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  1. With all due respect, do you really think you can hold any company down to where they will be or what their support will be in 12 years? If you're looking that far ahead, just buy a well made pre/power that @Zaphod Beeblebrox recommends from a servicing point of view and swap in/out your dac as tech changes. Sticking to the Dev, all of it's firmware changes have previously supported 'old' models. One of the nice things also is that although the D-Premier became a D250, which can now be upgraded to a D250 pro, if you didn't do the upgrade from D-Prem to D250, Devialet are allowing D-Prem owners to upgrade directly to the Pro. With an outlook of 10+ years i'd be concerned about buying most digital gear these days!
  2. I'm not meaning to be a d.ck but if you bought that 200 that was in the classifieds for $5800 (or less) i really don't think you'd do better for the money with any other components (including the necessary cables). If you used it for a few years then sold it for $3k and lost $2,800 is that really a big deal? You're not buying audio gear as an investment and surely you're not expecting to get all your money back. Regarding reliability the Dev's have proven to be ultra reliable. The original devialet distributor told me out of almost 200 units he sold only 1 failed with was a blown internal fuse that was simply replaced. I've never had any issues with any units i've had (120, 200, 400, 800 and now a 1000 Pro). Regarding the Upgrade, at least they provide the option and move with the times. I just had my unit upgraded and the only thing that remained is the casing, everything from the packaging and internals is brand new plus a new 5 year warranty! Oh yeah, they also included 2 Audioquest power cables, an audioquest coaxial and trigger cable. Nice.
  3. Compared the b6 55" curved and the 55" c7. As you mention, the stand doesn't make any diff as i'll hang it on a wall. The main aesthetic difference of the screen (not the picture) is the b6 has a silver/aluminium border/frame whereas the c7 is a dark gunmetal or black. My girl much preferred the c7 look as it disappears more and doesn't stand out like the silver on the c7.
  4. Saw that exact screen today. Yep it's a good buy, i just don't prescribe to the curved screen concept.
  5. Fair point and good advice
  6. Walked in store and spoke to a human The 65" is definitely the way to go. I didn't try crunching hard (yet), and they would do it with delivery for $5600. At that price i don't think it makes sense hunting around for the old model @4900-5000 just to save 5 or 6 hundred. Warranty is 1 year, JB provide another 1-1.5 on top and for $349 i can extend to 5 years. I think the $349 is a no brainer.
  7. Just noticed the amazingly generous 1 year warranty. Are they kidding?? How can something that costs what these OLED's do, and be the best out there only offer a 1 year warranty? Is that the confidence they have in their products? I know this happens with many products these days but seriously, how can companies get away with a 1 year warranty for something like this? If i paid over $5k and the thing failed on day 366 i'd be mega pis.ed.
  8. Hmm, ok you've both talked me in to it! So should i be trying to find a 2016 B6, or shoot for the C7? Any diff besides price? Found this: http://www.discountshop.com/au/Electronics/LG-OLED-LG-OLED-OLED65B6P?gclid=CPuY9dTGpdMCFYeVvAodTAsL1A
  9. When it comes to audio gear i know my stuff. TV's i'm out of my depth! So i need your help and advice. I have an old Pana 50" which needs to go. It's damn ugly and not worth trying to hang on the wall which is want i'm after. Time to move to something newer. I'm thinking a 55" will be big enough, but probably need to go in store just to confirm whether i should go a 65". I know this will have a big bearing on price. My basic level of understanding is that OLED's are the best available? If so that really limits my options? Should i still look at LED? I checked Harvey Norman/Bing Lee etc online and there is this for $3700: http://www.harveynorman.com.au/tv-blu-ray-home-theatre/tvs/tvs/lg-55-c7-4k-ultra-hd-oled-smart-tv.html My budget is up to $5k. Appreciate any help and advice.
  10. My speakers are a difficult load dipping under 2ohm (ribbons) and even the entry Devialet 120 drove them with ease. Regarding the 6ohm rating, put that down to the French and their strange (different) way of communicating things
  11. I've shifted house many times and have always used archive boxes. The records fit in there perfectly, and the box can handle the weight. The lid sits over the top of the records but doesn't come all the way down. You can stack the boxes on top of each other and it's never damaged my records. You can buy a whole stack of them from bunnings/office works for not a lot of coin.
  12. Apologies @Toyboyo if i have missed it, but what is your budget?
  13. I am definitely not going to get into a Devialet vs Vitus discussion, but show me where you can get a Vitus RI100, plus a qualty phono and quality DAC for $5800... Second hand RI100's are in the $9k range without phono or dac. Same can be said for Gryphon. The Diablo 300 is meant to be a cracker, but for the amp plus the phono and dac module the prices are as follows: Gryphon Diablo amp 24000.00 phono 3200.00 dac 8995.00 So all up we're talking about $36k RRP and as many know, the distributor of Gryphon doesn't like discounting! Just think it's worth putting things in perspective so we're comparing apples with apples.
  14. If only more people used this line 'I don't think that it would be better, but it would be different'. Well said @gray Once you're getting to the level/pricepoint of the Dev And Vitus it really does come down to what flavour you like. One is not necessarily 'better' than the other
  15. Hey there @Toyboyo I've owned pretty much all of the Devialet range. Started from a 120, to a 200, 400, and will soon receive a top of the line 1000 Pro. I have also owned/tried a HEAP of other audio gear so have plenty to compare to. Not sure if it's still available but there was a good as new Devialet 200 in the classifieds for $5800. As @Pim mentioned, they come from factory with a 5 year warranty, and if you later decide to 'upgrade' to the newer spec you have a full new 5 year warranty. I challenge you to find something that does absolutely everything like the dev does, at the level of quality it does it at, in such a beautiful looking small 1 box solution. At $5800 its an absolute no brainer in my mind.