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  1. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    HI Scuzzi Having both of the tonearms on my Spyder ( the Brinkmann and the Jelco), I know what you mean by the difference between the two. The Jelco is a very good arm, and represents great value for money, but the Brinkmann is just in a different class ( as it should be , given the difference in price!). I'm glad you're enjoying it. I just worry what Keith will suggest I try next ( my wife refers to him as my "dealer") Cheers Suresh
  2. Another one from Adelaide

    Welcome Some very nice toys to play with - Micro Seiki and Meridian..
  3. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    It certainly is a beautiful tonearm. Welcome to the club!
  4. Darth, I think you need an intervention.....
  5. currently drinking

    2 Nice Barossa Reds to ward off the winter chill. Rockford needs no introduction. Izway has been one of my favourite new wineries of the last few years.
  6. HiFi Rack shortage

    Hi Nat Anthony, @Grizzly , here on SNA , also makes up equipment racks at quite reasonable prices. May be worth getting in touch with him? Cheers
  7. Rack for turntable and stereo components...

    I'd add my support for SGR Racks. They've worked superbly in my system/room. A great local product and company, and they can customise the rack to your needs.
  8. I'm not a facebook or twitter person either! I dont have accounts on either, I check the C&P facebook page or twitter page like I check stereonet. They're at the music palooza record fair at bowden tomorrow, and then the Adelaide Beer and BBQ festival at the Wayville Showgrounds next weekend
  9. Of late, I've been getting a lot of new vinyl from Crackle and Pop. ( https://twitter.com/cpradelaide) Mark, the guy who runs it, is a genuinely nice bloke who loves his music and vinyl, but equally importantly, is passionate about South Australian Beer, wine, coffee and food. He runs a pop-up store most weekends, usually at an interesting pub or cafe. This lets me combine my main interests, and visit a new pub, sample a beer or wine while browsing, and I usually find something I'm interested in. He's also happy to order stuff in for you, and his prices are very ,very good ( including the more expensive stuff like new Mofi releases which he can get n for you). Unfortunately he only has new releases and nothing second hand. Highly recommended!
  10. Multi arm turntables

    Hi Mat Unfortunately, yes, a serious splurge... Another option may be 2 separate phono stages, so you only have to switch inputs on your preamp. You could get something decent for your LOMC, and something less expensive for the mono cart/arm if you're likely to use it less often, and probably spend much less than you would on 1 phono stage that does it all. Cheers Suresh
  11. Some LPs courtesy of @candyflip UK 1st pressing Mint, still sealed Dutch 1st pressing US 1st pressing These all sound fantastic. Great music and great pressings. Just a shameless plug for candylfip - my best source for secondhand vinyl on the net. Very fair pricing, great pressings, exactly as described, with prompt shipping and great packaging. You just cant go wrong!
  12. The $200 album

    This arrived last week. It sounds spectacular. Perfectly pressed, no surface noise, pops, crackles, etc. In my system, its in a different league to the AP 180 45 rpm version from the box set. I could probably say its the best sounding record in my collection, but more importantly, the music is simply beautiful. Is it worth the cost? I can't answer that for anyone else, but for me it is. While I don't have the Santana album for direct comparison, having listened to that as well, I thought this sounded better. I just wish all of my records were pressed this well and sounded this good.
  13. Multi arm turntables

    HI Matt If you did splurge, I think you can achieve all of the things you want with one phono stage. Unfortunately , I think you need to splurge a lot ( unless there's some vintage gear that allows the same flexibility, or a DIY option). I dont know the details of all of the phono stages that allow multiple inputs, but I can answer your questions with regards to my Brinkmann Edison - do these offer discrete separation of signals? For example, if I had one arm running a LOMC cart, and a second arm running a high output mono cart, and each was to remain attached to the separate phono stage inputs, does the unit recognize which arm is in use and isolate the second arm? - I manually switch inputs on the phono stage, via either the remote or a dial on the front - My understanding is that some phono stages will simply bypass the inbuilt step-up transformer when the MM input is used? Is this the case/ - The transformer can be switched on and off. The Edison doesnt have a dedicated MM input. - do all multiple input stages have internal switching sets for each input? I can't think of how else this could work? - I assume they do, but I'm not sure. - I'd imagine that, even if using a switching mechanism (which may or may not interfere with the signal), one still needs to adjust the phono pre settings according to the arm in use. - If you use an external switching box, then you'd need to change the phono pre settings each time you switch arms. With the phono stages with multiple inputs, the settings should be saved for each input so you shouldn't need to do anything more than change inputs. Ultimately, I feel my goal will be to run a LOMC cart on a low-ish mass 12" arm as my main use arm, and a second mono cart (maybe an Orton SPU) on a 10" SME (or similar) arm. I'd love to be able to just whack on a disc, choose the appropriate arm, and be up and running. No switching/changing/adjusting/unplugging. Is this going to be possible? -This essentially the set up that I have. All I do is change inputs when I switch between my mono cart/arm and the stereo one. This can be done from the remote, so I've occasionally had both arms running at the same time on a mono record, and switched inputs to compare the 2. There's no unplugging,/adjusting/etc. Cheers Suresh
  14. Multi arm turntables

    Hi Mat There are a number of phono stages that will allow you to connect multiple arms, allow MM/MC, and set different loadings,gain,etc for each input. Unfortunately, most of the ones I've seen are at the more expensive end of the scale from companies like Esoteric, Luxman, Audia Flight, Brinkmann, etc Hopefully there are some others out there. Another alternative would be a switching box , which was discussed in a previous thread ( about my TT!). I've had no experience with them, but a number of people had concerns about their effect on sound quality. Cheers
  15. I think it's the same version/mastering as the 2007 reissue, but the pressing is different To me, it sounds better and it's a quieter pressing. Both this and the 2007 reissue sound much better than an original Aust pressing I have. I actually quite like the rarities and B sides as well, ( the remixes, not so much..), so I'm very happy with this The photo below shows the difference in the pressing between the 2 versions. The newer one is on the right.