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  1. The original vinyl release was Dutch, i think, and very gard to get hold of and expensive. Simply vinyl did one in the late 90s. A bootleg version was released a few years ago. I'm really surprised that one of the comapnies like Mofi or Analogue productions hasnt done a version, given how popular the DVD/CD it is amongst audiophiles as a demo disc.
  2. Thanks At some point I might dip my toe into the vintage TT world - just not sure at what level that would have to be at to find something I'd enjoy listening to as much as my Brinkmann. I never feel the urge to listen with my Clearaudio Concept now, but a DD table might be fun - having said that, I listened to the Bardo DD in my system, and prefer what I'm getting now from the Spyder. Cheers
  3. I dont want to start a vintage vs new war, but as someone who has experienced the best of both - if you could keep just 1 of your TT, what would it be? i'm genuinely interested as I have a couple of nice new tts but no old ones.
  4. Shouldnt that be a kfatwa...
  5. Hi Newman I always find these discussions interesting ( until they get too heated, and the thread gets closed....). I do wonder if the comment you've made about live music also applies to some of us listening to music on our systems. It'a not just exact replication of sound waves, but rather a totality of a listening experience on your system at home ( How you approach this hobby - the equipment - vintage, bargain, DIY, cost-no-object, the tweaks - cables, power cords, magic stones, etc, the medium ( some people are passionate about streaming,downloads, CDs ,vinyl, etc), and the context of listening ( how does the room make you feel, does it look cool, what sort of mood you're in, do you have a nice glass of wine/beer/coffee in your hand) For many people, this hobby is as much about how you get there ( the journey -and yes, I hate that overused term), rather than just the " exact reproduction of the master tape/musical performance by whatever means necessary. I suspect this is why some people get worked up at the notion of blind testing - it's not how they enjoy this hobby ( in the same way that people enjoy other sensory experiences - food, wine, etc - in context of the event/surroundings/mood/etc) Sorry if this has going off-topic. Cheers Suresh
  6. Both of these sets have arrived in the last 2 weeks. Vol 1 from Amazon Italy, Vol 2 from CC music. I'm very impressed - great music, beautiful pressings, sound amazing. I don't have originals to compare them to, but I'm very happy with what I'm hearing.
  7. Excellent We need to look after a vinyl brother! Can't have you starting married life listening to CDs !! Cheers
  8. Hi Jamie I've got a Clearaudio Basic + phono stage that I'm not using at the moment. I was planning on selling it with my Concept TT but haven't gotten around to it yet. You'd be very welcome to borrow it, and it might be a nice match for your Clearaudio cart. Cheers Suresh
  9. An open mind is an empty mind
  10. Please let me know if this sale falls though as I'm interested in the 151. Cheers
  11. Springsteen, U2, Counting Crows, Eddie Vedder, R.E.M,
  12. I confess, I tried out Shun Mook Mpingo disks many years ago. I never really understood the theory behind them which seemed to be about transforming bad or unpleasant resonances into good or pleasing resonances. But the idea seemed fun at the time. I did feel they made a difference when using them on a pair of Duntech PCL15s in a small room, and a smaller difference with a pair of Sonique 5.5 SEs in a slightly larger room. I didn't notice anything when I I tried them on Meridian 500 CD transport or my old Micrex hybrid valve amps. I did try a blind test of sorts, by getting an audiophile friend at the time to listen ( blindfolded) while I placed them on the speakers, and then moved them around. He did ask what I had done to the soundstage . Prior to this, I didn't tell him what I was going to do or what I was playing around with so hopefully that eliminated some of the potential bias. I also tried the same experiment with my wife ( who has no interest in Hifi) with similar results. I would add that I didn't feel that I was enjoying the sound of my system any more, but rather that they did make a slight difference. Recently, I pulled them out of the drawer where they'd been for about 5 or 6 years , and tried them with my current system, but didn't notice any difference, though I haven't tried this again with a blind subject. I've added a link to the original Stereophile review of them, as well as the follow up letters/articles/etc. The article by Barry willis seemed quite interesting and well balanced as well, discussing the psychology versus the possible science behind tweaks, and how they may actually work.
  13. Were any other SNAers at this show on Sat night? Amazing show in a grate venue. An evening of almost all of their best songs. Axl Rose's voice was superb, Slash's guitar work was sublime, and the rest of the band was in great form. They also managed to get the sound just right. Surprisingly good for a large venue, and not so loud that I felt I needed ear plugs. It also occurred to me that it was the first concert in many years that I'd been to, where it was just a night of pure entertainment, rather than having to listen to the artists drone on about whatever left wing, socially progressive, touchy-feely cause that they were interested in ( not that I'd expect that sort of thing from the Gunners !) Just a night of great rock that took me back to the late 80s and early 90s.
  14. Hi Mark Welcome. We're a friendly group of local SNAers, so should hopefully see you at a GTG sometime soon. Cheers