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  1. Vitus ri-100 DAC module

    My advice would be to spend your money on a standalone Dac. A lot more flexibility going forward if for instance you decide to upgrade your amp. You won't get much return for the Dac module.
  2. I notice the Whest is there a great addition to the system no doubt.
  3. Spending 10k - integrated or separates?

    Well done. You should be very happy with that Amp.
  4. Have a great day. Hopefully I'll be in Sydney for your next gtg.
  5. Check some of @ABGs posts re filtering water
  6. Still for sale although it will have to wait until I come back from a holiday next week.
  7. I use iPeng and it is excellent. It is very cheap in the whole scheme of your system so I would recommend you give it a go.
  8. FS: Weston Acoustics

    You just edit the ad and you can delete
  9. Price drop to $60 this is a huge bargain at this price.
  10. No wonder they say leave it to the dealer.
  11. Felix agreed there is a solution because Dynavector are doing it. So far with all of the gear I have tried they are the only phono designer/manufacturer to get it right. Most amplifiers are designed to reject high frequency RF signals.