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  1. @balk2117
  2. Thanks guys. I'll let the owner know to halve those prices for the NZ market.
  3. Anyone know what these are worth? EX+ vinyl. AC/DC Let There Be Rock 1989 AU EX+ VG+ AC/DC Powerage 1987 AU EX+ VG+
  5. My annual ANZAC day listen.
  6. Andy, Your conclusion may well be correct. Or the second reclean may just have removed all the remaining dirt from the grooves, so if you had done a second aquarium filter clean you also could have gotten it to sound quieter. A rewash (3rd time cleaning) may also have resulted in no quieter with aquarium filter, as its already as clean as its going to get.
  7. The tank is curved at the corners, so the outer lps need to be a few centimeters in from either long edge. Otherwise they hit the tank. I'll try omitting or moving the spacers. Or just do three at a time
  8. @Owen Y Just an after thought, with 4 lps its a bit of a tight fit getting them in, as you do need to angle the spindle (and hence the stack of lps) to get the drive coupler in position. If it was a vertical drop in place, it would be much easier with 4 lps and possibly even with 5, given the spacer widths. Cleaning should be uniform as the gap between the records is the same, just more lps being cleaned at once, cf narrower spacers, which could possibly reduce cleaning ability. If the support had a cut out, then vertically dropping the stack of lps in place would be easier. Not sure about the structural integrity but should be oK given the bottom is still in tact.
  9. I've been watching the various DIY Ultrasonic cleaners for the past few years or so with great interest. Almost got one bought over from USA, but even with free transport cost (via a US visiting relative) the lp holder/spinner still seemed too expensive. Owen's version is much more affordable! It is designed for one model of US cleaner, and one model of lp rotater only. However, these two are very commonly available worldwide. It also packs up to a small footprint when you've finished cleaning.
  10. I've recently finished listening to Don't Suck, Don't Die: Giving Up Vic Chesnutt "Kristin Hersh toured with Chesnutt for nearly a decade and they became close friends, bonding over a love of songwriting and mutual struggles with mental health. In Don’t Suck, Don’t Die, she describes many seemingly small moments they shared, their free-ranging conversations, and his tragic death. More memoir than biography, Hersh’s book plumbs the sources of Chesnutt’s pain and creativity more deeply than any conventional account of his life and recordings ever could. Chesnutt was difficult to understand and frequently difficult to be with, but, as Hersh reveals him, he was also wickedly funny and painfully perceptive. This intimate memoir is essential reading for anyone interested in the music or the artist."
  11. Don't have this one. Might have to Spotify or Tidal it!
  12. I reckon! Gary will be fuming at the low price his gear is selling for now!
  13. That M8 is the one to get. Congrats on whoever got it!
  14. So far lovely quiet clean copies, heavy weight vinyl and card stock, poly lined sleeves. Picture quality isn't the best, although the printing is very good, eg on text. Pressed in EU. No info on mastering etc. Jazz Track label, so most probably grey market from a digital source. Sound quality is warm and clean on Ella & Loius, but I only have a very sibilant Back to Black version to compare it to. So for less than $100 its a no brainer for me (ccvinyl from their discogs site, cheaper than Amazon). But someday I'd like to hear the Ella & Loius Analogue Production 45 rpm mono version (US$50 +postage).