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  1. I've seen that Edmonton Symphony LP in the racks many times, does the orchestral backing improve Procol's music at all?
  2. Item: LPs as below Location: Adelaide and Sydney (inner-west) Price: as below Item Condition: Brand new (sealed) and others as listed Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Items located in Adelaide, I'll be in Sydney 30/6-3/7, can do pickup in Leichhardt at convenient time. 1) King Crimson - In the Court of The Crimson King - Brand new sealed copy in gatefold - $38.00 - 200g pressing on Panegyric Inner Knot label #KCLP1 - original stereo mix newly cut from masters approved by R Fripp 2) King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon - Brand new sealed copy in gatefold - $38.00 - 200g pressing on Panegyric Inner Knot label #KCLP2 original stereo mix newly cut from masters approved by R Fripp 3) Yes - Tales from Topographic Oceans - Brand new sealed copy - $38.00 - gatefold double-LP of the 1973 Prog Rock classic Atlantic label #8122796553 4) The Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow - Brand new sealed copy - $20.00 - Rare Earth/ Motown label #RS506 5) Led Zeppelin - Soundtrack from film The Song Remains the Same - VG++ - $38.00 - 2-LP Japan pressing in gatefold c/w 8-page colour booklet and Lyric sheet - No OBI - Swan Song label #P-4607N-8N 6) Shuggie Otis - Here Comes Shuggie Otis - Brand new sealed copy - $20.00 - Epic label #P743877 7) Barclay James Harvest - Berlin - Australian pressing - Polydor #2383644 - c/w colour insert VG+ $10.00 PM me if more details needed. Pictures:
  3. Chanced upon this gem in Kuala Lumpur flea market recently, US pressing, sounds great like old records do! Still in shrink-wrap too. One does not know what treasures there are in dem crates! And look at the lineup...
  4. Does anyone have experience with these cables? Interested in hearing people's views, good, bad, ugly etc! Cheers
  5. @RaoulJuke, was researching the DL-103R and landed on your thread, with so much info. would be interested in your experience with it, if you care to share?
  6. This an old thread, wondering if Ken, or anyone else have experience with this model and don't mind sharing their thoughts. I'm interested in how this compares with the lower model M1-LPS which cost 30% less. Cheers
  7. My second TT a stock standard Rega P2 + AT95 and it produces a sweet SQ that gives the dearer setups a run for their money. With proper set up, they'll sound at their best. So yes, the budget-end is not to be scoffed at, imho.
  8. Thanks Hergest, I think I'll give it a miss. My favourite JT is still the first 4 LPs. Cheers.
  9. Old thread this, wondering if any of you guys who've bought / listened to this care to comment on the SQ of this set. Also, is TAAB2 any good? Cheers
  10. Didn't find the AF , but a few Japanese remasters, even Rhino remastered with bonus tracks.
  11. Their phenomenal debut LP, picked this up '80 holidaying in Hobart. Oz pressing, a bit too thin-sounding with excessive sibilance on some tracks. Anyone knows what's the best-sounding release of this classic?
  12. "All Day Long & All Night Long" - 2-LPs-worth of jamming by the following: Kenny Burrell, Donald Byrd, Hank Mobley, Jerome Richardson, Arthur Taylor, Mal Waldron, Doug Watkins, Tommy Flanagan, Frank Foster. They get nice grooves going for sure, straight-ahead jazz that I like.
  13. The Legacy mono is pretty good too, pressed by RTI.
  14. Just received Jose James first CD, what cool sounds I'm hearing! Many thanks to the afficionados on SNA for bringing JJ to my attention!
  15. The great Reverend Al Green. Picked up from bargain bin in 80's, UK pressing on London label. Like the raw-sounding quality of this recording ..