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  1. Holy s*** shane that's awesome !
  2. digging on some Theo Parrish, because I found for cheap one of the Parallel Dimensions yesterday, with a sticker on it that says "PRICE DROP All copies of this one suffered from some average pressing quality. Still fine, just not huge!" I was like, that's what his records sound like. Turns out it's pretty awful, not just the pressing but the recording quality... But the tunes are massive and I can live with an average sounding record. all part of the fun and then I busted out Took Me All The Way Back, his second 12. so epic. This is single sided and about as thin as a record can be. down and dirty!
  3. yes if it looks similar to a 1200 it's an imitation, but there's nothing wrong with that glad you got something. enjoy the ride.
  4. Hi Jim don't agonise too much over most of the stuff in your post, you're over thinking it. I agree with lots of the other ppl, at this level there's really not much in it. Buy something second hand and put a record on it. My recommendation is a 2nd hand technics 1200 - there are 2 shops on smith st selling them, with warranty. You could get one in mint condition for about $800 and sell it in 5 years for $800. They hold their value better than anything. if you buy a new "entry level" rega you won't get $400 for it a month later. I've owned one, they are made of plastic and chipboard. Simply not worth the cost. They should cost 3 or 400 bucks, not 600. If you buy it second hand don't pay more than $300. Having said that, I would take the second hand cheap rega over one of those Audio technica toys if $300 is more like what you want to spend. re your amp, unless you have a very good amp without a phono pre, then get a decent budget amp - most integrated amps in the $500 area these days have a perfectly decent phono stage. I wouldn't even be thinking about investing in a dedicated phono until (if) you fall in love with records. Just one more headache at this point. I don't have one, I've always been happy with the built in. I guess you could get one of those little boxes for about $100 if that's easier, I'm sure they do the job if buying a new amp isn't feasible. I personally wouldn't go near a deck with a built in amp, but that's not based on experience.
  5. aesthetics of anything is the most important thing to me. that doesn't mean I will buy something that looks great but sounds awful, but if I don't like how something looks I won't go near it If I'm looking for a component I make up a short list based purely on how it looks. Then narrow it down based on performance/availability. also I generally only buy second hand a take a punt on stuff as it comes up. I guess if I had the money to go and sit somewhere and demo a load of high end gear and make a decision based on performance, and really loved something over and above everything else, then maybe looks wouldn't be so important but that's a luxury I don't think I'll ever afford. This hasn't always worked for me tbh, Audeze headphones being the best example - I was totally seduced by the look and never considered what it felt like to have a couple of wooden bricks and half a cow strapped to my head.
  6. SWERVEDRIVER Raise and the four EP's
  7. I will probably get slayed for this but whatever, Neil Young never did nowt for me. I just found this record yesterday in a bargain bin at JB Hi Fi, something I have never done before. An album I had all but forgotten. Classic early 90's bit of pop that KILLS the original. Saint Etienne's cover of Only Love Can Break Your Heart and even better still, Andrew Weatherall's even dubbier remix
  8. wow that's the fastest I have had a thread approved I guess the footy hasn't started yet.
  9. Item: Various mods/upgrades for your Rega turntable, see below Location: Carlton North VIC 3054 Price: itemised below... FYI I have priced all items at roughly 50% off the current landed price. Item Condition: excellent used condition. Reason for selling: NLR sold my Rega P1 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Buyer to pay postage costs Extra Info: I have sold my Rega P1 through a WTB, so this lot is no longer required. Priority will be given to someone that takes the the lot, with a 10% discount (excluding the white belts). Feel free to express interest in individual items via pm. I will also give preference to a local that can pick up, so please don't be offended if I don't respond to PM's immediately. Also please do your own research re compatibility. So the bundle excluding the white belts is $400.00 Groovetracer Reference Sub Platter $220.00 excellent condition. Note that i don't have any oil, so you'll need to get some. Ceramic bearing included. I believe there's meant to be a magnet with it for taking out the stock bearing. Not included, you can use a magnetic screw driver or tip the deck upside down to get it out! I bought this from another SNA'er along with the feet. Can't remember who. lpturntables Michael Lim frosted acrylic platter $100.00 excellent used condition, comes with original shipping box. lpturntables Michael Lim cork platter mat. $15.00 Nothing special, same as any other cork mat that can be had on ebay for $30-40. lpturntables Michael Lim isolation feet $40.00 3 feet, retro fit with stock rubber feet. some scratches on the underside that can't be seen. lpturntables Michael Lim Plinth top and bottom bracing in bare metal - selling only as a set. $70.00 I believe the top piece is aluminium and the bottom is stainless steel. lpturntables Michael Lim bearing sheath - ONLY SUITABLE FOR P1/RP1 $5.00 Rega white belts unopened. 2 available. $40.00 ea including express postage. (I you're picking up I'll do for $35 ea) You know what time it is. SRM Tech Platter Isolating discs 1mm and 2mm thickness, I will throw these in for free if you buy the bundle, or with any one that wants them with another item if I end up splitting. Goes in between the sub platter and platter. Unused. Probably not ideal with the Groovetracer sub platter, but I guess you could use them to tweak the platter height/add some more dampening. I'll also chuck in a Michael Lim Motor Thrust thing. No idea why I even bought it. Pictures to come edit pics added
  10. you can do it as normal. I've left feedback now as a buyer and seller, having put up a WTB thread and now having answered one. It works in exactly the same way.
  11. records I have wanted since I was 17. stoked
  12. yes yes yes pm sent
  13. re castors, the castors on my kallax are from Ikea, made for the kallax. They aren't screwed directly into the base, they are fixed on bars which run underneath the unit. So the swivel doesn't put any strain on the kallax, also the width is bigger than the width of the base. IMO they are great, way more stable than screwing castors into it. Cost $20 each from Ikea, and you need 3 for a horizontal 4x4 in my pics see the back and front castors, well there is a metal flat bar running underneath that the shelf sits on and you screw them in place at the front and back
  14. It took me a while to work out what you meant but I see. It's the only way to do it for me though, because it has me decks and mixer on it. Next time I play I'll put up a pic - directly opposite is my desk and I spin the shelf around and connect it to my desktop hi fi. I have seen a few pictures like that on the web, it's just way too much weight at the top. 4x4 lying down is fine. I have considered doing something to reinforce it but there's really nowhere to screw anything into, the corners all have dowel/screws. I think it would just introduce more points of weakness.
  15. I just added this to my kallax which worked perfectly. I was getting really annoyed with records disappearing behind it. Right angle moulding from bunnings cut to size and screwed in. This was a project I did this weekend and I am very happy with it! back: front, super neat: The castors are great but I would not use them on anything bigger. If you have the 16 size kallax, no way. It should be bolted to the wall. @zanda sounds like my set up is similar to yours. Makes for the perfect height. I don't find it a problem though moving with records in there, which I have to do anyway. Spin it around and hook it up to the desktop hi fi when I want to mix. VERY carefully and I also like very much these wooden crates from Like Butter here in Melbourne. as far as categorising goes I do it like this - country > label > artist for all electronic stuff and a different area entirely for other stuff, and none of it is alphabetical, but I know exactly where everything is. New/recent purchases are mostly in the wooden crates and then at the end of the year I consolidate/ will sort some stuff out to sell. @EV CaliI like the top, I have been thinking about doing something similar, looks really good.