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  1. How good are 45rpms!

    Just picked the 45rpm of Circuital by My Morning Jacket. Mastered by Bob Ludwig. Feels like you are listening to the band in a grand concert hall. Highly recommended. http://youtu.be/oPYQHQ4-kKo
  2. How good are 45rpms!

    Bit the bullet and purchased the 45rpm set. Agree the sound is amazing. Noticed in the original recording credits that the mastering engineer was Bernie Grundman. No doubt he had a big part to play making the album sound great. Aside from the highlight this album as a great 45rpm, the music itself is excellent. Thanks for introducing me to an album that now in my list of all-time favourites.
  3. How good are 45rpms!

    Got me interested Tweaky, however jhave only seen it advertised for $150. Do you recall how much you paid?
  4. How good are 45rpms!

    Thanks for the suggestions Hugo_wilco. Hadn't considered the muddy waters 45rpm. Maybe when I am next in melb I could drop by for a listen?
  5. How good are 45rpms!

    Thanks Viognier. Was planning on picking up the Ella & Louie 45.
  6. How good are 45rpms!

    Thanks morty. Just watched YouTube video. Looks impressive, might need to find a copy. ]
  7. What's wrong with this picture?

    Interesting article. Also worth check out others on site to waste time. Eg... http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2012/12/23/mariah-careys-all-i-want-for-christmas-is-you-1994-to-2011/ http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2012/12/31/the-bachelor-pad-myth-and-reality/ Got me thinking, Is the generally male pursuit of eloborate audiophile setups someway linked to absubconscious desire to create a bachleor pad? Or maybe it's just wanting to experiencing music with the best sound possible.
  8. How good are 45rpms!

    Recommendations Batty?
  9. Thought I would add a few 12" 45rpm reissues when I kicked-off the start of my LP collection as part a buying binge. Picked up Dave Brubeck Take 5, Getz/Gilberto & Coltrane's Blue Train. Can't believe how amazing they sound. Bonus has been my copy of Radiohead's In Rainbows box set that I think was only available on pre-order at time of the album launch back in 2007. It came with 2 12" LPs, which I discovered on being played for the first time this month were 45rpms. Did not realise what I had been missing all these years listening to the CD! What are members experiences with 45rpms? Recommendations?
  10. Hi, Wondering if a Sydney based member is able to kindly offer assistance to check the setup of my new (first) TT? I have assembled it out of the box following the manual, but suspect some fine tuning is required. I am located very close to Epping. Thanks, J
  11. Marantz CD6004 SubQ Error

    Phoned vendor. Offered swap with brand new unit. Let's hope the new one does not have the same issue.
  12. Marantz CD6004 SubQ Error

    Thanks. I found this post yesterday while trying to find out about the error.
  13. Hi All, Purchase a brand new CD6004 before Christmas and only got to use it for the first time on the 31st. Over a few hours I used it, I found the CD player and USB functions to be working fine. However, went back to play CDs today and kept getting SubQ Error appearing on the display after inserting CD (playing music files from USB still not an issue). I suspect the lack of CD spinning/reading sounds coming from the player when its reading the TOC prior to the error message appearing are related to the error message. Tried multiple CDs (those used on the 31st and one not yet played), old, brand new, burnt - none worked. Tried the whole power on/off thing - still the message appeared. There is no reference to the error message in the manual. Will contact vendor tomorrow, however wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with Marantz CD players? If so what was the cause/resolution from your experience? Thanks, J.
  14. Hi pez5, Sounds like a great deal. Do you have the original invoice?