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  1. TAD Reference 1 Mk2

    RRP you're in the $100k region for these babies. End Game, GLWTS.
  2. FS : Siltech Princess XLR

    Great seller, buy with confidence Oh yeah, lovely cables too! GLWTS
  3. Ok, changing this to a FS classified and dropping the price to $2,950. I need the space and these need a good home! A hell of a lot of speaker for the coin.
  4. The Pro is a nice step up from the expert range. The internal streamer board has recently been announced, available in October. This unit will receive the new streamer board as a free upgrade GLWTS
  5. Mutec MC-3+ USB

    PM me mate, i have one
  6. Wine courier

    Send me a pm mate and i'll see if i can help
  7. Wine courier

    I work in national wine distribution. TNT are the absolute worst, more breakages than safe deliveries. Fastway are pretty good, you are provided a delivery window and 9 times out of 10 they hit it. Breakages are negligible on my end. When it comes to distributing wine, if you are only sending cases you're always trying to select the best of a bad bunch. @dave1 are the 2 cases you're sending to QLD relatively expensive? I could always squeeze them in with a pallet i send up there.. usually safer sending a layer to a full pallet rather than single cases..
  8. Devialet 200 v 400

    Probably easier for me to come to you mate. Bring the D1000 as carry on luggage
  9. Devialet 200 v 400

    @Rob JC If you're busting to hear the Pro mate i'll happily take that dart off your hands
  10. Devialet 200 v 400

    Hey Ken, When i moved from a 200 to a 400 i received a really worthwhile improvement. Whether the improvement is worth the extra dollars to you, only you can answer! It just gave more of everything. Better control over the woofers, a more relaxed feel to the sound, and i think the greatest improvement was to the soundstage which opened right up and out past my speakers. I now use the 1000 pro which takes things up another level again.
  11. G'day Rob, You definitely won't find anything online about it. There is a user on here that has had the upgrade done... @tri-k A little more info here I can PM more details if you like.
  12. Regarding a query on dimensions, these are approx 350Dx225Wx1050H. Weight is around 30-35kg's i think, and with the cavity filled around 60-65kg.
  13. Item: Perigee FK1 Location: Melbourne Price: $3,500, $2,950 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+fees), COD, Direct Deposit Extra Info: These are ribbon hybrid speakers made by Graz of Apogee Acoustic fame in very limited numbers. They have a 6" proprietary ribbon tweeter, along with twin 6.5" drivers. They combine the speed, resolution and transparency of ribbons, whilst providing fast, solid and low reaching bass (28hz). They are 4ohm with 92db sensitivity and can play loud! These were my dream speakers and are what got me into audio. Most were sold overseas with only a small amount staying in the AUS market. I searched high and low for mine, finally finding a pair from an old Perigee dealer in NSW. I have owned them for approx 6-7 years which is the longest by far i've held on to anything audio related! I've had many speakers come and go over the years but none have lasted like these. Most recently i had some $30k speakers in house and although they were more coherent from top to bottom, the Perigee's just smashed them in the mid/highs. The other speakers sounded great till you put them side by side with the peri's, after that they sounded like there was a cloth over the tweeters. The Peri's are the fastest, most transparent, open and dynamic speakers i've owned. Around a year ago, Graz brought out an update to these which he calls Perigee FK1 Advanced. By all accounts it takes these to another level. I mention this to show that they are still supported by Graz and can continue to be improved upon. The upgrade brings new ribbons, internal wiring and an external off the chart crossover (like you see Mike Lenehan doing). The speakers have cavities in the base which can be filled. I used kiln dried sand mixed with lead shot, i'll provide that with the speakers. The speaker terminals are high quality bi-wire types. The speakers have grills to protect the drivers although i prefer them off. The speakers sit on bases called 'perisers' which lift them up a little higher and provide a wider base for stability. Both the speakers and the perisers have provisions to screw in spikes (i used track audio spikes to good effect). These were originally voiced with Musical Fidelity Nuvista 3D and M3 components, and sounded awesome when i had them running that way. They loved the romantic nature of the nuvista's, whilst benefitting from the current delivery. Of recent times i have been using Devialet, and this specific pair of Peri's were the ones Devialet used to analyse for the SAM profile you can download/enable for them. It lowers the output to 21hz which seriously shakes the house foundations! I thought i would keep these forever, but the fact is with a small family space is at a premium and i just don't have the room to store them. I need to make way for some incoming beasts which are easily over 10 times the price of these (which speaks volumes about the quality of these for the money). I'm not kidding when i say considering letting go of these is like breaking up with my childhood sweetheart. With these you can have your cake and eat it too, ribbon quality mids and highs in a reasonably slim enclosure with thunderous bottom end. I have the original boxes so can ship interstate if required. Pictures:
  14. Devialet

    The remote has a nice heavy tactile feel about it. I love the old school big dial! In practice though, i only ever use the Devialet Remote as a secondary remote. 99% of the time i'll use the app from anywhere in the house to turn the unit on, select input and volume. I'll then swipe over to either the sonos app or roon and select my tune. Couldn't be easier. When i'm sitting down on the couch though, it's nice to have the app on my iphone/ipad showing so i can see the volume level whilst turning the wheel on the Dev remote. Nice having several ways to do something. I think one of the biggest let downs with the Devialet, is the basic nature of the app. They really need to update the app so that you can control all basic functions like bass/treble SAM % etc direct from the app. I reckon once the streamer board is released there will be an update of the app. It's been needed for a long time.