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  1. Strewth!
  2. FYI
  3. This naim superuniti may still be available
  4. Thanks, I'll check them out.
  5. Hey @blybo what brand armwarmers are you using?
  6. You could also consider a tapered fit softshell jacket like those from mountain designs or macpac. I bought one a year ago in the sales for under $100 just for casual wear. It's similar to this Mine has a thin layer of fleece inside and has shed heavy rain. When i lived in the US I used a pair of Event lined pants for winter communting. They came from sierra trading Which often has some bargains.
  7. My other half got the castelli alpha jacket for about $80!! So keep an eye out for the bargains.
  8. My other half recently got a castelli alpha jacket for winter riding on special from She likes it. It's not waterproof, but sheds light rain ( Apparently these jackets breath well. You could combine it with a castelli squadra jacket, or similar shell, for extra protection when it poors. I stuff a Motion rain jacket in my back pocket in case of rain. But it's not very breathable ( and sweat does accumulate if i go hard.
  9. I heard this last week sounding great. It's so quiet it give me a fright when the music started. The finish is very high quality. It's a bargain at this price. Apparently it paired very well with my wyred 4 sound stp se preamp that was in Anthony's workshop for a checkup.
  10. Klein Treue DAC
  11. Plus 72c international transaction fee (with CBA).
  12. Okay. I was just wondering if the BR player is causing the effects, but as it was fine with the old sony then you're most likey right, it's probably the newer tvs. Big shame none of the tvs you tried past the test. Can you remember how your old sony was calibrated and can you replicate that on the newer models in the store? Was HDR activated? P.S. A few months ago I bought an LG but with IPS panel. Fabulous remote and UI, but crappy picture and sound quality. So i swapped it for a Samsung LCD which has a comparatively crappy UI and remote (but still fine in use) but better picture and sound.
  13. Can you compare disc against a blue ray rip of the same movie played via usb?
  14. Too bad. Play with the settings If you still don't like it afterwards, and if possible, swap it for a sony or samsung.