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  1. I assume we are all talking about 12'' 45rpm singles. As 7'' 45rpm singles do not have the same level of sound quality due the amount of space for the groves. I have some great sounding XTC 12'' singles . Unfortunately it is not the case for all 12'' 45rpm singles, some still sound crap. Garbage in garbage out. And just to catch you out and confuse things I have some 12'' singles that play at 33rpm
  2. Hi Geoff If you only have a few that require centers/ spiders the snap in ones could be the way to go as it is a permanent fix. $7.10 with post http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5-x-JUKEBOX-SPiDERS-large-centre-hole-record-adapters-45RPM-multi-colour-/301664659806?hash=item463c9d695e:g:HSIAAOSw~gRVgUgr I really like the look of the one you have linked to. Perhaps suggest it as a birthday present. The dome shaped ones are used by DJ's as they aide quicker changing of records. There are lots out there .This is a thread I posted recently
  3. You can also change the stylus on the 2M Bronze. Although not the rega Exact
  4. Ikea have a number of designs that would be suitable but your big problem is mounting any such unit to a wall as most of them would be designed to be free standing. Plus you are talking about a lot of weight so ,unless the wall is brick or masonry you will have to make sure you find a number of studs.
  5. Hi Desmo You could try a better stylus for your cart as a cheaper option than a Bronze. https://www.lpgear.com/product/eSHN110HESAS.html
  6. This type of Luxman are generally well regarded and there is a demand for them. I have sold two in the last year, using ebay. A PD277 recently, with a generic counter weight and non original lid for $450 and a PD 289 that was more original for $650. I am in Brisbane and did not want to pack and post and this would have cost me bidders. If you are in Sydney not offering postage may not be an issue. Take lots of good photos and give as much information as you can. If this discussion continues you should reach you posting goal soon.
  7. I use tap water, isopropyl alcohol and a small amount of Photo flow in my cleaner but I would have thought you would get some benefit with just water.
  8. Are you sure it is working? When turned on you should be able to see movement of the water. It is hard to see why you are getting no improvement at all and that surface noise is some times worse, if the records are actually being cleaned.
  9. Meridian M10 , active speakers. Just noticed they are a bit up the road in Deception Bay. Quite interesting. Never seen any before. Hopefully they are fully working at $1500 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/deception-bay/stereo-systems/meridian-sound-system/1147334865
  10. As you indicate the Rega Exact is in a higher price bracket, plus rather than the elliptical stylus of the 2M Red the rega has a better fine line micro-ground stylus. There could be a reason that the cheaper 2M Red is the cart that is currently fitted ,such as the Exact has a large number of hours on it or it is damaged.
  11. Appears to be identical to mine and now about $40 cheaper than six months ago! I also purchased mine from an Australian seller ,as I thought it would then have to comply with Australian standards. Mine arrived with a mains lead that had a non au plug on it, plus an adaptor. I just swapped this for a better quality standard AU lead . Perhaps the better power lead increased its cleaning ability.
  12. Item: Wharfedale 435 Speakers , made in England Location:The Gap, Brisbane Price: $60 Item Condition: Good ,some wear and tear Reason for selling:Have finished restoring some Kef Speaker so no longer using them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pick up only H490mm x W 265mm x D 280mmWoffer 160mm8 ohm impedance and 100 watt power handling.Good condition and excelent sound.No grillsPick up from The Gap, 9k west of the City Pictures:
  13. Hi Ken Similar topic posted yesterday. This is my effort with three, gloss black, spray cans. The trick is to take off the speakers , spend time masking up, rub them back with very fine sandpaper and then three or four light coats. I wanted the grain to still show through. Mine were already dismantled to refurb the speakers.
  14. Welcome Great site to pick up knowledge and information. Pink Floyd have the cop singing You'll never walk alone, at the end of one of their track . That could combine both your interests.
  15. If the vinyl wrap does not work out ,as long as the speakers are actual timber vernier spray can paint works well. I have just done a pair of Kef speakers and they came out really well. Admittedly they were already black,they had just faded and had a few knocks.