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  1. Naim cable is intended for use in Naim systems,in which it works well,in my opinion it is really no good in any other system. One of my systems is naim,so i have tried with my other equipment,always getting poor results
  2. new member introduction

    Welcome fanboy!!
  3. Item: 2 X 3metre unterminated lengths of naim naca5 speaker cable. Location:MELB-S.E SUBURBS. Price: $150 for quick sale. Item Condition:perfect Reason for selling:surplus. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: Pictures:
  4. Item: Two terminated pairs of chord carnival speaker cable-3 metres per pair. Location:MELB-S.E SUBURBS. Price: $75 per pair Item Condition:excellant-hardly used. Reason for selling:upgrade. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash.-WILL NOT POST Extra Info: Pictures:
  5. Item: Linn Katans-With stands. Location:Melb-SE. Price: $600 Firm Item Condition:V.good. Reason for selling:Selling these for a mate who is not a member here-he has upgraditis bad. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info:serial numbers-831785/831786.no scratches or dings,a little wear on a couple of edges, but otherwise great condition. sorry about the crappy i-phone photos. WILL NOT SPLIT SPEAKERS AND STANDS. Can be auditioned. Pictures:
  6. Hi from jazzdog

    Hi PatChm, I seem to recall Ben Douglas worked at'BJD' - i do not recall his name. Sorry i cannot help with any info on your amp other than tell you that the linear design stuff was, i believe, designed in house,the PCB'S were assembled some where else,and the amps were built in Carlton. I do not recall your particular amp,however,i only worked there for 3 years. Regards, simon
  7. Hi from jazzdog

    Hi @patchym, linear design ,was indeed sold through douglas hi-fi. It was made in melbourne at bjd electronics in carlton ( ben douglas was the owner), my first job was at this factory-happy days!
  8. Item: Musical Fidelity electra E10 integrated amp Location: Melb-SE suburbs Price: $300 FIRM Item Condition:Perfect working order,very good cosmetically Reason for selling:Making space for more gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info:Great little amp,i am second owner,little use in the last couple of years. plenty of good reviews online 2 x 40WRMS,IEC power lead included No box or manual. Pictures:
  9. Hello

    Hey Bob,next time in melbourne give me a shout! i am not sure about the bandwidth,however ,the extension on both bass and treble is very good-the bass is particularly good. not sure about their ls3 type,however,i did listen to their hi-end statement speaker-the"excalibur",large,pricey,fantastic
  10. Hello

    @crusader2-the equinox are indeed very transparent,also very versatile-i use them with naim,and find they smooth things out,i also use them with valves with equally good results,even use them with a cheap MF integrated to good effect-i have had a few mates trying to get me to sell-no chance!-my pair have been restored and are keepers. i have also owned 3 pair of talisman 2's fantastic speakers at the price. Anytime you fancy a listen ,just give me a shout. Simon
  11. Hello

    Welcome Bob,the naim crowd is alive and kicking,we just tend to stay quiet and avoid the haters! you have a great pair of speakers there,i have owned a few models and i have a pair of equinox in my collection,they don't get used much,but i will never part with them any naim power supply will make a great upgrade to your naim cd player
  12. @Al.M-Bass drivers were designed by Naim and claimed to be manufactured "in house" Simon
  13. @ rock man,both top and bottom boxes open into each other,so bottom box provides loading for bass.
  14. @@Nap250 All but solved my naim hum with a good quality,dedicated separate line from the "fusebox",