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  1. The good thing about the Naim speaker cable is that it is relatively cheap and does the job very well (with Naim amps). The other thing about Naim is the after sales service is amazing (at least in Sydney with Audio Genesis who were the long time importer until a few years ago). Also reliability (IME) of their cd players is great mine have been going strong over 10 years, most likely to do with the manual swing tray. The thing I dislike is the expensive power supplies but their are alternatives such as Teddy Pardo. You should be able to get a second hand cdx2 for about $2k.
  2. Thanks it is a pc, I'll send you a pm.
  3. How long did the jitterbug need to be run before it was played in?
  4. I'm giving up on wifi. I had streaming over Ethernet working for a very short time which was a short term fluke. Is there anyone in North Sydney that knows how to drive one of these beasts? It's not that I need it given my Antipodes and Singxer but I would like to get it working.
  5. I've just ordered the jitterbug to see if it makes any difference in the chain.
  6. Would you please let us know what effect the jitterbug has in the chain when you get around to trying it. The Alpha comparison would be interesting given it had been around for a long time.
  7. I trialled a Cardas AES/EBU and compared it to an Aurealis Audio Pure Silver 75 Ohm RCA to RCA with the ETI connections and I couldn't detect any difference (and saved a fair chunk of money) so I would stick with your current cable. Also a great way to support a local cable guy. I'm keen to try a jitterbug so that could be my next tweak. I am running an Antipodes DS Reference (the older cigar case) into the Singxer into my Devialet LE 200, I tried it with my Meitner Dac and didn't like it as much as using the usb input on the Dac.
  8. I'm using Lenehan ML1 Reference.
  9. Not the plan at this stage, I may end up keeping the Meitner in my second system with laptop so the audiophilleo will come in handy. If it sounds better than the Singxer I may end selling the Singxer. It depends on what happens with the Meitner.
  10. I'm in Sydney and happy to take it.
  11. More photos to follow and will be listed on eBay this weekend.
  12. Looks fantastic.