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  1. i haven't used it but it does look like there's still a selection to configure the old series. there's a drop-down to change the device and then a tab for expert in the 'change model' screen.
  2. I can vouch for the quality, having picked up the other one. Came exactly as described above and with great after sales service!
  3. Problem with it is that (I think) it only has the high qual stream with Sonos. Not sure if they planning to broaden but they were definitely issue free, unlike the Tidal trial.
  4. Being on holidays lately i've had it running in the background most afternoons and mostly through Roon to Aries Mini and notice it seems to play trouble free until around 5pm (Syd) when it plays up on all modes i have. Direct on Aries and via Sonos are the worst. Via Roon is always better but not trouble free lately. It seems to then improve later in the evening. Also on Optus but speedtests typically at high 20mps. ...and I never had any issues with Deezer premium on Sonos whih i think was the same stream quality.
  5. yes, likewise - issues yesterday but ok this morning
  6. I too am having issues with Tidal through the Aries Mini which i bought for that purpose. I have been trialling Tidal through Roon with Airplay to Mini and it works perfectly. So for me, i think the issue is with the Aries, not Tidal.