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  1. I have the Mk1 and as far as CD players go these are hard to beat. You can also upgrade the power supply if you feel inclined. Lovely CD Player.
  2. Now if you would only edit the price. You could drop a zero and you would have a race to the Gong
  3. Hicap DR makes a big improvement for Naim preamps. This is good value compared to buying new.
  4. Perhaps it is the sound level that @Tubularbells listens at. Rock Concert is my guess.
  5. Speakers might be a bit heavy to lug around. I don't know why this hasn't sold yet.
  6. I will grab the Vanessa Fernandez album @Hensa thanks for the heads up. @MRG
  7. There is a Reference Vitus currently for sale at a tad more but well worth a look.
  8. @doomigee2 this integrated would be well worth considering in your search.
  9. This new development takes the Devialet to another level. A great improvement all round.
  10. Can you switch to Tidal?
  11. Will you be coming to the Sydney Hi Fi show?