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  1. Can you tell us what this is. GLWTS
  2. To say that, it seems to me that you've never actually heard a modern Sugden.
  3. Ok thanks Andy.
  4. Bargain! - I had the Mission interconnect and its a fine cable. GLWTS.
  5. Andy, if you let me know when you have done your evaluation we can arrange a meeting. cheers, Rob
  6. Andy that's a very generous offer, and I'm humbled by your consideration - yes I would be in that. Am I right in thinking this is just a power amp?
  7. Maybe I do like the 'British' sound. I've had Quad gear in the past aswell as other brands. As for dynamics and texture I think the Sugden has heaps - they're all about texture in particular. And I don't find them syrupy - Audioquest cables are syrupy. But we all prefer different things and thats why there are so many audio companies producing so much stuff. And as I said previously, I know what live music sounds like and Sugden does it well. I'm sure there are other components that would do it better - there always is. Regarding the 'speakers with a higher impedance' that you mentioned John, that's what I was thinking of (when I mentioned earlier in this thread) the device which makes your amp 'see' the speakers as having a different impedance - say 16 ohm instead of 8.
  8. No I didn't, it was with the 4100s, but this 'problem' is very subtle and it takes time to 'see' it. Not something that can be picked up quickly. The Sugden was then and still is, the best sound I've heard. I think it blitzes the Lux, but I'm sure other people would have their own opinions. I'm just looking at something at the moment and will report back if the sound is affected positively.
  9. I'm not at all wedded to class A. I didn't buy the Sugden because it was class A, but because I liked the sound. So any amp could be in the running. I'll have to start looking around.
  10. I'm listening with interest to everything you guys are saying. Regarding the Electrocompaniet, I just read a review which says 'there was a very minor reticence on dynamics' - this sounds exactly the same as I have now. The sound I have is generally gorgeous but I feel sometimes it yearns to be free-er.
  11. I think those Moon amps would be very nice but a bit beyond my resources.
  12. Perhaps a bit more background about my journey. Its very hard to audition anything - it requires audition in my home not a showroom, and speakers are too hard in that regard, plus I wanted to equal the quality of the AMWs (what would I have to pay?). I wanted an integrated amp, as separates meant even more auditions, plus interconnects add another audition dimension and complicate things even more. I wanted something that was well built, not Chinese-made with flimsy buttons and presumably flimsy electronics. I wanted it to last maybe 20 yrs (foolish? maybe). So I went for an amp that came from a solid background. I also happen to like its sound. I had previously had a Lux 507U which had awesome bass but I felt the rest was veiled - I go to live concerts, so I know what live sounds like, and Lux didn't do it. Sugden did. So after all this, maybe its the amp that should stay - but then it means replacing the speakers. Aarrggghh! So if I was to change the amp, which? - I can't afford the likes of ME. (I did audition the Musical Fidelity M6i and was very disappointed).
  13. In the classifieds recently I saw a device for making the amp 'see' the speakers as having a different impedance (made by the same guy that invented anticables) and wondered if that could work - the amp sees the speakers as 16 ohm instead of 8 ohm dipping to 2 and therefore easier to drive. I don't know about this stuff, hence this topic question.
  14. Its fun if you have the cash. I've just retired, so I'm not earning, and I thought I'd got myself a system to see me through a goodly amount of years without needing to worry about it - but that's the audio journey! Maybe I'll have to come out of retirement!
  15. This is real dilemma - buying anything audio is such a long painful process. It took about 18 months to find the amp! Anyway, thanks for your input guys. Its food for thought and something that had crossed my mind, that I didn't want to think about. Your comments are appreciated.