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  1. Apologies @Toyboyo if i have missed it, but what is your budget?
  2. I am definitely not going to get into a Devialet vs Vitus discussion, but show me where you can get a Vitus RI100, plus a qualty phono and quality DAC for $5800... Second hand RI100's are in the $9k range without phono or dac. Same can be said for Gryphon. The Diablo 300 is meant to be a cracker, but for the amp plus the phono and dac module the prices are as follows: Gryphon Diablo amp 24000.00 phono 3200.00 dac 8995.00 So all up we're talking about $36k RRP and as many know, the distributor of Gryphon doesn't like discounting! Just think it's worth putting things in perspective so we're comparing apples with apples.
  3. If only more people used this line 'I don't think that it would be better, but it would be different'. Well said @gray Once you're getting to the level/pricepoint of the Dev And Vitus it really does come down to what flavour you like. One is not necessarily 'better' than the other
  4. Hey there @Toyboyo I've owned pretty much all of the Devialet range. Started from a 120, to a 200, 400, and will soon receive a top of the line 1000 Pro. I have also owned/tried a HEAP of other audio gear so have plenty to compare to. Not sure if it's still available but there was a good as new Devialet 200 in the classifieds for $5800. As @Pim mentioned, they come from factory with a 5 year warranty, and if you later decide to 'upgrade' to the newer spec you have a full new 5 year warranty. I challenge you to find something that does absolutely everything like the dev does, at the level of quality it does it at, in such a beautiful looking small 1 box solution. At $5800 its an absolute no brainer in my mind.
  5. Thanks Brother Daz! If you're in the $500 range these are no brainers. As a replacement, i'll probably spend $1,500+ just to make myself believe i have bettered them
  6. Item: Townshend Isolda 2.5mtr Speaker Cables Location: Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: As below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+fees), Direct Deposit Extra Info: These are fantastic cables. Strong bottom end and resolving but not harsh on top. You'd be hard pressed to do better for the coin. Only selling as my 11 month old is crawling/walking and i need to go back to traditional style cables (not ribbon copper) which are a little more robust. These usually don't last long around here. Pictures below, i have the tin box they came in, just can't find it at the moment... Pictures:
  7. @Sir Rab of Everest @ABG Here is the response i got last week: Hi XXX,Thanks for reaching out!You can already buy 3-packs of the lifetime membership at 10% off, but we cannot offer discounts beyond those 3-packs even if you are buying multiple.To purchase a 3-pack of licenses, you can visit the Gifts tab of your account page: https://roonlabs.com/account.html Best, Kevin Pierson Roon Labs
  8. I'm definitely in
  9. The 10% discount is available for 3 purchases at once. I'm in, just need a week or two for the funds as i've been on a bit of spending spree lately
  10. You'd be hard pressed to get better for the money. Does the lot and at a very high level. Super price and as new! GLWTS
  11. Sorry for coming back late to my own thread Thanks for giving it a go @Marc It was a long shot. Seems like the heavy discounting days are over, and that's fine as i agree with @SteveC that i want them to be around longer than 5 minutes and succeed. Thanks for the support @Darren69. We just need another person for the 3 person 10% discount...
  12. Hey Dave, i had it quoted up a couple of weeks ago. I'll PM you
  13. Item: Gauder Akustik Cassiano MkII Location: Melbourne (Can ship interstate with original double box packaging) Price: $12,500 OBO (Under half RRP) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: See info Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal+ fees, Direct Deposit Extra Info: These are an as new pair of Gauder Akustik MkII Cassiano's in High Gloss Rosewood. The finish is Gauder's premium finish, they are the series above the entry level Vescova that was at the audio show. They look drop dead gorgeous, i love the look, finish and unique shape of the cabinets. Gauder send the cabinets to Poland where they spend at least 8 weeks having a minimum 8 coats of genuine piano gloss polyurethane applied with each coat then rubbed back to leave an absolute mirror finish with no orange peel. I have shown some pics during the day and evening to show the way the veneer looks under different lighting. They have high grade WBT binding posts, 50db high slope crossovers, Gauder specified Accuton drivers, and the walls of the cabinet are sand filled. The speakers come with all original shipping boxes, manuals, bit and pieces etc. I also purchased the $800 optional spike extended feet which not only look the part, but elevate the speakers as they are ported from the bottom. The spikes allow them to be adjusted/tilted as they sound best with a little lift at the front. If you don't want to use the extenders i also have the factory spikes. I will also include a pair of granite blocks if you want to sit the speakers on them. I purchased these approx 1 year ago, at the time i was told the RRP was $28,100 without spike extenders. They started off life as MkI Cassiano's and only recently Gauder has moved to MkII status. To help with their sale i have paid for the upgrade to MkII status which was installed by the AUS distributor Pure Music Group only weeks ago. They have since had 100 hours put on them for initial burn in. The upgrade includes new accuton tweeters and all new crossovers. From Gauder: The crossovers are massive with Mundorf parts used (can show pics of them). These are therefore practically back to new requiring a proper burn in period. I can't do it at the moment as i have no electronics recently selling my entire audio system. If anyone has ever heard Warwick/PMG's 'sound', these personify it. The sound is as coherent from top to bottom as i've heard in a speaker. They produce hefty bottom end with their 2 woofers. The mid range is to die for and overall i would say they are on the warmish side of neutral. You can listen to these for hours on end without listening fatigue, they really do a great job of making most styles of music sound fantastic. These also have a tuning ability on the bass where you can boost or reduce the bass by +/- 1.5%. I found this really handy in my room where i was exciting too many room resonances, all you do is adjust pins on the bottom of the speaker, if you leave the pins out you reduce the bass by 3%. I also found positioning to be quite user friendly due to the port being located on the bottom rather than rear of cabinet, allowing me to move the speakers closer to rear wall than i am used to. I am selling these as my partner doesn't think they suit the interior of our current house. Easier to just change speakers than deal with the arguments and no, we won't be changing the interior! I am taking a big hit on these and someone will pick up a bloody bargain! These are true high end speakers and the new crossover and drivers are brand new. Pictures:
  14. Ok mate, great! Let's wait to hear back from @Marc first in case he can snare a better deal