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  1. It is a great set up. I don't know how he gets any work done. Good luck with the sale mate.
  2. looks like I missed it by " " that much...sure the lucky bloke is going to enjoy it.
  3. Yes please if still available. PM incoming.
  4. Tian is a great guy to deal with - all his gear is in perfect condition. Good luck with the sale mate...
  5. Quick decision mate. The new pre must have measured up. Happy new year Steve
  6. Dean I quite agree - I much prefer the black look over the silver in the case of the Opera Consonance components although if I was buying new I would go for the black with a dark stained timber - I have seen a photo of this and it is a cracking combo. Yep it doesn't really get to flex its muscles here too much driving my ElectroVoice speakers but man it does do a real good job.
  7. Item: Peerless XXXL 12" woofers (stereo pair) Location: Brisbane Price: $700 Item Condition: Excellent - 9/10 Reason for selling: Not used and need to declutter Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I purchased these from the late Phil Greenwood in November last year. Phil built the boxes cabinets to appear like coffee tables with a nice pine table top. Note they are in a sealed box arrangement. Each woofer "coffee table" has its own 300 watt digital plate amp with some DSP control. By his own admission the cabinets were far too big for the woofers but he filled the internal volume using wood blocks to the correct volume. I can attest to this as they weigh a ton ! I have hardly used these as I just never got time to set them up properly in the room. They have sat on my stage and would think used less than 4 hours. Time to move on to someone who will be able to better utilise them. Replacement cost of the plate amps and drivers was over $1000 when I checked them out last year. I will be sad to see them go as they have been a good reminder of Phil - he was a big help to me and nice all round guy to deal with. They do bring a smile at his memory... Pictures:
  8. Thanks Glenn. Yep it is a tough call but you are right, the room was always planned for this and it is fantastic to finally get the grand in position. Yep Nigel did a great job with the Jungson and I have been using it since. Not that it was better than the consonance or the Michi just been too busy to warrant pulling everything apart to rearrange the stereo. Was time to just enjoy the music ! I will probably list it shortly as well as it is just too big to put under my desk to run my desk monitors...
  9. not very good photos, but anything for you mate....get you over here soon for that Pearl Fishers duet or Lohengrin sing through perhaps ! amazing how a 7' piano can look small...
  10. thanks mate - yep it is a top you probably know the opera consonance / oppo combination is a good one.
  11. gents unit is still available. I will not respond to any further lowball offers.
  12. Item: Rotel Michi RHB-10 amp and RHCD-10 cd player Location: Brisbane Price: $1,600 each if sold separately or $3,000 for the pair for single purchaser plus any Pack and Send fees (if required) Item Condition: 7/10 - conservative rating due to the marks. They still look great in my opinion. Reason for selling: arrival of steinway B Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a very difficult add as I love my Michi gear. I have tried to locate one of the Michi active preamps for quite some time unsuccessfully else wise these wold not be leaving. The arrival of my Steinway B has forced me to clear my stage of my Hifi gear so I am likely to move into a small foot print setup and so I think it is time to move on. Please note I will only sell these items if both are sold. I will consider selling to separate purchasers but would much prefer a single purchase. Local purchaser also preferred as I have no packaging. For any out of town purchasers I will only drop off to Pack and Send. Happy to work with the buyer to organise if required. I also have a spare BNIB Philips Pro mech for the CD player that the purchase may opt to purchase for an additional $400. I found this in Germany a couple of years ago and cost over $500 to land here. As many of you know these mechs are extremely difficult to find yet alone BNIB. These components are not in perfect condition - they both have marks from previous owners. I have tried to capture any marks in the photos below. These components have always treated with respect while in my care. Both units serviced by AvDigitech in 2015 and given a clean bill of health. Please note there is NO remote for the CD player. Pictures:
  13. Item: Opera Consonance Reference 8 Music Player Location: Brisbane Price: $950 plus postage if required Item Condition: Excellent 9.5/10 - only because not new Reason for selling: Arrival of steinway B Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I purchased this along with the Opera Consonance Integrated Amp listed separately about 12 months ago. Similar to the amp it was lightly used (about 50 hours). I have put on another 200 hours max as I work out of town. Really impressed me when paired with my Oppo. Love the inbuilt radio function and the fact that I could use it wirelessly to stream from my NAS using the iPhone app. It has good connectivity and is a very flexible unit. Wireless adapter will be included in the sale. I have the box and all packaging so postage is possible. Only parting with this as my steinway B has arrived and I had to move my Hifi gear from the stage so need to thin out the herd. Like the consonance amp I will be sad to see this go. Pictures: