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  1. Yeah, I have Southeastern on vinyl and totally agree.
  2. Have been spinning the Jason Isbell on Tidal and the vocals sound a bit muted/muffled. @scuzzii how does the vinyl sound?
  3. I have a few 103R's with various wood bodies but the more significant change I believe is with my 103R with Shibata stylus (plastic body).
  4. Oink, oink, oink... Soundsmith seemed to have solved a lot of the "problems" by giving a 103R a wood body and brass top plate, tweaking the compliance and adding a boron cantilevered nude contact lined diamond. This certainly aint no pig, but is it still a 103?
  5. I'm still waiting for my vinyl to arrive
  6. I'd just screw/nail it to the floor through the carpet.
  7. Sennheiser IE80 in ear monitors Really impressed with these, the base is tuneable (my preference is for it to be set to minimum). All I need now is to find a cable with mic that's Android compatible, as apparently Sennheiser thinks only Apple users buy their hps.
  8. perfect for you then, no overhang problem.
  9. On an early Amadeus, you can adjust the position of the golfball by moving the arm above it that it hangs off.
  10. With the golf ball designed arms you could adjust effective length by not centering the golf ball in the container of gloop. Probably almost by as much as the allowance in slotted headshells.
  11. Original pressings of this are getting quite pricey these days. Clean Anthology 4xLP
  12. Great cart, v good price. Had one of these and when I broke it traded it for a 20x2h (as importer didn't have any 20x2Ls on hand at the time).