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  1. There was someone on AVS who did something similar, they had the gain set to 0dB on the sub thinking it was the lowest - when it was in fact the highest . Just thought I'd throw the suggestion out there. I have 4 x SVS PB2000's in a medium sized lounge room and have no trouble getting it within Audyssey's target range - so there's definitely something up. 105dB on the test tone would be LOUD. At 75dB it should be a low rumble, but at 105dB there should be some definite window rattling going on!
  2. damn 105dB! 30dB over is insane!. I honestly don't mean this to sound insulting but is there any chance you're accidently setting it to maximum gain instead of minimum? as that is probably approaching the upper end of your subs output
  3. The surround speakers look like JBL 8330's? You have them listed as 4330's
  4. Wow! you weren't exaggerating about "looks good" !! One of the dual opposed 15" PSA XS30SE that are currently on special at deephz.com in American Cherry (or Satin Black if you want to save $250) http://www.deephzaudio.com/Power Sound XS30se product page.html could help fill in the bottom end
  5. Definitely the SVS SB12-NSD in the classifieds
  6. Stunning!! A steal at this price
  7. Is it PB13 Ultra or PC13 Ultra? You have a picture of each
  8. I reckon listing the available drivers will definitely help people make some recommendations
  9. http://i.nextmedia.com.au/avhub/australian-hifi_reviews_2014_2014-02_grover_notting_code_4_loudspeakers_equip_review_lo_res.pdf Looks to be -6dB at ~ 38hz to me, unless I'm reading it wrong? Impressive little speaker!
  10. What a lovely offer!!
  11. This was never gonna last long at that pricing!
  12. If you mean price? It's in the title
  13. All thumbs unfortunately + I live in QLD IMHO this is one of the biggest bargains I've seen on here in a while! GLWTS
  14. Damn!!! if only these had passive crossovers, would be exactly what I'm after