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  1. Any record with decent sound is not likely to be much longer than 20 minutes per side. So if you allow one record as one hour you will probably be changing stylus well before it is required. I remember the Golden Hour series. the sound was always poor but you got a lot of music. This is why so many records recorded today are double LP's. Found this on the web. Fun fiddling around with it. http://www.mobineko.com/vinyl-time-per-side-wizard/
  2. Amp for Turntable

    It does not look like the NAD D3020 has a phono in put so you would have to buy some thing like the Vincent Pho 8 https://www.westcoasthifi.com.au/product/vincent-audio-pho-8-phono-pre-amp/ This would give you a better amp and phono than any amp with built in phono for the same combined outlay IMO.
  3. Pie & Vinyl , Record Cafe

    I was a bit dubious at first ,as I thought it would be some old guy, with second hand records, in the back of the Caff, selling to other misfits. Not that there is actually anything wrong with that, especially as it is partly a description of my self. But very glad to see how much though appears to have gone in to this and that it is supporting new vinyl and new artists, so moving vinyl and Pie's forward. I will be there next June so will visit to show some support. My favorite Pie is Steak and kidney.
  4. My sister ,who is in the UK, just sent me details of this Pie and Vinyl Cafe that has opened in Portsmouth ,UK. They also have a food van. I love Pie's and records so this appears to be a great concept. From looking at the website it appears that they mainly support new vinyl and new artists. http://www.pieandvinyl.co.uk/
  5. Thanks appreciate your points But afraid you lost me after This the same feeling I had five years ago when I first joined Stereo net and asked questions regarding Hi Fi so there is some hope.
  6. Thanks guys really appreciate your input and it has probably stopped me "up grading" with almost no actual improvement. 1'' sensor and f2 it is and budget slightly upped. @awty I always use a tripod, as with my present camera, pictures with out are not acceptable otherwise. Picture below was taken with my present camera and then worked on with editing software. Once upgraded I will take the same picture again and post.
  7. I have a Nikon Coolpix L110 that primarily I use for pictures to post on the internet on sites such as this. I am not happy with the quality of pictures taken indoors ,in low light. Camera is 12.1 mp with a 1/2.3 " sensor. http://www.nikon.com.au/en_AU/product/discontinued/digital-compact-cameras/life/coolpix-l110#overview Would a camera with more mp but the same sensor size take better pictures in low light? Not worried about zoom or wifi connection. Can any one recommend something Point and shoot , between $300- $500 Thinking of this. Be gentle if I am kidding my self. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-16-september/saturday-detail-wk37/ps/p/sony-cybershot-dsc-h300-camera/
  8. You need on of these now http://www.tangospinner.com/products.php
  9. I use two Brevile bread cutter racks that I found at a garage sale for $2 each. Had to slightly alter them to keep the records from rolling out but they work.
  10. I think we may be in agreement @andyr I am convinced of the need for changing the water frequently or using a filter during the cleaning , just not the need to then vacuum. Filter is much cheaper than a vacuum and saves an extra process. If I am in a hurry I direct a portable fan on my drying rack and the records dry in minutes.
  11. Have read the last few pages with interest. Not really convinced about the need for vacuuming after ultrasonic ,as long as you are changing the water frequently or are using a filter. IMO it smacks of Hi Fi related excessive compulsiveness. But whatever floats your boat.
  12. Rega 2 & 3 differences

    :The RB250 uses the same arm tube as the RB300 but substitutes the stainless end stub for a threaded plastic version and the counterweight is black painted steel rather than tungsten or stainless" https://www.vinylengine.com/a-guide-rega-tonearms.shtml Cheaper materials for the RB250 and some people will claim a tungsten counter weight gives better sound than a black ,painted steel counter weight. Overall I would agree with ophool . if you have a P2 your money would be better spent on upgrading the cart.
  13. I will message you with the contact details for the two Fairs , so as not to side track this thread.