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  1. Neil Young at Foodland

    Most disappointing and misleading thread title. Was earnestly expecting to see photo of OP with Neil in the tinned corn aisle. RATM are pretty much a stadium rock band- nothing to see there. What could be more conservative and in line with the status quo than a bunch of white guys yelling 'f... you I won't do what you told me'?
  2. Single malt whisky

    Anyone attending the Independent's (bottlers) Day this weekend in Melbourne? Three hours in a big room full of different whisky to taste- what could go wrong?
  3. Currently Spinning

    "Pond Scum" has some great stripped back versions of earlier songs, as well as a few very early recordings. But Arise Therefore will always be the best Oldham album for me.
  4. Currently Spinning

    Just got this on record after having the CD since it came out. Really disappointing, one of the worst record pressings I have come across (it was a sealed copy). Noisy as anything and that horrible 'ripping' in the right channel all the way through both sides, which apparently results from the vinly not being 'filled' properly.
  5. What's on in Melbourne tonight???

    This should give you a few options:
  6. MESS anyone?

    Are there any SNA members that have joined up with MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio)? It's such a great initiative to make all these otherwise inaccessible instruments available. I'm by no means an expert with electronic instruments, but do enjoy seeing what sounds can be coaxed out of these beasts (usually by accident). I've just joined up and looking forward to my first session soon.
  7. 45 rpm

  8. Currently Purchasing

    @dwbasement How's the Bach recording/pressing? Was that from vinyl destination?
  9. RIP Chris Cornell

    Sad news, part of my youth.
  10. RIP Pauline Oliveros

    I attended the 'Resonant Bodies' concert at the Salon room of the Recital centre last week. The concert ended with a nod to Oliveros, the audience invited to participate in one of her compositions. A nice tribute.
  11. Item full name and model etc. :Grundig Satellit 2400 Radio* Location : Reservoir, Victoria* Item condition description : Signs of age as shown in photos. The top bit off the antenna is missing. The ' BFO/SSB' knob is missing. Functionally everything seems fine. UK power plug, adapter supplied. * Price : $150* Reason for selling: not being used* Payment Methods: Cash - Pickup only* Extra Info: This belongs to my father in law, who no longer uses it due to hearing loss. Manuals provided (see photos). Please ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. * Pictures
  12. Thanks Russell, for taking the time for such a comprehensive response. I will follow up on those links. I do have the manual but couldn't find anything helpful in relation to this issue. Re the ATAPI compliant issue, the same goes for MPC that I converted from floppy to CF drive, so the CF/IDE adapter I used there is presumably ATAPI compliant, and unfortunately that didn't work on the BR8. But you've given me something to go on, cheers. EDIT- Yes, there is 'converter' software which enables the data recorded on a zip disc with the BR8 to be converted to .wav files on a PC. Of course, that leads to a new problem, in that Windows doesn't read zip drives after the XP operating system!
  13. Thanks for that suggestion. From what I can figure out from a few stray forum posts that google found, only certain models of CF or SD to IDE adaptors will work-- unfortunately all the posts I can find link to a now-deleted forum which had the details! I got a CF/IDE apaptor to work on my MPC (to replace the floppy drive), but the same adaptor did not work in the BR8.
  14. From what I can tell it's a IDE connection- 40 pin connector. I tried connecting a generic CF/IDE adapter, it 'fit' but the BR8 did not read it.
  15. Hi all I have a little desktop recording set up which includes a BOSS BR-8 digital 8 track recorder. I love this thing, it has features that many modern stand alone multitrack recorders lack (e.g. MIDI connection), however it uses a zip drive and zip discs. This is becoming increasingly problematic as time goes by for a range of reasons. I have tried googling for a way to change the drive to CF or preferably SD cards for data storage. It seems there were only 1-2 people who had any success and the various forum posts are so old that the details of which drives/adaptors worked are now long deleted. The parts themselves should be cheap, it's a matter of knowing which will work. I have had succes installing a CF adapter on an old sampler but the BR-8 has me beat. Does anyone happen to know someone in Melbourne that might have the expertise to take a look and work out how to make this work? I would rather pay someone that can work this out than spend the money on a new digital multitrack. Thanks