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  1. rekindle the flame at the very least, you could grab the last remaining pair from Better Music. After that it's $1850 a pop from what I can gather
  2. Item: *SELLING AS A PACKAGE* Audeze LCD-2 with Bamboo cups and black leather free pads. Rev. 3 drivers Audeze LCD Carbon Fibre Headband Q Cables French Silk Cable, Brown, 2.5m with 6.3mm Ebonite termination Sieveking Omega headphone stand, cherry. Location: VIC 3054 Carlton North Price: $1600.00 Current best price retail for this lot is about $2300.00, I am hoping someone in the market for a new pair would be happy to get this lot for close to the price of the cans alone. Item Condition: All items are mint/as new condition and will 100% suit new buyer. Reason for selling: High end headphones just aren't for me, raising funds for other hi fi. Payment Method: COD / bank transfer / PayPal +3% Extra Info: Audeze LCD-2 I bought these off SNA member Sime in August last year. I found them too heavy and uncomfortable but I loved the sound, so I decided to pour a ton of cash into making them fit right. (Hence the pads and headband.) Originally purchased by Sime from Better Music in April 2016. While attempting to fit the leather free pads I damaged one of the drivers. Drivers were replaced by Addicted to Audio in September 2016, with the latest driver, Rev. 3. (cost me 500 bucks!) They also fitted a fresh pair of black leather free pads for me. So, remainder of warranty with Better Music, but remainder of warranty on drivers of 2 years is with A2A. The warranty is transferable but I'll be happy to help with any warranty claims if needed. I have all the original accessories - cable, headband (brown lambskin), pads (brown lambskin) which I managed to remove in tact and put back the sticker backs, so they can be reused if you prefer them to the leather free pads. (You won't.) All paperwork, original purchase receipt and receipt for the replacement drivers is included. Since replacing the drivers I've put about 20 hours into them. Audeze LCD Carbon Fibre Headband: Purchased direct from Audeze and shipped from the US (a fair bit cheaper than buying it here). This thing cost a fortune. It's a bit lighter and way more comfortable than the stock headband, and it looks dope. Super dope. Stupidly overpriced but very effective. Sieveking Omega headphone stand, Cherry: Genuine Sieveking, purchased by me from A2A. Mint. With original purchase receipt and soft carry pouch. Q Cables French Silk Cable, Brown with 6.3mm Ebonite termination: Purchased from another SNA member a few months ago. I can't remember who and I can't find the thread. This is a beautifully made cable, much more ergonomic than the stock cable, and lighter. Pictures:
  3. believe me I have tested it in every possible combination and with different speakers. Cables in/out, pre amp on/off, into a power board/directly into the wall. Moved the amp far away from the speakers. I have another amp in a different system - no noise. No issues anywhere else that suggest any problems with power. Buzz is coming from the speakers (both sets I've tested it with) and from inside the amp.
  4. yeah with or without cables, it there even when the pre-amp is turned off
  5. I finally got around to testing this with some other speakers and placed the amp far away from them. There's still a buzz, and I noticed the same noise coming from inside the amp, which I hadn't noticed before because it was next to the speaker. I'm now thinking this just can't be right, so I have got in touch with burson again and asked if I can bring it in. My amp is still under warranty. I'll keep you posted when I hear back from them
  6. @wizzie no I never bothered in the end - I had this reply from Alex at Burson: "The hum could be caused by a number of things but since it is coming out from the speakers it is not likely that it is caused by the transformer. You could reduce any interference by using its own dedicated power source instead of sharing its power on an extension board. May I ask how sensitive your speakers are? with sensitive speakers and at a very close distance, it is normal to hear some humming from its woofers. This due to the Class AB design of the Timekeeper. May I also ask where you have obtained the Timekeeper and if it is possible to bring the unit back to your dealer for a check up?" I have tried the amp off my power board and it's still has the hum. My speakers are not very sensitive but they are close together (this is my computer system). I just haven't got around to taking it in yet, and to be honest, forgot all about it - I can't hear it when there's music playing so it doesn't really bother me. Maybe I should send it in for a check up
  7. sold pending payment thanks everyone for the interest
  8. Item: Sennheiser HD 650 headphones Location: VIC 3054 - Carlton North Price: $280.00 Item Condition: Mintox Reason for selling: This was an impulse buy from SNA member admiralakbar13 (see sale thread below) I have always wanted to try the HD 650 and my LCD 2's were away for repair so I bought these. LCD's came back much quicker than expected, so I hardly used them at all. Will upload some pics if required, but it's pretty much brand new, no scratches on the paint anywhere, foam is all in tact and new-looking. Would suit new buyer. I listed the headphones and cable for sale over a month ago, but then pulled the sale, as I decided to let the Toxic cable go separately and didn't have the original cable for the headphones. original sale thread here: I have since bought a new cable directly from Sennheiser so it's back up for sale. Fantastic as new condition, comes with all accessories and retail packaging. No receipt though, so assume no warranty. 3 metre long Sennheiser cable unopened. preference will be given to local pick up but I'm open to posting if no local interest. Buyer to pay for postage. Cheers edit: pics. I'll throw in any dust and DNA for free.
  9. EDIT *** Withdrawn from sale. I've ordered a replacement stock cable, and may list the items again in a month with the option to buy separately. cheers Item: Sennheiser HD 650 headphone + Toxic Cables Silver Poison cable Location: VIC 3054 - Carlton North Price: $475.00 ono Item Condition: Mint, as new Reason for selling: This was an impulse buy from SNA member admiralakbar13 I paid $500.00. I have always wanted to try the HD 650's, and my LCD 2's were being repaired, so I bought these. It's a great headphone, but obviously can't touch the Audeze. Anyway, I got my LCD 2's back much quicker than expected, so have only used the Senny's for a couple of hours. Not willing to separate at this stage, as I do not have the stock cable. I can't say if the cable improves/changes SQ as I never had the stock cable but I will say this - It does a tremendous job of getting sound from my amp to the headphones, and looks really cool to boot. Light weight, silver, hand made etc. The cable is naked without the bling splitter, just clear wrap. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Happy to post if you are happy to pay for it. Extra Info: Comes with everything just like brand new, minus the stock cable. All manuals etc, but no original receipt so assume no warranty. Pictures: Will upload pictures later if required. Item presents as new. Cheers!
  10. I bought the hd650's off this guy a few weeks ago. Buy with confidence, he says they are mint condition and they are. glws
  11. OK thank you, I will keep an eye out for them also thanks for that camel link. I have never heard of it. Looks very handy.
  12. @kawara do you mind if I ask where? Would buy both at that price in a heart beat, currently the best I can find is closer to 1500 on amazon UK, before shipping I'm dying to try the dt 1990 but the price here is too high
  13. btw it's to stop you getting spam, it's never a good idea to put your email address or other personal info (like your phone number) in a forum post.
  14. hello Andy and welcome to SNA good ad and first post, but you should get rid of your email address. members will send you a personal message or post in the thread