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  1. @stevoz This is mine. The sound quality is excellent so I am sure you will enjoy it.
  2. Picked up a pair of Yamaha NS 351 speakers recently. Apart from a few pictures, there appears to be almost no information on the net. Does any one know of them. Will not be able to try them out until the weekend. This is a pic off the net not my pair.
  3. Perhaps the sound was different to you at first and when you had become accustomed to it you thought it had improved. But this is coming from some one that leaves his Vincent pho 8 permanently turned on, as it was suggested on this site that it then sounded better.
  4. Cart sitting too low

    Agree with @Hensa Every thing points to too much VTF ie new and old stylus react the same. If the stylus returns to a normal angle when you lift the arm it suggests too much VTF. Try less and see how it goes. @Wimbo I do not believe the cart has any suspension .The Cantilever is held ridged in cartridge, see link. http://www.audioimages-hifi.com/page5/page39/page40/files/daca14549e219c886a0bcbf6f8f52c7c-0.html
  5. Cart sitting too low

    It is hard to see that can be correct. The slightest warp and you will probably have problems. .This is Eltech's Shure M95ed stylus, defiantly more than a *** paper gap. Th
  6. Cart sitting too low

    Can you check the tracking force with scales. I had a similar problem once and I had not had the tracking weight actually set to 0 when I balanced the arm, so all further adjustment was then way out ,resulting in too much force / weight
  7. Freebie with donation to SNA

    Agree even a nominal amount is likely to help make sure the item goes to some one that actually wants it, that amount can then be donated. I put a solid timber TV unit on gum tree recently, that I no longer had a use for. Would have been happy for it to just go to a good new home for free but listed at $10 just to put off the freebe hunters. With in seconds some one offed $5 !!!! closely followed by a number of people who actually had a use for it and happy to pay the token amount..
  8. I own the Vincent . It is a noticeable improvement on the internal phono of my Denon PMA 700V. I think you would have to spend a $1000 plus to get something noticeably better.
  9. Currently Spinning

    Arrived to day , playing it now. Stone Roses Second coming. Great sq. First in can use the down load from the Back to Black site C87ZF5X58 as I already have the cd. www.backtoblackvinyl.com
  10. Supex SMM4 out of retirement

    Thanks @ eltech Mine arrived a couple of days a go and sounds great. $30 free post. No blue tak required for mine . I removed the guard. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/STYLUS-for-SHURE-M95ED-M95EJ-CARTRIDGE-N95ED-N95EJ-REALISTIC-RS9E-NEEDLE/112167159606?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  11. Tannoy westminster se build

    Without wanting to take any responsibility for the treatment of speakers that are probably worth more than my entire system. I work at a University and the staff of our Art Gallery told me they deal with mould on paintings by placing them in sun light. The uv kills the mould and then it can be removed with a light brush.
  12. What do we have here?

    "I'm wondering how to tell the condition of the needle... other than with a magnifying glass" Unfortunately you need a microscope to tell if a cartridge is worn and then you need the ability to know what you can see, means.
  13. Sub Setup

    Yes the speaker cables. Left + & - and Right + & - is really two cables , not the four that it looks like on the diagram. So it is actually two pairs and a single instead of four pairs
  14. Sub Setup

    Yes that will work. I have a sub on my 2 channel setup, configured the same way. Some amps have a sub output and there can be a single sub input on the sub. Main advantage of this set up is five cable instead of eight.
  15. It may be the speaker but before doing any of the above how about checking it is not the amp or a bad connection.