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  1. Good lord!! What a bargain
  2. Angle grinder works a treat, cuts through like butter. Best part is it "melts" the edges slightly, so you are left with a bunch of wispy/fluffy edges.
  3. .... Oh and lots more vids please!
  4. Nice update! Looks like the end is in sight
  5. Any chance of you grabbing these?
  6. Oh nice. Could you please pm me details! What kind of ballpark sensitivity would the coax have? I am looking for something in the 92dB+/w/m range to better match up with my 95dB and 98dB fronts. At the moment my Avr set my channel trims to Left and Right - 5dB, Center channel is - 9dB and surrounds were set at +4dB!
  7. Hi guys. Sorry the bring this old thread up, but does anyone on Australia make an affordable, high sensitivity econowave style speaker? Similar to DIYSG in the US. Id like to try some for side surrounds but can't really afford to drop $2100-$2700 on matching PSA speakers. If not I might have to try some of the (slightly) better looking PA speakers like Electro-Voice Cheers Jamie
  8. Beautiful work there!
  9. Haha agreed! The Ushers are incredible little speakers, but 5" woofers have their limits. IMHO he would be much better off mating them to a powered subwoofer to do the heavy lifting under 80hz ,it would remove a lot excursion from the Ushers "bass" drivers + free up more of the AVR's power to drive them......either that or, you know...show some restraint with the volume knob
  10. I guess this thread is a result of the current discussion over at whirlpool forums? I think the "myth" confusion may stem from people saying a clipping underpowered amp is what blew the woofers in the OP's Usher S520s. Amp Clipping is certainly real, but in the case of the guy over at whirlpool, I'd guess he was just driving them too hard - for too long and blew the woofers
  11. First up....are you aware there is an Anaconda behind your speakers?? Second...WOW! What a system (in the truest sense of the word!) It would be a crime to separate this, hopefully someone comes along and snatches up the whole lot GLWTS!
  12. Hey mate, Is this from the pack we went halves in? Could you not end up using it (ie. get it past the mrs lol)? I ended up making 5 panels (15cm thick ) with mine but had to remove them a few weeks ago while we changed the lounge room around. I finally got around to putting them back in yesterday and it made such a difference, I don't think I'll let them leave again! Reminded me how well this stuff works. Cheers Jamie
  13. I am definitely NOT an expert on this but I do have several Sorbothane hemispheres and discs in 30, 50 and 70 Duro (these are the Sorbo durometers most commonly seen on ebay/Amazon) Everything I've read on the subject has suggested that the thicker/softer the sorbo is ,the better. If using the hemi's I would personally recommend under-loading them as opposed to trying to get exactly "in the sweet spot" or pushing them to the bleeding edge of their load capacity . If the total weight of your speakers would be ~135lbs These 2.5"x1.25" hemis have a loading "sweet spot" of 52.5lbs each https://www.amazon.com/Sorbothane-Hemisphere-Non-Skid-Adhesive-Durometer/dp/B0042UA5WC/ref=sr_1_27?ie=UTF8&qid=1485775677&sr=8-27&keywords=sorbothane 4 of these would MORE than handle the weight of your midbass and PSE without over-compressing, 3 of them (2 at front 1 at the rear) would have you pretty close to the sweet spot, without over-loading
  14. Seems from Marc's post, if you're after a bit more bass, this does indeed seem like a no brainer. I'd jump on the offer before the other party starts getting cold feet!
  15. The Q Acoustics Concept 20 come in gloss white, sound fantastic and have a beautiful finish. I had them in gloss black, and they're the only speaker that had high WAF in our house If by this you mean a fairly high sensitivity rating of 90+dB/1w/1m, you may struggle finding truly "small" speakers, though this depends on what you call a small speaker