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  1. when you put it down on a record and it skids and makes a horrible noise.
  2. I just got this today, listening right now. Coming from Shure M35X Grado DJ 200i and a new headshell. So good, I've loved (but never owned) Grado headphones when I have demoed them, so always been keen to try a cart. It's lovely.
  3. The Cure Disintegration

    Pornography, imho their best album. even though the hanging garden has never really excited me, but I guess in the context of the album it's great... but yeah amazing record
  4. Vinyl Box Sets

    I have cd boxsets that are good, it's good to find a whole discography but here are my most special that I really love a lot. Massive Attack - Singles excellent quality records, nice presentation and the box cover is heat sensitive (that's my face) and this is amazing, David Mancuso - The Loft 1 + 2
  5. they look exactly the same as the nakamichi branded ones I have, can also be bought for pretty cheap on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20x-Red-Nakamichi-24K-Gold-Plated-Speaker-Cable-Wire-Connector-4mm-Banana-Plug-/401314273209?epid=838110782&hash=item5d7031d7b9:g:NFMAAOSwSzFZX0wz actually, I'll go all in and say they are exactly the same good product
  6. wrong forum maybe? http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/38-music-streaming-services/
  7. Elvis Died 40years ago Today

    In the Ghetto, no question. Always really loved that song. his life/death is before my time (almost - '74 kid) but I always remember a t-shirt from about 20-30 years ago that said "If Elvis was still alive he'd be dead by now" there is a tribute grave/monument in Carlton Cemetery, my parents always get a kick out of it.
  8. Electronic currently spinning

    Looks like a friday night in! I can't get enough of this atm. epic, haunting techno. It's nearly 20 minutes long, but go the distance. Jichael Mackson - Breitling Orbiter on Swiss label Phictiv. The quality of production and the pressing is superb, it sounds incredible. I have picked up a couple of his records lately, this is stand out.
  9. Electronic currently spinning

    goddam metal beat I love your turntable too nostalgic atm, another bit of the 90's, Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit
  10. hello mate probably too late anyway, but what amp wasn't sufficient and what amp was good, how much power do they need? cheers edit nvm, can see the specs on the website
  11. yes, because it's the best format for the purpose. I still want the source files I transcode from to be the highest quality possible given the circumstances, of course then the MP3 files will also be as good as they can possibly be. I know a 320kbps isn't as good as a lossless file, but not so much that it negates getting the best source files I can. I will keep the lossless files for my own listening and maybe my old man can have them later if he wants them. Perhaps I should have been more specific in the OP about the requirements, and my limitations - building a dedicated pc from old parts or whatever, trawling ebay for a silent batch of a particular motherboard, is not the solution I was looking for even though it might be "the best". I wasn't looking to set up a home recording studio.
  12. Electronic currently spinning

    I did it. It's amazing, like discovering Tutankhamun's toom I've never seen such an old record unopened. I got it from the US, it had the original price sticker on it, $31.00. It must have been sitting in storage somewhere for nearly 25 years. Unbelievable.
  13. Electronic currently spinning

    Something really special for me, which I just picked up. Had the CD back in the day. This is SEALED. but not for long. Richard Kirk (ex Cabaret Voltaire) Electronic Eye - Closed Circuit 4 x LP box set from 1994.