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  1. True enough. Except you can have your own room where speaker size doesn't count, but you can never have your own money.
  2. ...then sell the lot in the subsequent divorce. Free men excluded, dammit.
  3. People allow themselves a budget and shop to that budget.
  4. I would include a Rega amp in the $3000 example that I raised. A perfect example in fact. It shows how inured we have become that we would see it as an exception.
  5. The evidence!
  6. Whew! I'm so relieved!
  7. If they use the hearing aid constantly, the brain adapts and they set that sound as 'reality base'. But the aid has to be able to competently handle the full range of hifi frequencies and loudnesses. This doesn't always happen. However, if you have a hearing deficiency and don't use hearing aids, and someone plays you a hifi (that is otherwise extended and flat in FR) that has been corrected for your deficiency, it will not be preferred to a hifi that lacks that correction. For the reason you gave.
  8. The bit about keeping good records is relevant to hifi!
  9. Rod, [mention=108824]legend[/mention] , I don't believe the 1960s-1980s model is applicable today. Putting aside the sub-$1000 components, hifi has moved into a luxury goods situation. Don't think "what sells Toyotas and how do we set a price", think "what sells Bentleys". I remember attending a talk by Halcro's main man, Bruce Candy, and his main marketing man, during their peak. They didn't advertise in AHF. They said they were actively advertising in 'billionaire's club' magazines, magazines that you don't know about and will never see in a newsagent because they who buy it never set foot in a newsagent. (OTOH I regret bringing up Halcro in a thread about rip-offs, because their amps were incredible physical constructions that set new benchmarks for low noise and distortion combined with high continuous peak power -- even ME amps look like something Steptoe and Son would cobble up next to a Halcro.) As a luxury good, higher-priced hifi gear is definitely high-markup compared to component costs. The proof lies when you compare them to pro audio and AV gear prices. The technology (and performance) in a $3000 AV receiver makes a $3000 hifi amp look like a 1925 Austin Seven next to a 2017 Mercedes S Class. Which is ironic considering which one is sold as a luxury good. And look at studio monitors -- for $1000 each you can buy a Neumann or JBL speaker that combines low-distortion high-output drivers, waveguide, two power amps totalling 200W (real watts not marketing watts), active crossover, preamplifier, and power supply. Per channel. They even include the power cord! Don't even want to think about what the hifi industry would want to charge for such a product sold into the 2-channel audio sector if they had a free hand and no fear of competition from the pro audio sector (OK I looked -- I think the Meridian DSP3200 active bookshelves are RRP$8500?). They would want to charge $1000 for the stands, not the speakers. And when you think about it, the hifi industry has done a remarkably good job of building a 'mental wall' in the minds of their consumers to keep pro audio and AV products out of their space.
  10. @The Bluesman Weird comment. He has already 'dishonestly' cropped out everything he could see except one little rectangle. How does the word 'honest' even apply??
  11. I would crop the grass out of that one and make a widescreen look. Very nice.
  12. I see yet again they mention its shutter shock. I guess they are serious about it being an issue. Hopefully they fix it with the next model. Because other than that, it appears to be a very nice camera. There's clearly nothing to beat it at its bargain-basement price range. If you can afford it, though, they recommend the Sony A7rII as the category winner. Personally, the Nikon FF that really, really tempts me is the D810. A bit large, but what a camera. On another pro-Nikon note, I recently bought a D5600 for my wife. What a lovely little thing, even though it is also, as tested by DPR, susceptible to shutter shock. The control system is simple but very effective. The body is small and light but fits full-sized in an average hand. The sensor is excellent. It's the sort of camera that could introduce one to Nikon cameras and lead to brand loyalty. If the D750 is an extension of the D5600's attributes on an upward trajectory, I can see how it would be so loved.
  13. Darn, all I have is cassettes....
  14. Are we supposed to cut out the shapes and fit the jigsaw back together again?