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  1. I've just fully read the OP. That is a bargain !!
  2. SOLD: FS: THORENS TD125 mk II

    @Lord Kitchener let me know if Brian's offer falls through. i'd be interested and can pickup
  3. Vintage HiFi

    we've kinda gone from Vintage Hi-Fi to Antique Hi-Fi but its still very cool !
  4. Fair price for a Technics RS-1500

    Hi Veren It's not clear from your post of you are selling a deck or interested in buying one. If you are selling one I may be interested. Feel free to send me a pm
  5. I've taken up the RG-213 suggestion based on advice in a different thread on this forum. I bought 25 meters of military spec Belden cable from a nice chap in QLD. Its nice cable; big stranded copper center conductor, thick copper braid. Lots of copper there..... 1) It's not THAT stiff. I put it out in the sun and then unrolled the length down the hall and was able to work with it just fine. It's not super bendy, but it lays flat and it doesn't twist , kink or coil up on its own. 2) As Zaph said, I soldered on some 'pigtails' . Both conductors at the amplifier end about 4 inches long. Just the shield at the speaker end. I tried to do a neat and tidy job of it and it took most of the afternoon to measure the runs, do the terminations and then run the cables in permanently. 3) I did this today and haven't had a chance to listen to the cables (the girls were watching a movie) so the jury is still out so speak, but I reckon i'm on track to solve the problem I've been experiencing with long cable runs and mid - HF attenuation. The old figure-8 cables have been left in place so I will switch between them and listen for the difference. I don't know if this is the 'be all and end all' but I wanted to post and say running and terminating the coax isn't a big deal. If you have a soldering iron and some heat shrink its dead easy. For the $100 investment (in my case) I think its worth a go..
  6. i'd also be interested in the stereo deck. please get in touch when you have bottomed things out
  7. Vintage HiFi

    What kind of cart / headshell is that?
  8. Neil Young at Foodland

    There are some young folks that have had a good upbringing. My daughters favorite song from about age 3 was "down by the river" (a little dark for a three year old I know..). She turns 24 tomorrow and still loves that song...
  9. I had good luck with Eastwood when I purchased my HT system a few years back. Straight forward to deal with. You knew what buying and how much you paid for it.
  10. 12m long speaker cables.

    @Zaphod Beeblebrox I had a go this afternoon and short figure 8 cables made a considerable sound quality difference. My speaker cable run is just shy of 11 meters. I'd like to give the RG 213 coax a go. This is the stuff here? http://rfsolutions.com.au/ham-radio-products/manufacturer/messi-paolini/rg-213-u-coaxial-cable/ Would a person solder some 'pig tails' to one or both conductors to ease termination?
  11. I really enjoyed reading your original post and love the thought of bringing a nice piece of vintage hi-fi gear back to life. Well done! You are about to step onto the upgrade round-about... You may wish to take a step back and have a think about short cutting that journey. A $60 MM pre-amp may seem like a good deal now, but it will be wasted money in 6 months time. My advice is to save, go slow and buy something that will really add value to your set-up. Take your time and do your research. Forgive me if this is too direct... If you want to stick with your Grace MC cartridge, ditch the SU transformer and go with a MC pre-amp. There is a Tom Evans MC pre-amp advertised in the classifieds for $800. This is a great entry level MC pre-amp at a great price (you need to ensure the gain of this pre-amp matches your cartridge). That will simplify your setup. Ditch the AVR. Buy a vintage transistor amplifier (Sansui, Kenwood, Pioneer, etc) approx $500. Not sure the speakers you are saving for.... The source and the speakers are the critical bits. I've been through a similar journey. My big moment was playing a record through a fully analogue system. It sounded wonderful, I've not looked back since.
  12. Help. Marantz 6300 NOT WORKING

    Hi Matt there is a service manual on www.vinylengine.com . It looks like there is a mains fuse. Suggest you get the manual and as a first step check that fuse. Its not a complex circuit, if you need to diagnose past that. If you aren't comfortable doing that its time to take it to a repair shop. Search on this forum for some suggestions.
  13. Upgrading from Celestion Ditton 15?

    I have to admit I'm still chasing a 'better' pair of speakers for my setup, but I don't know that 'modern' is always better. I've got eight pairs of speakers in the house now and my daily drivers are a pair of 60's vintage Aurex Toshiba's. You can buy and sell some different speakers under $500 and see what you like... If your are inclined that way. That's what I've done, just a bit behind on the selling Your amp may be a contributing factor as well, the the older Sansui amps have softer (duller?) sound.