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  1. I'll take Joy Division please pm sent mantronix in full effect MJ thriller LL cool J Radio Japan pressing LL Cool J Bigger and Deffer also I can't see the KRS one and BDP records in the list, are they available? Cheers
  2. I would be pretty hard pressed to find 20 records at my local salvos that are playable, let alone that I would buy. I do look at it from time to time, the stuff is in shocking condition, and not really my cup of tea most of it Inglebert Humperdink and so on
  3. you can spend all the money you want on a turntable, but records are the real money pit - pretty soon that Project deck would seem like a drop in the ocean by comparison if you really get into it
  4. HAHAHA you don't mess about do you, less than 24 hour turn around
  5. Ha ha no worries, sorry if I got a bit excited! was only speaking from my experience which most people wouldn't be doing I guess If you mostly have 33's then I guess it's not an issue. I have technics where everything is at the push of a button. Like Sime I bought the rega for the missus as a fun gift, but when we got it we at first couldn't believe that you have to remove the platter (she has many 45's also) And when there seems to be a clear audio concept popping up in the classifieds every second week, if I did it again I would spend that bit extra for something that stays in one piece
  6. well for me it is, but I have a lot of records, 45's, 33's, many 12" with different speeds on each side. The odd 12" even with tracks different speeds on the same side. So let's say I have a evening session of listening to some tunes - 20 records, I might have to take the platter off 10 times? Would that annoy you? I low light I can't even see where to put the belt on the pulley, it drove me nuts. I guess you have to go up to the P3 to get some quality? Because the P1/RP1 is a joke, P2 looks more or less the same
  7. taking off the platter to change speeds on a rega is a super PITA, it's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever come across. Would avoid it at all costs, especially if you're giving it to the missus as a sort of set and forget thing
  8. cheers fellas yes turns out it has been around for awhile There's a guy that has posted a few demos with the new rega brio on youtube but of course, it's youtube so I don't know what they sound like. I'm a small speaker guy only because I'm also a small room guy
  9. I came across this speaker while looking around. I love small full range speakers and have had a couple. This looks like the perfect speaker for me - good for near field (desktop) quite easy to drive, beautiful, minimal design. From all accounts, very competitive with the Kef LS50, which I have been wanting to get for ages, but to be quite frank, am getting sick of hearing about. Not much around on the web about this speaker manufacturer, except for one or two reviews. Anyone have any first hand experience with the Guru Junior? Know of any plans to get them out here? Looks to be only available in Europe and UK, and at the price + shipping would probably turn out rather expensive. But I am loving the look of it review:
  10. Item: Peachtree nova220se Price Range: 1200-1300 ish seems to be going rate for used one. Item Condition: must be excellent condition, would very much prefer box/accessories etc Extra Info: Not too fussy about which wood finish I would also go for one of the new models, probably unlikely, but would have to be the nova150, I think the 300 would be out of my price range. Have to sell my burson gear first but I have a super keen buyer for it so I'm not going to list them. also btw would prefer local meet up/pick up, unless you're clearly an active member in the classifieds with good feedback
  11. more German acid/electro, Bunker 3040. Can't get enough of it.
  12. As the saying goes, long time lurker first time poster. Friday night highlight.