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  1. Hi I have a Luxman PD277 and I like it a lot . Not familiar with the A522 but from what I can see on the web it is similar to a entry level Rega and there is some suggestion it is a re badged Rega. So it is quite similar to your Project TT. Basicly they are two very different TT's . PD277 is a fully auto, Direct Drive TT and the A522 is a fully manual ,belt drive TT. Also although there is presently a A522 on ebay for $999 IMO they are not worth a fraction of that. One sold on this site a few years ago for $75,admittedly it needed to be put back together. PD277 and other similar Direct Drive Luxman TT's are presently selling for around $600 in good condition.
  2. @Misterioso Thanks for posting . I am very interested to see how the stylus looks after a clean and you get more experienced with the camera. It would be good if this camera was able to show if a stylus is worn, as I have a few old carts that sound great but I am not sure of the condition of the stylus.
  3. Yes I see he is using a LP in the MFN vid
  4. Have not watched the doco and not a big fan of DS but MK played a Fender so why would he want it to sound like a Gibson.
  5. Or a neck cushion on long haul flights.
  6. Found these at a Garage sale today. May come in handy in the future.
  7. Loved T1 and have both the sound track cd's . Would be nice to have the first on on vinyl. Will go and see T2 . Thanks for review. I'm an oldie too
  8. Welcome Mus We all have to start somewhere and SNA is a pretty good place to start.
  9. Removing or replacing the earth appears to be a common thing. With the SL still being so popular and in demand lot's of information out there. http://www.djresource.eu/Topics/story/110/Technics-SL-Replacing-Signal-and-Ground-Wire/ This one is quite good to http://markyg.me/2014/03/replacing-rca-cables-and-self-grounding-technics-1200-turntables/ Or you could do this ,if your soldering is not up to much. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Technics-SL-1200-1210-NO-SOLDER-Audio-RCA-Cable-Tonearm-PCB-ProteX-Black-1-2m-/252727483268?hash=item3ad7bb5b84:g:RYQAAOSwk5FUztBA
  10. Welcome Mullet It will be interesting to know what differences you hear in your vinyl set up ,old to new. The Funkfirm Little Super Decks appear to be picking up a bit of a following and you would expect it to be a noticeable improvement over the Project Debut Carbon with internal pre. What cartridge do you have on your Project Debut Carbon presently?
  11. Hi Owen Nice work If you come up with a spindle that enables some pressure to be put on the record labels ,other than the threaded rod, I would be interested in a couple. Robin
  12. Thanks @Miguel You learn something every day. Have come across TT's with type of plug and had assumed like @cram that it was a USA plug and I purchased an old Technics SU3000 amp on Saturday and it had the out put socket you mention. Good luck with sale
  13. IMHO Jake your post would be more suitable in the Tweaks Vs Science thread. If there was any possibility that such treatments for paint were needed they would be undertaken by the manufacturers who compete to give the best product. There is no more need for this treatment for modern paint finishes than there is for the additives sold to put in modern engine oil. I do not believe you will find any paint manufacturer who recommends such treatments. I have recently purchased a car and after a extremely long time spent negotiating the price and changeover I was sent to see the Add ons salesperson who tried to sell me all number of items that I did not need ,such as tinted windows for a car that already had window tinting. The fact is that profit margins on car sales are quite tight whereas the profit margin for treatments and add ons, that are probably not required, is enormously high. Most cars are presently being sold with anything from a five to seven year warranty that covers paint defects. Yes you will probably find a much better dollar deal if you have any treatments done by a third party ,because they are not trying to make up for the low margins on the sale of the car, but any treatment done by a third party could void any warranty on your new car.
  14. Just had another look and noticed.!!!!!! NOTE: Due to a current large backlog of work, we are not taking new jobs until the 1st July 2017, Thanks Peter