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  1. First post says he'll be there next week. Might have a winner?
  2. And sold to the man in the blue sports car! (Hint @Cafad)
  3. If this is upgraded to current direct stream spec I'm interested if not already sold. Just PM me if no one is dead keen
  4. Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    Well, Seeing I had them first it's only fair I pipe up to start us off. First off I currently own ML3 Reference, did have ML2 Limited's and also had a set of ML1's somewhere between +R and Reference spec, so i've had a bit to do with the Lenehan gear over time. These are pretty impressive little speakers and have a very similar sound to the ML1's. I'd say they're as open in the top as the ML1's were and very nearly as good in the midrange. They don't have big thunderous bass, but then neither do the ML1's. That said, depending on your musical preference and unless you are listening to heavy stuff for example Disturbed or Nickelback you don't really miss it. First cd I put in was the same i'd just listened to on the ML3s before connecting, Amy Dickson Dusk & Dawn with the intent to just listen to the first song Pavane to see how they handled saxophone, and ended up listening to the whole CD before finally getting up. If you've heard the magic mini monitor (ML1) and liked it, you'll love these for a fraction of the cost. I had intended to just give them a quick listen for a couple hours and reconnect the ML3's the same day, but they ended up being so easy to listen to I left them there until about 10 minutes before Cafad came to collect them. Even with speakers costing 15times as much underneath them, I just didn't have a desire to switch back, they are just so easy to listen to. I can't think of another speaker at or below the price of an ML1 i'd have over these, but sadly I can't talk the other half into a "Garage System" for an excuse to build a pair. Edit: To summarise, think ML1 on a Budget, DIY but you get to pick your finish! $1000 certainly easier than $4600 (I think? for ML1?)
  5. You won't see them at this price though
  6. Item: Bel Canto Dac 3 Location: Kingaroy Price: $1250 Posted Anywhere In OZ Item Condition: Presents Like New Reason for selling: Eyes on a tube based PDX if this goes quickly (Hence also no need for the balanced leads) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(buyer pays fees), COD Only, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Not too much to say, its a great dad, smooth plenty of punch can be used as a digital preamp and has 2 coax, 1 is BNC the other RCA (but i'll include a bnc/rca adaptor too) optical and USB. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/bcddac3/dac3.html I do have the original box, manual and the full function remote. Also included are 50cm Bel Canto branded XLRs which were a $500 add-on when sold with the Dac's. I believe they are actually made by Kimber, but can't find anything to confirm either way Stock piccies for now but can certainly get new ones. Pictures:
  7. Definitely runs class a but only the first 10-20 watts, it does have about 35kg of heat sinks though.
  8. TAD CE-1 & Accuphase A70 or P7300

    I think they don't mention the AB switch is it removes the "pure class a" title, which might lose sales. its all marketing sure, but it's marketing that sells.
  9. I can confidently say my Magnus (class a in low output) sounds much better the longer it's on for (up to 2 days improves things) however at 550watts idle consumption I simply can't afford to leave it running, I think it works out to about $5a day to leave it on. It generates absolutely no heat somehow though, even if you run it hard for hours it barely hits 35degrees.
  10. Would be nice but I doubt he'd drop 4-5 grand off it to suit my budget . GLWTS
  11. David, I've answered as honestly as I can. I believe it's better than any standalone phono stage I can find and has XLR(balanced plugs). my opinion is subjective on sound and others may not agree, but I can say I've been incredibly happy with it. with the cartridge loading you can experiment with any combination of capacitance and resistive loading to find what suits, and you can do this from the buttons on the front or I believe even from the remote, rather than dip switches underneath, can't be much easier than that
  12. Hey, Put simply david, it's the best phono pre-amp I've ever heard (in my own system at least), getting the correct settings will help tone any harshness or brightness form the cartridge to an extent, but won't make a DL103 sound like a Dynavector 17D3 for example. From experience I can say with my Sumiko, the more I lower the capacitive loading the duller it sounds. 47k ohm is almost unlistenable, 980 is perfect and if I lower it further it loses the lovely treble its capable of. Like most settings its a balancing act to find the right one. I'd confidently say its a better phono pre than anything you are likely to find around the $2k mark standalone, and likely to improve your sound, but if its not the phono pre causing issues in your system it may not be a 1 box fix. It does have 2 sets of balanced outputs so you can connect it easily to your amps, but I can't confirm "fully balanced" or offer any insight on how this will improve/detract from your system. I've always preferred single ended in any amp/pre combo i've tried even though the balanced option has nearly always been there.