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  1. I don't get it

    @Hensa quite right, the diagram maps the location of a first reflection path, but as I said it would be a bass frequency reflection and not relevant to soundstaging -- and a hifi kit in its way would appear invisible to its long wavelengths.
  2. I don't get it

    No it isn't. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick. Assuming speakers are typical (and not omnidirectionals) the only frequencies that go to the front wall are deep bass -- and their wavelengths are so long that the hifi equipment and its rack is essentially invisible to them, in acoustic terms. Those low frequencies are not what makes the soundstage anyway. Mid and high frequencies do, and they spray (beam) forward from the speakers and the beam angle is not so wide as to involve the hifi rack. The soundstage itself is almost entirely due to the direct sound from the speakers to the listener, with nearest side walls having an effect, and everything else pretty much being general reverberation. @Hensa the first reflection points are the side walls (critical) and ceiling and floor (less critical). The front wall is a second reflection point for sound that fires forward from the speakers, reflects off the wall behind the listener, traverses the full length of the room and second-reflects off the wall behind the speakers. Room treatments often put heavy absorbtion on both ends of the room to dampen bass ringing.
  3. Post some pics thread...

    I guess that makes you a hired gun .... photographer!
  4. I don't get it

    So, you think some of the sound you hear is emanating from the space between the speakers? As far as I can tell, that is not what happens. And, if no sound is emanating from that space, what difference does it make what you put there?
  5. Aspen SAKSA85 amplifier

    @MattyW I think all Hugh needs is a page added for Maya with specs pricing and testimonials, and the currently-wrong link from Maya to a NAKSA review fixed.
  6. Post some pics thread...

    Nighttime at the waterfront in Mackay. Still on holiday in Qld.
  7. Post some pics thread...

    It does itself, that's the point.
  8. @eltech I think it's another example of post-rationalization, which I have discussed with you on StereoNET previously : "...Post-rationalisation....the explanations of your listening experiences are far more mundane: you can't trust your ears when your mind is allowed to override them. Only when we 'let go' of the false reality that sighted listening tells us is true, can we then let go of the edifice of false science and false attributions between cause and effect, that we create to justify that false reality. Some people find this step excruciatingly difficult. I don't blame them." I sometimes raise the much-overlooked issue of post-rationalization in other threads too: "post-rationalisation. i.e. you know from experience that vinyl editions can often sound better than digital editions, and this is a possible difference between the two, so you put it forth as a possible explanation. " link "A lot of audio opinion comes from people following the standard audio analysis method: uncontrolled listening (which doesn't work, and which audio scribes love) leading to absolute conviction about something that isn't true, then coming up with a logical, rational-sounding argument why it is true (post-rationalisation)." link "...the usual post-rationalisation that plagues audio: "I heard speakers that beam and they sounded just fantastic. So, the findings must be wrong: they must only apply to some speakers and not the ones I heard: no listening test is perfect: everyone's preference is unique: scientists are godless idiots anyway: anything, ANYTHING, I can dream up to discredit this two-bit, good-for-nothing finding!"" link "...some people who keep posting stuff here that is not a debate, they are simply wrong. And numerous people take the patient approach of trying to explain, and then these guys go quiet, then they pop up elsewhere spouting exactly the same wrong stuff, as if they hadn't even tried. @eltech just did that. And now you. In the end it comes down to post-rationalization. You know that you like your record player better than your CD player. So you work backwards. It must actually be better. And all this anti-science starts up. Not only wacky ideas, but pure anti-science-ism itself. Whereas the basic science of perception easily explains why some people like their LP sound better than well-mastered CD 'sound'. It's all covered. So why the wacky stuff? Please explain why the refusal to accept the basics of well-understood things. I struggle to get it. The three reasons that come to mind are a religious antipathy to science itself, or a kind of tribal loyalty to LP that has become a part of one's self-identity, or a general refusal to accept how human perception and bias can easily overwhelm the actual sonic merits of the sound waves, i.e. "I can't be making this up in my head, so it has to be in the sound waves"." link Here is a link to another thread, which starts with a more plausible investigation and findings into your state purpose of this thread: "exploring why some people prefer the sound of analogue (code for vinyl) replay over digital files".
  9. Certainly I can hear a classical live performance with greater clarity and detail when some of the audience are whispering to each other during the performance. NOT.
  10. Post some pics thread...

    Modern bodies use 'all sorts of smarts' to assist you to manually focus a cheap lens, too. No escaping unless you just guess a distance and dial that number on the lens' scale.
  11. Post some pics thread...

    Misty morning south of Cairns -- on holiday at the moment.
  12. Yamato drummers of Japan concert GTG

    Looks like I'm in. And my wife. And the two (adult) daughters. Our tickets are in Row B. Could get loud!
  13. Aspen SAKSA85 amplifier

    Sorry Hugh, I wish I could. Maybe someone else reading this is a bit more savvy?
  14. Aspen SAKSA85 amplifier

    Hi Hugh, I went to research the new Maya on your aspen audio website aksaonline, and the only mention of it anywhere is on the front page with a live link that takes me to an offsite blogger's review of the NAKSA 80.......
  15. Vinyl to CD

    Oppo 95 (used) or 105 is a firm recommendation, and priced as a piece of high performance technology, unlike so much hifi that is priced to rip off by selling a myth and a brand.