were set at +4dB!
  13. Hi guys. Sorry the bring this old thread up, but does anyone on Australia make an affordable, high sensitivity econowave style speaker? Similar to DIYSG in the US. Id like to try some for side surrounds but can't really afford to drop $2100-$2700 on matching PSA speakers. If not I might have to try some of the (slightly) better looking PA speakers like Electro-Voice Cheers Jamie
  14. Beautiful work there!
  15. Haha agreed! The Ushers are incredible little speakers, but 5" woofers have their limits. IMHO he would be much better off mating them to a powered subwoofer to do the heavy lifting under 80hz ,it would remove a lot excursion from the Ushers "bass" drivers + free up more of the AVR's power to drive them......either that or, you know...show some restraint with the volume knob